Lolly Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Lolly Animal Crossing

Lolly Animal Crossing (ラムネ, Ramune?) appearing in the game developed by Nintendo Gaming, is a charming and loveable cat; she made her debut in Animal Forest e+ as an exclusive and new member of the series. Her catchphrase matches Sweet Drink and candies that match her sweet and loving personality.

Would be surprised to know that the lovely word “lolly” is derived from the Ubiquitous word “lollipop,” and her Japanese name, Ramune, is based on Japanese very famous soothe Soda, even her Korean name, Saida, means lemonade. “bonbon” her initial phase means Candie in French. Lolly’s all other titles in any different language, in general, refers to a CAT. Mostly she is featured on the Music album of LUCKY K.K. and KING K.K, and her hobby is “music.”


Lolly - Appearance
Lolly – Appearance
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Normal
  • Species: Cat
  • Birthday: March 27th (Aries)
  • Initial phrase: bon bon
  • Initial clothes: Natty Tee (Pocket Camp) and Winter Sweater (New Horizons)
  • Home request: A lecture hall
  • Skill: Peeling apples
  • Goal: To become a Chef
  • Coffee: Mocha with little milk and one spoonful of sugar.
  • Favorite song: Forest Life

Lolly Animal Crossing with her every name describing her sweet personality is a one cuddly and gray tabby cat. What makes her unique is he has no Visible nose like many other cats. Adding to her peculiarity are three dark gray stripes on her forehead and two-two stripes on her face; her arms and legs also contain two lines each.

Her tail is full of bars and has a total of Four Stripes. Talking about her ears and their beauty, her ears are gray with pinkish from the inner side, and her beautiful muzzle is a W-shaped well-defined oval muzzle.

Looking at her eyes will make you confused whether it’s a swirl or letter 6 or it’s just a question mark situated in the center of her head. Initially, she used to wear a Natty Tea T-shirt of New horizon, and in the rainy season, you would find her with an umbrella.


Lolly - Personality
Lolly – Personality

For many people, there are either good people or bad people. The ones that are kind, happy, loving, and compassionate fall under Good Personality, and one wholly arrogant and stone-hearted are bad. Fortunately, our Lolly Animal Crossing is sweet and cuddly so that she would be treated as Good and Kind by many people. Lolly possesses a normal and kind personality.

Like many people out there, even in the game, Normal villagers of animal crossing get along well with lazy, smug, arrogant, and peppy personality villagers like Tia and Pekoe. But they will found themself when they have to go along with villagers like Wolfgang, who is Cranky and Sisterly, and the chances of conflicts rise even higher.

Lolly being an ordinary villager will wake up sharp at 06:00 AM, and she too refers to her unseen friends MOPPINA like many other kind and normal villagers. 


Lolly Animal Crossing - House
Lolly – House

Like one of Silly’s houses in Animal Forest e+, there is a little difference in both places apart from Citrus wallpaper and flooring. Every other detail remains unchanged. Her house in Animal Forest e+ has three Lullaboids. Her house theme is Fruit as it has a peer wardrobe, a peer dress, a pineapple style bed even it has the whole pine set, and five shirts. One thing that makes her house is unique; unlike Tia, Wolfgang, and Pekoe, her home didn’t have any stereos, which means no music.  

Her next house in City Folk, Lolly Animal Crossing’s too, has a fruit theme in it. There she has two pear closets, an Apple T.V., a beautiful clock, a pineapple-themed bed, and a full pineapple set. Her wallpaper and flooring are Citrus-themed.

Her Latest house in New Leaf has been redesigned, and it’s now based on a casual kitchen theme; proper utilization of Alpine is used right from bed to kitchen table. Other kitchen items include the Kitchen Floor, sink, Science Table, and fridge. The music in this house is being played through a CD player and K.K. Stroll.

Lolly Animal Crossing – Amiibo Card

Lolly - Amiibo Card
Lolly – Amiibo Card
Star signAries
Roll value5
Hand signRock
RequestA lecture hall

Pocket Camp

Lolly Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp
Pocket Camp Card

Since the game was initially released in 2001, many hope to find a way to enjoy the game on their mobile screen. Fortunately, their wish was listened to and was answered by Game developers last a few years back when the mobile version of Animal Crossing was released as POCKET CAMP.

Lolly’s preferred theme is Natural, and her profile says:

She is friendly and caring unless you rub her the wrong way, and she is forced to reckon with. Apart from this, she is lovely.

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 0

Level of Friendship Rewards

Level of FriendshipRewards
7Natty Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
91x Sparkle Stone
15Request to craft a slushie machine
20Photo of Lolly and 1x Sparkle Stone
251x Sparkle Stone
301x Sparkle Stone
351x Sparkle Stone
401x Sparkle Stone
451x Sparkle Stone
501x Sparkle Stone


Gifts which you could gift her she particularly would love them and have her favorite style color are:

Gift NameGift TypeColor 1Color 2
Big-Dot Tanktopyellowwhite
Big-Dot Teetopyellowwhite
Big-Star Teetopyellowpurple
Bright Teetopyellowgreen
Club Teetopyellowgreen
Dapper Shirttopyellowgreen
Dapper Teetopyellowgreen
Earthy Knit Shirttopyellowbeige
Sunset Tanktopyelloworange
Sunset Teetopyelloworange
Yellow-Bar Shirttopyellowwhite
Yellow-Bar Teetopyellowwhite
Blue Bedfurnitureyellowblue
Blue Tablefurnitureyellowblue
Classic Sofafurnitureyellowyellow
Drum Setfurnitureyellowwhite
Gold House Modelfurnitureyellowbrown
Gold Stereofurnitureyellowblack
Rope Partitionfurnitureyellowred
Wheat Fieldfurnitureyellowyellow


Following are the FAQs regarding Lolly Animal Crossing –

Is Lolly from Animal Crossing rare?

No, Lolly is not rare as any other cat. But since there are many cats in the game, the absolute probability to find Lolly is low.

Is Lolly popular Animal Crossing?

No, Lolly is not among the popular characters in Animal Crossing.

Is Lolly a boy or girl ACNH?

Lolly is a Female with cat species.

What type of villager is Lolly?

Lolly is a cat villager with a normal personality.

Is Lolly a good villager ACNH?

Yes, Lolly has a normal personality which makes her comfortable with many other villagers.

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Final Words

In NEW LEAF, she has this very famous quote which acts as a hint for many as it says LOL {laughing out Loud} that her name Lolly came from it. With all the gifts, you can make her excited and surely help you reach a higher level in-game. And in last, Lolly could be defined as: I care about you a lot, so if it’s true that you’re having a hard time, know I’m here for you, bonbon.

Happy Gaming!

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