5 Ways To Remove Villagers in Animal Crossing

Remove Villagers in Animal Crossing

How to remove villagers in Animal Crossing? A passionate player might ask and wonder. But the answer is neither just one nor simple.

Many players and streamers have tried out different techniques and tactics to remove Villagers in Animal Crossing thronging the streets. But how many of them work? And what are some tips you should remember?

Read on to find out all about them.

How to Remove Villagers in Animal Crossing

Following are the ways to remove villagers in Animal Crossing

  1. Give Your Fellow Villages The Cold Shoulder
  2. Shrug Off The Responsibility With Campsite Amiibo
  3. Lower Your Friendship Level
  4. Random Campsite Villager For The Win!
  5. Other Ways To Get Rid Of Villagers

1. Give Your Fellow Villages The Cold Shoulder

Whoever said that ignorance is bliss was saying it right. Ignoring a villager is one of the best ways by which you can get rid of them. Ignoring a person is pretty rude and if the person (or an innocent villager in the game) has even the tiniest amount of respect left in them they will stop trying.

Remember how your crush ignored you? Exactly. Be extremely distant and do not talk to them or fulfill their requests. Don’t ask them about what they are building. Keep to yourself and pretend like they don’t exist.

Ignoring Villagers in Animal Crossing

This will help you build up neglect. To ignore these villagers more efficiently you can act distant and distance them further by creating fencing all around their home. Doing this will also help you avoid accidental interactions with them.

Keep ignoring them until it’s important that you do interact with them. For example, you might find a villager with a thought bubble hovering above their head or you might encounter one of them running towards you while shouting your name. You will obviously have to engage here.

There are chances that they will ask you or request you do a task or maybe they will teach you a reaction but there are also chances that they’re going to move soon and need you present to cement the decision to Remove Villagers in Animal Crossing.

2. Shrug Off The Responsibility With Campsite Amiibo

To pull this trick off you would have to have full occupancy of about 10 villagers on your island. This is a very time-consuming process and you will need to sell a lot of plots to potential residents in order to increase your town’s population.

After you have acquired a full occupancy you will need an Amiibo Card of a villager to swap in. You may also wait for villagers to appear at the Campsite.

Use the Amiibo Card to summon a villager and fulfill tasks that they assign to you or request you to do. Keep doing tasks and favors for them to win them over! On the third day, talk with them and convince them to move in.

They will be very disappointed when they find out that there’s no space for them. They’ll then ask you to point out an agreeable villager willing to negotiate. Choose a resident you don’t like or have problems with and let the resident to-be do the dirty work for you!

3. Lower Your Friendship Level

An atmosphere does wonders for an environment. A toxic workplace may suck the energy out of the best employees but a friendly and positive environment will make everyone feel energized help them get properly invested in their respective work.

The same thing goes with schools, groups, and even video games. Decrease your friendship level by hitting the villagers with nets.

You can also talk to Isabelle remarking on a villager’s language or clothing. You could also try pushing these villagers around and giving them garbage or weeds. Following

4. Random Campsite Villager For The Win!

A random campsite villager is very much like an unwelcome or uninvited guest. But fortunately, the random campsite villager stays only for a day and is not a nuisance. The random campsite villager has the ability to replace literally anyone in your village.

You don’t get a say in which random villager pops in so it may not be worth the trouble to get them to swap out. If the campsite villager chooses the wrong villager to replace you can press the home button to go back home without closing the conversation.

Restart the game and repeat till you can kick out the one villager you loathe.

5. Other Ways To Get Rid Of Villagers

You can try hacking your save or you can try time travel. You can also tell Isabelle that they are no longer wanted around. You could try ignoring mail from the villager or annoy the living daylights out of them.

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