Far Cry 6 1887 Sawed-Off Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 1887 Sawed-Off Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

1887 Sawed-Off is a rank-1 shotgun in Far Cry 6. Yara has always been a land surviving off scraps. The fictitious Yara is always in either conflict, war or both. Anton Castillo has the whole land in his palms and his forces will make sure that they stifle cries of rebellion and revolution right before the residents of the island can utter them.

Surviving in such situations is obviously not child’s play. A mere blink could end up with you cold dead on the floor. In these hostile conditions, having a weapon or two by your side sure won’t hurt.

But will you include the 1887 Sawed-Off in your arsenal? Is the 1887 Sawed-Off worth adding? Keep reading to find out!

Where To Find The 1887 Sawed-Off

Players will be able to find the 1887 Sawed-Off from an FND Chest located in Castillo Señorial Tobacco Plantation. You can also purchase it from Juan’s Arms Dealers or from Guerrilla Garrison.

1887 Sawed-Off Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 1887 Sawed-off Stats
Weapon Name1887 Sawed-Off
Rate of Fire150

A classic lever-action shotgun that is devastating in close quarters. This variant has a 28-inch barrel which gives a slightly more range than other shotguns.

In Game Description

The 1887 Sawed-Off shotgun is capable of a lot of damage. It’s not extremely dangerous or devastating but with this shotgun at your side your enemies will definitely think twice before attacking or maybe will not even be able to think before you drop them dead.

The velocity of the shotgun is a bit below than average but it has a deadly accuracy. If you take aim be assured that it will hit exactly where you wanted it to.

With 150 Rate Of Fire and 7 Magazine, it is quite good at stealth.

The 1887 is a classic lever-action shotgun that’s been knocking around since the Wild West. It showed up in action movies and video games and, bang, it was as popular as Swedish furniture. A couple of years ago, Vaas’s men somehow managed to get their hands on a shipment of 1887s. Sure, there are newer designs, but you can’t flip cock them and flip cocking makes a man.

Survival Guide

Other Shotguns In Far Cry 6

1887 Sawed-OffM133SBSSPAS-12
HumidoraEl RubiCiervo MachoThe True Loyalist
KSGExcavation ExecutionSuperchargerCom.Pew.Ter
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