Animal Crossing Sweater Designs For Winter [2024]

Animal Crossing Sweater Designs

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if you are enjoying the winter season in the game. Then, you should indeed look at some of the fantastic and all-time favorite designs in the game.  

Animal Crossing Sweater Designs will help you to get amazing Christmas sweaters and clothes to make your winter go well. All these sweaters are shared by other players over the internet. Make sure you use their codes to fetch them directly on your character.

Animal Crossing Sweater Designs

Here are some of the famous and good looking sweater designs –

Winter Collection

Animal Crossing Winter Collection

Creator Code: MA-6486-0962-2686

In this collection, you will find the ideal classic holiday design for your character. In the Winter Collection, you will find something for yourself. It can be a reindeer, an elf, a cute snowman, Christmas Tree, and many other items.

Dark Sweater Collections

Animal Crossing Dark Sweater Collections

Creator Code: MA-2761-5215-8259 

In Dark Sweater Collections, you will find some flashy and eye-catching colors of attires. This dark-colored holiday collection will give you a great glow and a striking look to your character. Also, it will take care to maintain the festive vibes in the game.

Snow Cat Collection

Animal Crossing Snow Cat Collection

Creator Code: MA-0400-0760-0487

You will feel some comfortable and aesthetic feeling while wearing attires from Snow Cate. Its cute pink and blue Christmas designs make it popular among the players in the game.

Christmas Collection

Animal Crossing Christmas Collection

Creator Code: MA-4559-9715-9645 

With Christmas Collection, you can show off your festive vibes with some iconic collections and accessories. Sometimes if you are lucky, you may also get an iconic “Tacky Sweater” from the Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Christmas Elf, Cupcake, & Sailor Sets

Animal Crossing Christmas Elf, Cupcake, & Sailor Sets

 Creator Code MA-1858-9651-6520 

This tiny cute Christmas collection is attractive as it contains delicious holiday snacks and some fantastic detailed elf and sailor attires.

Snowy Toy Day Sweater

Animal Crossing Snowy Toy Day Sweater

Creator Code: MA-3388-5174-0968 

In the past, many players demanded the Pocket Camp’s Clothes in New Horizons. So, the wish is fulfilled now, and Sport, the Snowy Toy Day Animal Crossing Sweater Design, is available for you in the game.

Santa & Reindeer Sweater

Animal Crossing Santa & Reindeer Sweater

Creator Code: MA-2939-5842-7946

There is no doubt that these are the fantastic set of outfits which will match your character with your friends and family while spending quality time on holiday.

Winter Robes

Animal Crossing Winter Robes

Creator Code: MA-6689-0771-7083 

With this set of collections, you can keep yourself nice and warm in the winter season. In this set, you will find some exciting hoodies and even a tiny snowman in the packet.

Get Lit!

Animal Crossing Get Lit!

Creator Code: MA-9924-5526-1733

A gorgeous Hannukah Animal Crossing Sweater Design featuring a superb menorah design is waiting for you in the Get Lit! Collection.

Festive Dresses

Animal Crossing Festive Dresses

Creator Code: MA-8608-2575-8415

If you previously got a set of Festive Dress in the game, but you are not satisfied and looking for something more remarkable, then you should indeed look at these fantastic varies. Festive Dress Variations are developed to get paired with Terry-lout Nightcaps so you can be your own imaginary Santa and select any color from the shades of Rainbow.

Casual Collection

Animal Crossing Casual Collection

 Creator Code: MA-0687-5712-9698

Casual Collection is highly recommended for normal daily usage. As it contains the Micky Mouse-themed holiday sweaters and dresses, which you will surely love to try.

The Celebration Collection

Animal Crossing The Celebration Collection

Creator Code: MA-4563-8885-9159 

In the following collection, you will find a beautiful range of holiday patterns. It also includes the two renowned designs of Hanukkah.

Brown Sweaters

Animal Crossing Brown Sweaters

Creator Code: MA-7883-7271-5909 

There are no words to describe the Brown Animal Crossing Sweater Designs. We can just say that these sweaters are unique, and they will look damm cute on your character in the game.

