How To Get Animal Crossing Blue Roses

Get Blue Roses In Animal Crossing

There are only certain colors of roses that are frequently seen in the real world, so in order to get blue, green roses we usually cross-breed or use color essence in white roses. This is done exactly in this game to get the dazzling blue roses.

Animal Crossing Blue Roses are the roses that are prepared by the players by cross-breeding different colors and gets to make these roses. They can be used to decorate your island in a creative manner.

Animal Crossing Blue Roses

Blue roses are not that easy to get and that doesn’t come under normal breed and it can be got by using several combinations of flowers (hybrid). They are the most difficult and time-consuming flowers in Animal Crossing. You will have to crossbreed and only then you can get them.

Cross-Breeding is for the people who love to see the different colors of Animal Crossing Roses. Though it demands you to spend a lot of time it can give the result of attractive colors. It is difficult to do all these breeding processes and yet it is worth the effort.

Animal Crossing Blue Roses will add a rich pop of color to any type of garden but it demands much effort to get such a grand look. It might take days, weeks, and even months to grow and it is got using the different combinations of roses DNA.

In this game, the growth of blue roses is like a kind of pride for the player, and they are not sold out for many points rather it is worn out as an ornament and is used to decorate a player’s house and also can be used in dresses also. Many players have this blue rose as mandatory on their island and it doesn’t cause any loss for the player.

Preparation of Animal Crossing Blue Roses

Make your mind before you start this process because it is going to demand you much time and effort. The growth of blue roses requires several generations of different color cross-breeding, and this will result in bright blue color. There are basic growing methods and in case you follow them then, that will only spawn Blue Roses 1.6% of the time.

Statistics prove that you can get a maximum of up to 25% get succeed in getting Animal Crossing Blue Roses. Before you start to plan for breeding the flowers you will have to go through the flower breeding guides for better understanding and perfectness.

First, you must create and allocate a separate place for gardening and must check for gardening checkerboard patterns and this will make the flowers grow. The location that you are using for this process can be reused for further processes until the Blue Roses eventually spawn.

Even in cross-breeding, there is a chance to use wrong codes which will result in wrong colors so make sure that you genetically choose the right rose codes, and only then you can get the correct blue color.

White Roses in Animal Crossing

The one and the only way that the Animal crossing Blue Roses is got using the Hybrid Red roses, and those roses require the fully grown White Roses. Remember that the roses that you use here is totally different from the red roses that are available in the game and even the Hybrid Red Roses are different from these types of rose.

There is also another way to create blue roses like breeding hybrid Red Roses from Purple and Orange Roses, which is a more complicated breeding process that also includes the need for a special White Rose.

To start with the process, you will have to purchase Red, Yellow, and White Rose seeds from Nook’s Cranny. Then you have to grow these seeds get the roses out of these seeds and it is used in the breeding process.

Each and every rose flower in the game has a special DNA sequence, and the flowers that tend to grow naturally either in your island or your friend’s island or Mystery Tour island must have been cross-bred earlier. In Nook’s Cranny, the seeds are in different variety and it changes every day and hence it might take a little time long to purchase the correct seeds.

There is a problem here in this stage, for some players’ island, there is a possibility that certain rose seeds won’t grow on the island or certain color of rose doesn’t grow. So, in that case, no matter how many times you check them you will not find those seeds in Nook’s Cranny. The only way to solve this issue is to visit your friend’s island and get those seeds from that island.

To get Animal Crossing Blue Roses, you will need to cross-breed the roses to get Purple Roses. And to get those purple roses you have to cross-breed two White Roses together.

The white roses with all the flowers should be placed in a diagonal, checkerboard pattern with one space between them. In case if you find any incorrect roses, then you should definitely remove them in order to get proper Animal Crossing Blue Roses.

After you get the purple roses, use them and cross them with Yellow Rose seeds to get White Roses. This combination of seeds will definitely result in yielding you White roses. After you get them you should then take the White Roses and breed them with the Purple Roses to get new and good purple roses.

Getting these good purple roses will have a good result when it comes to spawning proper Animal Crossing Blue Roses. To test whether the purple roses that you got are good or bad you can cross-breed the purple roses with more yellow roses. If it’s a good one then it will produce both White and Yellow Roses and in case if it is not then, it will produce 100%, White Roses.

Cross-Pollinate Animal Crossing Blue Roses

The next step in this process is to get special white roses and to get them you will have to cross the good Purple Roses together. If you are planning to grow many Animal Crossing Blue Roses then you can repeat this process and that will increase the chance of growing many Blue Roses. In each and every process do not forget to water the plants and that will encourage the seeds to grow.


To get Blue Roses you must have Hybrid Red Roses and you can get them from a cross between Orange and Purple Roses or by crossing Black Roses and special White Roses. If you have any doubt about spawning black roses just read the below paragraph.

To get black roses you should cross-breed Red Rose seeds and spawn the Black roses along with special White roses and this will create Hybrid Red Roses.

Growing Blue Roses

Growing Blue Roses

Now in this stage, you will have special white roses and Hybrid Red roses you should cross them to breed Orange Roses. Again you must cross these Orange Roses with the special White Roses and as a result, you will get again special Hybrid Red Roses. These are the main roses that are meant for spawning blue roses.

You will have to cross two or more of the special Hybrid Red Roses and try to spawn for Animal Crossing Blue roses. Blue roses are self-spawning and many special Red Roses for cross-breeding will result in high chances of growing Blue roses.

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