Far Cry 6 KSG Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 KSG Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

The KSG shotgun in Far Cry 6 has been ranked three on the shotgun list. It can be founding chests or can be purchased from Juan’s Arms Dealers or Guerrilla Garrison.

Far Cry 6 KSG Stats

Far Cry 6 KSG Stats
Weapon NameKSG
Rate of Fire86

This shotgun has good stats. This shotgun has an excellent Damage impact and velocity. Also, it has great handling. But the stealth and accuracy are a bit lacking than the other stats.

These stats make this shotgun worthy of the third rank it has. The rate of fire of the rifle is 86, and it uses 15 magazines.

KSG Shotgun Location

If you want to get your hands on this shotgun, you do not have to do quite a work as this shotgun is a non-unique weapon; it can be found in FND chests. More precisely, it can be obtained from the FND chests found in Balaceras.

There you can find this FND chest wrapped inside a small shack just outside to the northeast of the Villa Judia Hotel. You don’t have to search a lot. You can head in that direction and can easily find it.

If you could not get lucky to find the shotgun in an FND chest, you can always purchase it from Juan’s Arms Dealers or Guerrilla Garrison in exchange for some Yaran Pesos.

But this is also not possible every time as some of the weapons may disappear upon reaching a higher rank. So you can also look for it in the Yaran Contraband chest.


This shotgun has no mods attachment. It cannot use any of the attachments, whether it’s Ammo, Muzzle, Optical, Pointer, Canted Sight, or Shotgun Mods.

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