How To Add Friends On Animal Crossing

How To Add Friends On Animal Crossing

How to add friends on Animal Crossing New Horizons you might ask. Keep your worries at bay because our How To Add Friends On Animal Crossing Guide will help your friendship your way through the game!

Add Friends On Animal Crossing New Horizons

Friends are an essential part of life; both real and virtual. They stay with you, you have fun with them and at the end of the day you know someone will always love you no matter how bad your socks stink.

Someone who will laugh at your plight, take your side and lend a helpful ear when you need to rant about a hundred things. Things become better and brighter with these friends. This magical effect is not just limited to real life though.

In Animal Crossing, for instance, the island gets ten times more interesting when you play it with your friends.

Adding Friends Within The Game

To add friends on Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will need to follow a very simple straightforward process. Players would have to first invite a few people to their very own Animal Crossing village which would then enable them to add these people as their Animal Crossing buddies within the game itself.

Remember that you will only be able to add these people as your friends on the second day of your village in Animal Crossing.

Go to your Nintendo Switch and open Animal Crossing. Nothing beats the feeling of starting a game you are addicted to eh?

Now head down to the bottom half of your island. Enter Dodo’s Airlines and strike a conversation with Orville – your friendly face operating at the Dodo’s Airlines desk. You will find him looking his part so don’t worry about missing him.

Tell Orville that you want visitors by (surprise surprise!) choosing the I Want Visitors option. Choosing I Want To Fly will only take you to other countries around the world. Now you would have to choose to invite friends via local or online play, whichever you prefer.


Local play is when you have your friends by your side quite literally while online play will help them join you even if you’re both miles away from each other. Then choose Roger. The first time you choose Roger, Animal Crossing will need you to agree to a legal statement binding you to behave and be respectful to all the other players in the game. Now click on the All My Friends option or Invite via Dodo Code to progress further.


A Dodo Code is basically a type of Animal Crossing friend code that will let you share the code with others in case you aren’t able to find them on your Nintendo Switch friends list already.

Invite all your friends and open your village to literally anyone present on your friends’ list. Once you have your friends on your list, they will be able to roam around on your island and interact with you too!

Adding Friends After You Have Met Them

After getting visited by one of your friends you can add them to your friends list on Nintendo Switch but do you know how exactly to do that? We will tell you how to! Your friends will gain full access to your island and will be able to chop trees, steal things and do whatever they want at any time so just like real life, be careful who you let in because cribbing about that double-faced friend might not magically turn the tables after the damage has been done. Begin by opening Animal Crossing (obviously).


Open your Nook Phone by tapping on the ZL. Now tap on the Best Friends List and choose a name from your list to add. Tap on the Ask To be Best Friends option. Let your friends know right after you have sent them a request if you want to start playing with them as soon as you can.

After they have accepted your invite you can explore the island with them and enjoy it all together! You can also talk with them by messaging them in the game itself.

Adding Friends Through Nintendo Switch

Friends are found in the most unlikely of places. And friendship doesn’t really mind a communication gap, personal issues, or societal class. If anything, it transcends boundaries in the purest form.


To add friends on Animal Crossing you do not just need to add people you already know and vibe with, you can add plenty of other people too. To add a friend from outside of Animal Crossing you will need your friend’s Nintendo Switch code.

You can search them up in the game through other methods too. Go to your Nintendo Switch and tap on the user profile picture. Click on Add Friend and then tap again on Search with Friend Code. Enter your friend’s code.

It will be quite easy for you if you have connected your Nintendo Switch to all your social media accounts. It will help you invite or find your friends easily. Send them a friend request and wait for them to accept it. Once they have accepted your invite you can add them to the list and start exploring the island together!

Adding Your Best Friend After Hosting An Island Visitor

Remember Orville? Your friendly face at the Dodo’s Airlines desk? Yep. If you remember the conversation you had with him you will be reminded of him mentioning and installing the Best Friends List app in your Nook Phone.

After you have been visited by someone you will both have an option to invite each other as Best Friend. If they accept it or you accept their invite you will both be added to each others’ Best Friends List. You will have new privileges to enjoy whenever you visit them!

Long story short, life and virtual games are both better when you have your homies around. Animal Crossing is yet another game that will help you have fun with your buddies across islands!

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