2 Different Ways To Attract Lightning In Minecraft

attract lightning

In Minecraft, there are various activities you can do and some mischiefs like- attracting lightning, making miserable potions, etc. Minecraft allows you to build and destroy items. Minecraft lured more than 141 million players to this game. You can choose to enjoy this game on various platforms like- PlayStation four, PlayStation five, android, and many more.

Minecraft allows us to take the benefit to attract lightning in Minecraft. Fortunately, there are specific predefine methods to achieve lightning patterns in-game. To do this, you have a particular command to follow that allows you to have the ways to attract lightning and thunder. There are explicit commands to attract lightning as “/summon lightning_bolt” that allows us to run in every platform edition of minecraft.

In this post, we’ll go through all such ways to attract lightning.

Provisions to attract lightning in Minecraft

Methods for survival Minecraft

Minecraft permits you to attract lightning for survival, you have to capture the Trident enchanted with Channeling one. You can acquire Channeling with the help of an enchantment table or enchanted book. This process makes this method less dependable as it can summon a thunderstorm into your world that may harm your gameplay.

trident for lighting

The initial phase is to acquire tridents obtained by drowned enemies that generally hold a trident. The spawning of drowned will occur either in rivers, oceans, or you can spawn drowned artificially by preserving a zombie for 15 sec underwater.

Then all these zombies successfully transform into a drowned, but they cannot hold any trident. It does not seem easy to acquire drowned tridents underwater as they are thrown away in decent range.

The next step to obtain channeling is receiving it from the enchantment table or Minecraft librarian villagers, chest from the non-village structure, and dungeon chests. After receiving the trident you need to wait for the thunderstorm to appear, or you are also permitted to attract lightning bolts during this session.

You can carry the trident in the Hotbar and tab the right click that makes it discharge to witness the bolt of lightning on the surface of trident strikes.

Methods for commands

How to attract Lightning in minecraft

Minecraft allows us to attract lightning through commands in the game, you only need to enable the cheats functions in the world settings. This section is present in creative mode by default, which occurs as invalidation in the trail of chances of acquiring achievements.

Still, it attracts lightning as per your entered command. These lightning bolts transform mobs into charged creepers, witches, and zombie pigmen.

Method 1: Command To Attract Lightning

enable cheats in minecraft

1. Open a Chat dialog box

We can access the command in the Minecraft game through a chat dialog box. Game controls help direct the chatbox, but they count on Minecraft versions.

  • To open the chat dialog box tab, click the T button for the Education edition platforms.
  • Proceed to the controller, then click on the right arrow tab on them for the platform of the Nintendo switch.
  • Proceed to the controller, then click to the right tab on the D-Pad for the Xbox one platform.
  • To open the chat dialog box tab, click the T button for the (MAC/PC) Java edition platforms.
  • To open the chat dialog box tab, click the T button for the Windows 10 edition platforms.
  • Proceed to the controller, then click to the right tab on the D-Pad for the PlayStation Four platform.
  • Click on the chatbox on the top of the screen for the Pocket edition platform.

2. Enter the Command

For knowledge intents, we take a sample for the version of (MAC/PC) Java edition to clarify how to attract lightning in Minecraft as the command is: /summon lightning_bolt. Index this command in the chat dialog box as you notice that it gets to seem on the lower left side of the window while entering the order.

Then tab to the enter button to execute the command. Once we enter the cheat, you will notice the gleam of light and hear the echo of thunder in your game world. It will cause a fire when a lightning bolt strikes the ground.

The notification arises on the lower left side of the window that “Summoned new Lightning Bolt” implies attracting lightning bolt in the game world. This procedure will allow you to attract lightning in Minecraft and use it uprightly.

Method 2: Lightning Summon Commands

lighting command

These commands attract lightning in minecraft that varies for different platform versions.

1. Education edition/ 0.14.2

/summon lightning <spawnPos>

2. Nintendo Switch/ 1.11.4

/summon lightning_bolt [spawnPos]

3. Xbox One edition/ 1.11.4

/summon lightning_bolt [spawnPos]

4. (MAC/PC) Java Edition/ 1.8, 1.9, 1.10

/summon LightningBolt [x] [y] [z]

5. Window 10 edition/ 0.16.0

/summon lightning <spawnPos>

6. PlayStation four edition/ 1.14.0

/summon lightning_bolt [spawnPos] [spawnEvent]

7. Pocket edition/ 0.16.0

/summon lightningbolt <spawnPos>


spawnPos: The condition where players command to attract lighting bolt in x y z coordinates. The lightning bolt will spawn in its present location if there are no fixed coordinates. [Optional]

Now, you know how to attract lightning in minecraft and what procedure you need to follow to obtain this mischievous power quickly.


Does gold attract the Minecraft lightning?

Yes, if a mob is wearing gold armor or any material made of armor, there is a 3% more chance of attracting lightning to that mob. If the mob with gold material gets struck by the lightning, it will lose 3.5 hearts damage.

Do the lightning rods pull lightning strikes?

Yes, the lightning rods attract the lightning strike and the lightning released by the enchanted channel trident during the storm.

How to attract lightning in Bedrock edition?

Attracting the lightning bolt in the Bedrock edition is similar to the Java edition. The same commands work in both the game editions without any hassle.

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