How To Keep Animals From Despawning in Minecraft?

How To Keep Animals From Despawning in Minecraft

Minecraft is a huge sandbox game with thousands of things to do around. Engaging with the animals is one of the processes in the game, and you can eventually tame and pet them. Moreover, they can help you to travel and get items more easily. However, certain situations arise when the animals start to despawn (disappear) from the game.

Animals Despawning in Minecraft is where the pet animal expected to be inside the fence disappears. This despawning occurs due to several reasons. Not enough space for the animal to roam is one of the major reasons. Animals require an area larger than a 20×20 block.

In this post, we’ll go through all the reasons and solutions for the despawning of animals in Minecraft.

Do Animals Start Despawning in Minecraft?

The answer is yes, animals Despawn in Minecraft. The reason is that these animals, are not stuck inside one fence or pen with more than the capacity of 20×20 blocks. However, animals stuck inside the boat or Minecraft will not get despawn.

You also have an opportunity to construct a coop, for example, a barn, house, or an area bordered with fences, to trap two animals you want to use on the farm and start breeding procedures. You should note that the animals will not despawn until they are kept moving over twenty blocks in random directions. 

What is the Cause of Animals Despawning in Minecraft?

Cause of Animals Despawning in Minecraft

The animals that aren’t stuck within 20×20 blocks can disappear or despawn within the game. Generally, animals stuck within the boat or pen won’t get started despawning in Minecraft.

You also have a chance to construct an associate degree coop, for example, a barn, house, or a neighborhood seagirt with fences for animal housings. One purpose you ought to note is that the animals won’t despawn until they’re unbroken, moving over twenty blocks in random directions. Most of the mobs will only disappear if any of the following condition is matching to your scenario:

  • Not able to move 20 blocks in any direction
  • They are named with the help of a name tag
  • The animals are saddled or tamed
  • Are on a lead connected to a fence
  • Are a unique mob (i.e., Iron Golem, Wither, etc.)

How To Keep Animals From Despawning in Minecraft?

As animals disappear in the game, you can think about a plan to keep them safe with your character. There is one excellent rule of thumb, and it is meant to feed the animals, and you should make sure these animals are surrounded in an area within the range of 20×20 blocks. The animal will despawn or disappear if your fence area is more than 20×20 blocks.

There is also an alternative solution, that is, to try and keep them secure in boats or inside the mine crafts and make sure you name them with their naming tags to keep them from getting disappearing or despawning in the game.

Here’s a video explaining both the ways –

In Which Mode Of Minecraft, Despawning Happens?

The disappearing items will begin after six thousand game ticks, which are approximately five minutes and loaded in lumps. The timer consisting of five minutes gets paused during the moment when the chunk gets unpacked. This is the time when animals mostly start despawning in Minecraft. But depending on your game mode, these resets may vary.

Regarding game modes, Despawning of animals occurs in all Survival, Creative, Hardcore, Spectator, and Adventure Modes.

What Should Be The Minimum Size Of Pen For Animals To Move?

You should try to round up animals into a pen. Fences are a good plan, but make sure you have enough space that your trapped animal can move freely. Otherwise, the animals will get overcrowded and start damaging each other due to the small space. The minimum size is anything below 20×20 blocks where you can ensure enough space for animals. 

How To Name Your Animal With A Nametag To Prevent Despawning in Minecraft

Name Your Animal With A Nametag To Prevent Despawning in Minecraft

You cannot create a nametag in the game, but you can find them by looting chests, fishing and trading with villagers. You can get these tags in the Java edition of Minecraft in three locations. These tags are also available in dungeon chests, mineshaft chests, and woodland mansion chests.

The Bedrock edition also contains the name tags and the location remains the same that is treasures or trades with villagers.

You can also get in naturally generated structures and master level librarian trades for which you have to spend twenty emeralds. While fishing, you can find most of the tags using Luck of the Sea III enhancement, and it is the easiest method to get the tags.

Once you have a name tag in the game, you can start naming animals except for the ender dragons and players. For using the name tag, first, move to an anvil, after reaching its User Interface, and place the name tag in the left slot. In the next step, click on the bar above the name tag and rename the name tag. The name must be the name that you want to change one mob’s name. Doing this task will charge you one XP level and a small amount of anvil durability for your name tag. 

In the next step, right-click on the mob (animal) you want to name and choose the name tag. Then, by right-clicking on the crowd, it will automatically utilize the name tag, and if you’re going to kill the mob, it will not drop the name tag.

Finally, you will find an exciting feature: if you ever die in the match, the name will appear in how you died. Also, the named mobs will not disappear until it is aggressive.

Tip: Tame Your Animals To Prevent Despawning in Minecraft

Tame Your Animals To Prevent Despawning in Minecraft

In Minecraft, taming is the process of training (domesticating) wild animals and making them your friends. But you should note that only some animals are capable of the taming procedure. Below is the list of animals that can be tamed in Minecraft.

  • Wolf
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Parrots
  • Llamas

Thus, these are the following animals that can be tamed and avoid getting despawned in Minecraft.


How do you stop things from Despawning in Minecraft?

There is no way to stop despawning all things. However, for animals, you can stop despawning by using name tags.

Does feeding animals stop them from Despawning?

No, they still despawn. But if you tame them, they won’t despawn.

Do tamed animals in Minecraft Despawn?

Tamed animals do not despawn, provided you lost them.

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