Far Cry 6 RMS-18 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 RMS-18 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

RMS-18 is a rank 4 shotgun in Far Cry 6. The fictitious land of Yara has only ever known death and destruction. Chaos is just something people enjoy with their morning toast (provided they are alive, to begin with) and destruction has become a daily routine.

If anything it is monotonous on the surface. But to the inhabitants, life has become a chore, a pretty hectic one at that. Survival is not a cakewalk and without the help of good powerful weapons, you will be dead before you can utter ‘unfair’.

There are a total of 98 weapons in the game. 49 of these are non-unique purchasable weapons while the rest of them are unique weapons unavailable for purchase in the game.

Is the RMS-18 among them? Will it help you survive the deadly conditions of the land? Read on to find out!

Where To Find Far Cry 6 RMS-18

Unique weapons can be found in Contraband Chests and are not available for purchase. Non-unique weapons on the other hand are purchasable and can be found in FND Chests.

Stay cautious though, FND Chests can contain random stuff ranging from gunpowder to different gears than the one you wanted.

To acquire the Far Cry 6 RMS-18 you will have to look for an FND Chest located west of the Maria Marquessa Productions.

Far Cry 6 RMS-18 Stats

Far Cry 6 RMS-18 Stats
Weapon NameRMS-18
Rate of Fire120

RMS-18 is a rank 4 shotgun in Far Cry 6. The RMS-18 is quite average at the damage. We will definitely not recommend it to you on a battlefield. Its velocity is average too.

But its accuracy is extraordinarily high. Although it’s not really great at the damage if you aim it right rest assured, your foe will have fallen.

With 120 Rate Of Fire and 12 Magazine, the RMS-18 is great at stealth too! And compared to other shotguns, it’s good at handling too!

Other Shotguns In Far Cry 6

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