3 Ways To Show FPS In Minecraft

Show FPS In Minecraft

Frames Per Second or FPS is a very techy term you might not be already familiar with. You don’t need to lose sleep over worrying about it though. The FPS is a very common part of competitive games on PC.

Most of the players don’t pay attention to Show FPS in Minecraft or the whole concept of it if their game keeps working the way it should. But familiar with FPS or not, you need to get just one fact right and that is that the more your FPS is, the better your video or gameplay would be.

The more your FPS is the faster and smoother your viewing experience will be. So like it or not, FPS or Frame rate does matter. Normally you must have 60 FPS or more while playing. 

In Minecraft, there are three ways by which you have a look at your FPS. What are they? And how shall one do it? Read on to find out answers to all of these questions and more!

3 Ways To Show FPS In Minecraft

First things first, players can take the help of third-party apps that will let them view their FPS without using any shortcuts in the game itself. For instance, Fraps is a renowned tool used by players across the world.

The amount of awesome features that they have added and still keeping is the cherry on top. The most valuable feature is the Screen Capture which allows players to take screenshots of their screen while playing.

This tool will help you view your FPS in the game. You can go to the Fraps website and download this app directly.

Method 1: Pressing F3

Third-party apps work just fine but if you’re looking for a method that will help you see your FPS without installing any extra apps, then this one is for you. While playing, you can press the F3 button which will then show you a lot of technical information on your screen which is surely overwhelming at first but if you look at the top left corner you will find the FPS you were looking for.

FPS counter in F3

You can play with the techie stuff on your screen but for most players and me personally, I would like to just have a clean and clear screen like before while playing. All the other information will be available to you too if you press the F3 button. You can take a look at them if you like. The top left side area is designated to Show FPS. This number has the average FPS combined with the lowest FPS.

Method 2: Installing Optifine

Players will just need to google Optifine. All the search results will appear on your screen in a few seconds and you will have to click on Optifine.net. After you have clicked on it you will need to go to Downloads where you will find versions of Minecraft on your screen.

You can click on them to open a link and finally download the app. It will quickly get installed so you won’t need to get all frustrated over it. Once it’s installed you can go to your Minecraft Launcher where you will find the Optifine drop-down box. Click play next to Optifine and then you will have to wait a bit for the game to load.

Show FPS Setting in Optifine Minecraft

Go to Options and then click on Video Settings. You will find Optifine written at the bottom corner. Now go and click on Other where you will find a Show FPS counter. Switch it on and get back to playing. You will be able to spot the current FPS on the top left.

Method 3: Install Fabric Based Mod

Browse the internet by typing Minecraft Fabric. Click on fabricmc.net and then on Installation. You will then have to download the file. You will also have to download a Fabric API file. You will have the option on the site so click on that and it will redirect you to another site that will help you download the API file.

Place this file in the mod folder and download the Mod Menu as Fabrics do not show a mod menu by default. Google out the minecraft mod menu and go to curseforge site that will help you download the mod menu. Now on your PC right click on Fabric installer and then open with Java Platform. Install both the Java and Windows installer.

The next step will require you to open your Minecraft. You will be able to spot Fabric Loader. Click on the folder sign and close Minecraft. Now click on the mods folder in your Minecraft directory and drag the Fabric installer, mod menu, and FPS display mod into it.

Display Dps Mod in Minecraft

You can create a folder named mods if you can’t find one in your Minecraft directory. Open your game and you will find a section called Mods waiting for you. Click on Mods and then you will find an FPS Display in it. Click on done and start playing. Your game will load and will then show FPS in Minecraft on the top left section of your screen.

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