Far Cry 6 El Rubi Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 El Rubi Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

El Rubi is one amongst the many weapons in Far Cry. The fictitious land of Yara has never known peace. The denizens of this beautiful yet conflicted land have grown used to the destruction, devastation and chaos.

But every time that an evil antagonist props up in the scene, these inhabitants start fighting against the injustices again. Call it bravery or foolishness, rebellions make sure that the powerful bows in the end.

Far Cry 6 boasts 98 weapons. All of them have their own perks. 49 of these are non-unique purchasable weapons while the rest of them are Unique weapons unavailable for purchase.

Although El Rubi is a unique weapon, the question of its power and abilities still stands. So will it save you or will it sacrifice you? Read on to find out all about it!

Where To Find El Rubi

Players will be to find the El Rubi in Torre De Leon – a gigantic skyscraper tower in Esperanza.

You will have to enter a manhole and then start moving north to find it. Head through open entrance on the North Side of the building and make your way in by hook or by crook.

The crocodile chest containing El Rubi will be waiting for you under a painting of the original Castillo duo.

Far Cry 6 El Rubi Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 El Rubi Stats
Weapon NameEl Rubi
Rate of Fire97

This rank 2 shotgun is quite good at the damage. It will help you deal with stubborn enemies in the quickest way possible. With 97 Rate Of Fire and 7 Magazine, the El Rubi is quite average at velocity but comes with deadly accuracy.

It will make sure that once you take aim on your target it drops them dead on spot. It is quite poor at stealth.

Although it is a bit less than average at handling, this M133 variant comes with a suppressor that allows it to do wonders as a shotgun.

Other Shotguns In Far Cry 6

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KSGExcavation ExecutionSuperchargerCom.Pew.Ter
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