Valheim Bosses | Eikthyr, Elder, Bonemass, Moder & Yagluth

Valheim Bosses

Valheim is one of the best games for players who enjoy open-world games. With a sandbox idealogy and building materials, there are infinite ways of defeating each boss. As it said, “Imagination is the only limit“, there are thousands of things to do in Valheim.

What are Valheim Bosses?

The Valheim Bosses are the vast and legendary creatures added to test the player’s Viking. In most cases, these bosses are featured with some unique abilities, and the player receives huge and amazing rewards after defeating them.

All Valheim Bosses List

So far there are five Valheim Bosses and they are as follows –


Valheim Boss Eikthyr

The Eikthyr is the first central Valheim Boss in this game available in the initial stages of the Biome. The location in Biome is the Meadows. This vast deer wrapped around with the chains in his antlers. Eikthyr has three varieties of attacks; the electrical attack can be ranged from a great distance. When it is close, it will stomp its feet in the area for an electrical attack effect. It also carries a special attack that will strike directly in front of the player.

The player can block the attacks by Eikthyr very effectively with a small wooden craft. So, it is the player’s responsibility to craft one. The player can also craft a bow to perform the attack from a distance, but they have to focus on blocking tactics with the shield. Again strike-through melee weapons such as the flint spear or an ax between the attacks.

After the player defeats the Eiktyr, they shall hang his trophy on the sacrificial stone shown at the world’s starting. It will provide the player with Eikthyr power, which will increase the stamina while running and jumping in the game.

The player will receive the rewards are as followings as:

  • Hard antlers
  • Eikthyr trophy
  • Eikthyr power

The Elder

Valheim Boss The Elder

Now we will proceed towards the second Valheim Boss. A player can locate this boss by interacting with the runestones available in the Burial Chambers of the Black Forest. The player can Summon the Elder with the help of three ancient seeds. And these seeds are available in the grey dwarf brutes drops, grey draws shamans, and by destroying the nests of grey marks. By burning these three ancient seeds on The Elder’s altar in the dark forest, a player can summon it.

After defeating the Eithyr, the player should do a lot of mining. The player has to collect and be prepared with bronze armor, a good quality bow, a good amount of flaming arrows, and the healing portion if they have unlocked. The fire damage is suggested to get down The Elder.

There is an additional tip for the player that they can also try by placing the campfires in their summoning area, and the reason is if they step on them during the time of chasing, it will cause additional burn damage. The players can make use of the pillars to block the vine projectiles. One should avoid killing the enemy from too far inside the woods because they may have additional grey dwarfs nearby.

After defeating the Elder and placing the trophy on the sacrificial stone, the player is provided with the power to increase their wood cutting speed. The player is also rewarded with the following:


Valheim Boss Bonemass

Bonemass is the third Valheim Boss, and this boss can be found at Swamp. The player should interact with the Dunstone located at the swamp crypts, accessed with the swamp key, rewarded after defeating the second boss, the Elder.

The swamp cryptus will carry some withered bones. So, the player has to search for ten weakened bones to summon Bonemass at his alter.

This boss, Carrie’s, has three attacks. In the first attack, he has a melee and uses it when close. Secondly, he has a toxic attack that affects the air with pollution and causes severe damage. He will summon skeletons, blobs, and oozers to get in the fight in the third attack.

The player will find it challenging to defeat this Valheim Boss. Bonemass is entirely resistant to all the attacks except with the up-close direct attacks and the frost arrows at a range. The player must carry iron armor and some blunt weapons such as macaws and a hammer along with them. Bonemass heals himself in the fight, so the player has to keep in mind that they should assault constantly.

The player must unlock the cauldron and fermenter long before tackling the boss in the toxic attack. The frost arrows are required while visiting the mountains, and they also need frost resistance mead for surviving the cold weather.

After successfully defeating the Bonemass, the player will place the received trophy at the sacrifice stone, granting them powers to increase players’ resistance to physical damage.

The players will be rewarded with the following rewards after defeating the Bonemass

  • Wishbone
  • Bonemass trophy
  • Bonemass power


Valheim Boss Moder

So, Players, we will head towards the fourth Valheim Boss, and it is the Dragon. And this boss can be summoned at the top of the Mountain in Mountain Biome. The player should investigate within the stone buildings inhabited by draugrs in the mountains and interact for a run stone.

The player must get three dragon eggs to summon the Moder at her alter. These eggs can be founded at the nests that are in the mountains.

Moder is loaded with a variety of attacks. While on the ground, she will wipe her front claws for a melee attack. The next attack is the blizzard breath that will significantly reduce the player’s speed and freeze them when they hit. In the air, the Moder can launch a projectile from her mouth, and as an impact, it will crystallize.

The players must have cold protection gear in the Mountain Biome, especially while fighting against Moder. The wolf armor is crafted by hunting the wolves and the wishbone, rewarded after defeating the Bonemass to search for silver, which will protect the player in the cold.

Mostly all attacks from the Moder can be avoided by the player with active and quick dodging skills. A player can spot the Moder whole she is preparing with the breath attack and get out the way. 

The players’ ranging attacks shall be performed with their best bow and arrows that cause damages like poison arrows. The player should move away at the melee range and be close enough to hit her comfortably with the arrows until she is taken down.

When the player defeats Moder, and the trophy is placed at the Sacrificial stone, which will provide the powers that can use it during the sailing time and the wind flow in the backward direction.

The players will receive the following rewards such as:

  • Dragon tears
  • Moder trophy
  • Moder power


Valheim Boss Yagluth

Yagluth is a massive skeleton with a crown with no lower body so he will crawl using his big skeletal hands.

The location of Yagluth is added to the map after utilizing the tablet, which is found near the stone structures in the plain. The player should search for boulders that are somewhat similar to Stonehenge. Yagluth can be summoned by using five filing totems. Filing is inspired by goblin-like monsters found in the plains, and the filing shamans will drop the totems when they are killed in the game. 

The Yagluth is occupied with two fist attacks, the first one that causes within the radius of the attack, and in the second attack, it will summon the meteor showers in the area. It also has a breath attack which acts as a flamethrower in a long-range.

As we know, Yagluth is the final boss in the game and is acquired with the best weapons, such as the best metal gear and armor with plenty of food and healing materials. He is very slow while moving around, so he telegraphs the attack and head back while making the fire attack. The hands of Yagluth glow in blue color before using the fist smash and orange in color before the meteor strikes.

As like in the wars with other Valheim Bosses, it is suggested for the player to maintain a distance and attack with the bow at a comfortable range, and if playing the game at multiplayer level, it is the best time to attack him while he is focusing on performing the attacks on the second player.

The materials dropped by the Yagluth are similar to those received by the player after defeating previous Valheim Bosses. After defeating the Yagluth winning trophy is placed on the Sacrificial stone, the player will be rewarded with the powers to reduce the damage from the elemental attacks such as fire, frost, and poison.

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This article has detailed information about the bosses in the Valheim game and provided the knowledge and strategy that a player can refer to defeat the Valheim Bosses and enjoy the game.

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