Far Cry 6 Com.Pew.Ter Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 Com Pew Ter Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

The Com.Pew.Ter shotgun in Far Cry 6 has been ranked three on the shotgun list. It is a chest.

Far Cry 6 Com.Pew.Ter Stats

Far Cry 6 Com.Pew.Ter Stats
Weapon NameCom.Pew.Ter
Rate of Fire120

This shotgun has some good stats. This shotgun has excellent velocity, accuracy, and Handling. But the stealth and damage are a bit lacking than the other stats, which may affect its performance to some extent.

These stats make this shotgun worthy of the third rank it has. The rifle’s fire rate is 120, and it uses 12 magazines.

Com.Pew.Ter Shotgun Location

If you want to get your hands on The Com.Pew.Ter shotgun, you have to complete a task as it is a unique weapon; it can be found after completing a container puzzle. The location of the chest is in the Valle De Oro region.

To get the shotgun, you have to reach the Taino Peak Relay Station at Bandido Escarpment in Noventarmas. The shotgun is present in the Taino Peak Relay station, so upon reaching the Noventarmas, head to the southern region. You have to head to Hideout Montuno but make sure to unlock that.

After reaching there, look for the large tower. On the top of the tower, you will find a picture further required as a reference. Now climb up the tower using the ladder after taking down the enemies to find the chest with the shotgun easily.


The Com.Pew.Ter shotgun has only Ammo mods, Optica mods, Pointer mods, and Shotgun mods attachment. It cannot use any other attachments, like Pointer or Canted Sight. The Ammo mods have Shotgun shells, which deal with High-caliber single shot rounds. The Optical mods have the Micro Reflex Sight, which deals with short-range sight.

The Pointer mods have the Laser pointer, which improves bullet spread with firing from the hip. The Shotgun Mods Preloader improves the speed of replacing a partially used magazine.

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