How To Get Haste in Minecraft To Increase Mining Speed

haste in mincraft

Every player wants to progress rapidly in the game, and so the players are chasing the Haste in Minecraft. Making haste potion is easy but gathering its requirements is pretty irritating. Still, eventually, if you can obtain it, it helps a lot by speeding up the normal process. So, we should gather all the details regarding the haste in minecraft, which leads to the easy formation and proper usability of haste.

Minecraft is a java-based series with the sandbox and survival genre that comes with new experiences for players that they become a creator of their game world. Players gather all their thoughts and ideas into one platform to make that fantasy real. The Minecraft series by a Swedish-based company named Mojang studio initiated it on multiple platforms like android, Xbox series, Windows phones, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, etc. That final bring out in 2011 November.

The game has multiple sets of accessories that allow players to use it and create a task that helps them indulge in play. One of the pieces of equipment used in-game is the haste used for the time-consuming task. The haste’s mission is to help players in mining blocks speedily than usual that cause status effects temporarily.

The speed of mining increase by 20% at each level, like in level one, the mining speed is 20%, and in level two, mining speed is 40%. It also increases the speed of attack by 10% at each level. When players enter in negative levels, the speed of mining and attack decreases as equivalent to mining fatigue.

The status effect, in comparison to others it will also get terminated by drinking milk.

Origin of Haste in Minecraft

Use of haste

Players can gain the status effect without using the cheats in two mediums. One is from conduit power, and the other is by being near a beacon in which that precise effect activates. Haste immunizes all mobs as most of them are unaffected by the haste because they can’t help in mining blocks.

Behavior of Haste in Minecraft

The measurements of haste are defined by how faster you smash the blocks. Players have the advantage of digging and mining quicker and making you execute the faster arm swing while your speed of attack increases. The haste uses for beneficial effects in the game.

Identical Effects

The work method is the same for both haste and efficient enchantment because it permits the mechanisms to measure the mining speed more rapidly than usual. But the impact of both is different as enchantment affects the tool they are using. At the same time, the haste is responsible for affecting all compositions that players use in mining prosses.

Opposing effects

In comparing other status effects, the concept of haste accomplishes the accurate opposite in the gameplay. Players can use the mining fatigue, but its proportions make players abundance blocks slower than usual. The process achieves when a player is near a senior guardian in the area of the ocean memorial.

In the underwater space, players mine these blocks slowly than usual. It does not resemble a status effect. It performs the method as same as the haste status effect accomplishes. Players cannot get divested of this influence until they float up to the water’s exterior.

Idols and particles impact

The icon gets emerge in the right top corner of the respective screen when the effect of haste is activated. The old version can detect the haste icon when you move it from game inventory to compare the new version. Players can witness the particles gliding around, but in the latest version, these particles are visible in yellow color. These idols and particle impact vanish when the haste effect is off. Then players come back to their normal status.

Period of effect

haste effect on blocks

The period of the haste effect is distinct depending upon the factor of attaining this effect. To inspect the remaining time, the player must go to the game inventory in search. In this case, the remaining effect period of haste in minecraft is around 1:10, which means it has an effect of one minute and ten seconds.


[Bedrock edition or Java edition] in level three till 127 or [Pocket edition] 255, the demerits performed by players as they are unable to move their arms for mining.

  • Efficiency enchantment considers as an alternative manner for raising the speed of mining.
  • It is also responsible for transforming the time of the sweeping attack.


Rejuvenates when in range.0:05 – 0:17IBeacon is set to Haste I
Rejuvenates when in range. Player needs to reach the level 4 of beacon pyramid.0:17IIBeacon is to Haste II

Immune Mob

All type of mobs are safe from Haste. Most of the mobs are unaffected or safe by the Haste in minecraft because they are not able to mine the blocks.

Mining Fatigue Interaction

When the elder guardians inflict Mining Fatigue III on the players, it will prevent you from instant mining various blocks, ignoring the Haste Effect, which results in an enormous decrease in the mining speed. But on the other hand, the weak mining effect can be dealt with by using the Haste Level III or above, along with the reduced Haste effect.

These were the details regarding the Haste in Minecraft along with its uses and advantages.

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