Far Cry 6 M133 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 M133 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

M133 is one of the many weapons in Far Cry 6. The fictitious world of Yara has been ripped apart by war and destruction for centuries. You cannot step into the island without having guns pointed at you from all sides.

To struggle, fight, destroy and get out of it all alive will be no small feat, which is exactly why you should have weapons with you that you can rely on.

There are a total of 98 weapons in Far Cry 6 out of which 49 are purchasable Non-Unique Weapons and the rest are Unique Weapons that will not be available for purchase.

So which one of these will help you when you are in your tight spot? And is M133 among them? Keep reading to find out all about this shotgun!

Where To Find M133

Players will be able to acquire the M133 from an FND Chest (as it is non-unique). Be cautious though, the FND Chests can contain completely random stuff.

It can contain gunpowder or another completely different weapon. You can look for it inside of a chest in the enemy camp where you assassinate the Commandante during Fuel the Revolution.

You can also buy it from Juan’s Arms Dealers or from Guerrilla Garrison.

M133 Weapon Stats And More

Far Cry 6 M133 Stats
Weapon NameM133
Rate of Fire97

The M133 is a pump-action shotgun with a shorter barrel that disperses buckshot in a wider pattern. It excels at clearing out rooms and hits hard close up.

In Game Description

The M133 is a non-unique weapon that boasts a high stealth ability. With 97 Rate Of Fire and 7 Magazine, it has an ability for damage just a bit better than average.

It has an average velocity but its accuracy is better than average. Pretty poor at handling the M133 has a shorter range than 1887.

“The M133 is a Russian pump-action shotgun, as opposed to Natasha, who does Russian pump-action down at the docks. The gun was designed for civilian and law enforcement use. These relatively inexpensive shotguns were purchased in bulk by Vaas and his men.”

Survival Guide

Other Shotguns In Far Cry 6

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