Elegant Christmas Dress

Animal Crossing Elegant Christmas Dress

Creator Code: MA-7112-9220-5822 

If you are looking for a rustic-themed Christmas Dress in the game, we will suggest it is a perfect choice for you.

Santa and Snowman Sweaters

Animal Crossing Santa and Snowman Sweaters

Creator Code MA-1301-0228-2843

Santa and Snowman Animal Crossing Sweater Designs consists of a fantastic set of a diverse but matching collection of Christmas Sweaters. In this set, you will also find Snowman. Santa Claus and Rudolph Design. 

Elf Outfits

Animal Crossing Elf Outfits

Creator Code: MA-4967-3709-4778 

Buddy the Elf Outfits are two exact copies of attire. If you look at this outfit, you will surely remember your childhood times favorite Christmas movie. You have to simply choose your favorite color.

Colorful Dresses

Animal Crossing Colorful Dresses

Creator Code MA-4429-3898-7445 

By acquiring the Colorful Christmas Dresses collection, you can be the Christmas fairy of your island. Here, you will find multiple colorful attires that are bright in color and simply amazing.

Christmas Clothes Set

Animal Crossing Christmas Clothes Set

Creator Code MA-3668-4915-3352

If you ever wished to work in Santa’s Workshop, the Christmas Clothes Set is the perfect outfit. It feels like they have been directly delivered from the North Pole.

Christmas Baby Yoda

Animal Crossing Christmas Baby Yoda

Creator Code: MA-0409-8733-0615

If you are a big Star Wars fan from childhood, you can enjoy this outfit.

Cute Dino Christmas Sweater

Animal Crossing Cute Dino Christmas Sweater

Creator Code: MA-9709-3589-3453

If you are excited to see a dinosaur in your attire, then Dinosaur Christmas Animal Crossing Sweater Design will fulfill your dream by adding a Dinosaur to your Santa Hat.

Christmas Sweaters

Animal Crossing Christmas Sweaters

Creator Code: MA-0792-6858-9658

After looking at some fantastic and glorious designs, let us now look at something simple. In this game, Christmas Sweaters and Cardigan will have cute and straightforward designs, including a cozy reindeer cardigan and two unique Rudolph sweaters. You will enjoy the winter season with this attire.

Christmas Lights Sweater 

Animal Crossing Christmas Lights Sweater 

Creator Code: MA-3429-7017-8668 

With Christmas Lights Sweater, you can decorate and light up your entire room because its design patterns are super cool and trendy.

Hanukkah Sweater

Animal Crossing Hanukkah Sweater

Creator Code: MA-2079-2252-3030

If you find this beautiful blue-colored dreidel sweater, then you should prepare yourself for the Hannukah.

Some Other Sweater Designs

Holiday Bear Sweater

Creator Code: MA-0792-0805-1685

Holiday Bear Sweater is considered the cutest Animal Crossing Sweater Design in this Christmas season. It is prevalent because of its simple and cute teddy bear design. 

Snowy Path 

Creator Code: MA-9170-3651-2880

If you love to see your island covered with snow, then Snowy Path is the perfect solution for you. It will give you a natural winter feeling environment in the game.

Cat Hoodies

Creator Code: MA-6381-8047-9269

If you are hunting down for some cute cats, comfortable attire, and Christmas cheer clothing, we bet the Cat Hoodies series is the solution for you.

Leopard Printed Sweater

Creator Code: MA-6802-0635-1367

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if you are looking for a simple and unique Animal Printed attire for your character. Then we would highly recommend you to consider the Leopard Printed Sweater. 

Autumn Sweater

Creator Code: MA-8673-2945-4294

Design Code: MO-HT43-MM6H-00FJ

The Autumn Themed Sweater will give you a nice warm cozy feeling in the game. Its simple design and the stipes make it unique from other outfits in the game.

Fur Coat

Creator Code: MA-9649-9190992

Design Code: MO-91SS-YGK0-C1FJ

If you are looking for an outfit similar to a jacket or a coat, you should look at the Fur Coat. The length of the skin makes it unique from other outfits in the game.

Other Animal Crossing Designs

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Final Words

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it doesn’t matter your age and the time of year you are playing this game. The above-mentioned custom winter design attire will help you personalize your island and your character in the game.

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