Far Cry 6 Humidora Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 Humidora Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Humidora is yet another weapon in Far Cry 6. Without weapons there is no survival in Yara. It is a war-torn island ravaged by evil masterminds and rebellions that mushroom all over their map in open disobedience of the “bad guys.”

Trust us when we tell you that you would not want to spend more than thirty seconds here. To survive in such a chaotic land with danger prowling around the place will require a different level of skill and will along with powerful weapons. Weapons that you will be able to depend on.

There are a total of 98 weapons in Far Cry 6. All of them have abilities that will help you survive in the game to an extent. 48 of these are non-unique purchasable weapons while the rest of them are unique and cannot be purchased from anywhere.

Where To Find Humidora

The Humidora will be located in Punto Este Lighthouse in Sagrado, Quito. Players will be able to find it on the top of the Lighthouse in Corto Cay.

Destroy all your local enemies and make your way to the front door of the lighthouse. Look up and spot a grapple point. Now all you would have to do is to climb up halfway and move on the wooden planks.

Turn around to find out yet another grapple point that will help you move up. You will find the weapon waiting for you in the Crocodile Chest present in the doorway.

Far Cry 6 Humidora Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 Humidora Stats
Weapon NameHumidora
Rate of Fire150

This rank 2 shotgun has a high ability for damage and destruction. It has an average velocity but has a deadly accuracy that will make sure you hit your target dead whenever you want.

With 150 Rate Of Fire and 7 Magazine it is also quite good at stealth but average at handling.

The mod loadout of this shotgun provides you with better stealth at the expense of less damage than the 1887 Sawed-Off.

Other Shotguns In Far Cry 6

1887 Sawed-OffM133SBSSPAS-12
HumidoraEl RubiCiervo MachoThe True Loyalist
KSGExcavation ExecutionSuperchargerCom.Pew.Ter
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