Far Cry 6 The True Loyalist Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 The True Loyalist Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

The True Loyalist shotgun in Far Cry 6 has been ranked two on the shotgun list. It can only be found as a reward in a treasure hunt. So the chances of getting it are purely based on the treasure hunt.

The True Loyalist Stats

Far Cry 6 The True Loyalist Stats
Weapon NameThe True Loyalist
Rate of Fire180

This shotgun has some good stats. This shotgun has excellent Handling and velocity. But the stealth, damage, and accuracy are a bit lacking than the other stats, which may affect its performance to some extent.

These stats make this shotgun worthy of the second rank it has. The rate of fire of the rifle is 180, and it uses two magazines.

The True Loyalist Shotgun Location

If you want to get your hands on The True Loyalist shotgun, you have to do quite a work as this shotgun is a unique weapon; it can be found in the Truest Yaran Treasure hunt chest.

The location of the treasure hunt is in the Valle De Oro region. There you have to reach the Cielo Gardens in Noventarmas to complete the treasure hunt.

The objective of this treasure hunt is to turn the power back on the office to unlock the door leading to the weapon.

In the Gran Finca Power station, the Truest Yaran treasure hunt begins by reading a note. Then head inside the power station. You can reach the power station in two ways. You can either rappel down the back.

It is also the closest way inside the building from the note’s location. Or you can go down the ladder to the sewage drains and walk straight through it to the power station.

After reaching the power station, go straight through the hallway and then up the stairs. Then open the hatch to get inside. There go to the upper control room and interact with the panel switch. Then go straight and dive down to the next point.

There strike to open the flap to drain the water. Now go down the newly drained room through the circular tunnel to the next area to drain. Then drain the room and climb back up where you have to flip on the switch of the control room to open the office.

With this, you will be completing the objective of the Trust Yaran treasure hunt and can claim the shotgun.


The True Loyalist shotgun has only Ammo mods and Shotgun mods attachment. It cannot use any other attachments, like  Muzzle, Optical, Pointer, or Canted Sight. The Ammo mods have Blast shells, which deal blast damage in an area and are greatly effective against vehicles, and can break bulletproof windshields and impairs weapon damages.

The Shotgun Mods has the Headshot Supremo which deals with the headshot kills, which will reward bonus supremo charge, and Fresh clip, which deals with the First shot after reloading, deals with improved damage.

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2 years ago

Uses two magazines?

Pratik Kinage
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

It’s Magazine Size. The number of bullets in one magazine. I hope this clarifies your doubt.