Far Cry 6 SPAS-12 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 SPAS-12 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

SPAS-12 is one amongst the many weapons in Far Cry 6. Weapons are a sort of necessity in Far Cry 6. The conditions in Yara are quite abysmal. Anton Castillo has all of it in his fist and is determined to squash any protests against him right where they begin.

With guns targeting you from all sides and chaos everywhere on your path, coming out of it all alive will be no child’s play. To survive as long as you can, you will obviously need powerful weapons by your side.

There are 98 weapons in total in Far Cry 6. 48 of these are non-unique purchasable weapons and the rest of them are Unique weapons. SPAS-12 is a rank 2 non-unique shotgun of good reputation.

But will it save your neck? Will it help you survive? Keep reading to find out all about it!

Where To Find SPAS-12

You can find SPAS-12 in an FND Chest. FND Chests usually contain quite random things so brace yourself to find gunpowder or some other gear than the one you expected.

You will be able to acquire the SPAS-12 by completing the Treasure Hunt “Passing the Torch” in Sierra Perdida.

SPAS-12 Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 SPAS-12 Stats
Weapon NameSPAS-12
Rate of Fire240

“This Italian semi-automatic shotgun can be fired quickly, but requires the user to be more diligent with their aim than other shotguns.”

In Game Description

This combat shotgun provides you with average damage and velocity. With 240 Rate Of Fire and 7 Magazine, it is quite good at accuracy and stealth but average at handling.

If you stand facing rusher-style enemies and animals like Rabid Dogs, Dingoes and Cassowaries, it will be a great time to use the SPAS-12.

“This Italian semi-automatic shotgun is one of the few weapons on Rook Island that was imported legitimately. SPAS-12s were used by private security forces hired by the mining corporations that set up shop in the 1980s. When the mining companies fell apart, it was cheaper to abandon these weapons rather than shipping them back overseas.”

In Survival Guide

Other Shotguns In Far Cry 6

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