Peppy Villagers Animal Crossing List

Peppy Villagers Animal Crossing

The game is a part of animal crossing series that has the characters of females named Peppy villagers (seldom named: Bubbly or Perky). These characters are more familiar, exciting, and funny simultaneously, as you make them apologize about anything. They obey the player’s command instantly, without objecting it once that they make that mistake or not.

Their nature is very optimistic and bubbly that makes them good friends. The peppy villagers are also knowns as Genki or atai in Japanese. Their sounds come with chippers and high-pitched calls. They experience cheering when they usually talk with players or fellow villagers as they are very concerned about doing tasks.

Peppy Villagers Behaviour

All the characters are homesick; they often come out of their home. Peppy villagers are the female characters equally obscure as Jock villagers, and their features are more energetic.

They use words of stereotypical lingo, and somewhere they come as naive and obstinate personalities. They get quickly involved with different villagers, but they are also spotted in the middle of the jokes and gossip material to everyone that Cranky and Snooty villagers dawned in Animal Crossing.

But if they receive rude behavior from them, they reply same immediately. These tasks distribute to different types of villagers like girly talk, peppy goes with the ordinary villagers, for food they go with lazy villagers and for numerous activities they go with jock villagers.

Peppy villagers find it very difficult to communicate and have the same anticipation as snooty and cranky.

They make them annoyed and angry with the habits that create conflict, which harms the peppy state. Peppy reactions are very random as they change their response of happiness, curiosity, aggravation, and sleepy frequently that are not easily deductive.

They also begin with their mischief reaction at its max friendship level in the game, shared along with photos.

List of Peppy Villagers

Peppy villagers are generally coming in a list of their characters that gathered beneath the peppy header. Here peppy villagers are considered as diverse characters’ temperaments and their respective dialogues. There is a list of peppy villagers considered in this article with their characteristics.

Peppy nameZodiac/ BirthdayKindsDexteritiesAimPrimary clothing
WendyLeo/ 15 August SheepVentriloquismViolinistWatermelon tank
WinnieAquarius/ 31st JanuaryHorseTiptoeingVolleyball playerCow tee
VictoriaCancer/ 11 JulyHorsePlaying horseshoes Marathon runnerOne ball tee, racer 6 shirt
VioletVirgo/ 1st SeptemberGorillaBlowing bubblesPharmacistRed Aloha shirt, purple color poncho style sweater, misty tee
TabbyLeo/ 13 AugustCatTelling jokesTennis playerTee dress, fish bone shirt
TangyGemini/ 17 JuneCatDoing handstandsHair stylist Green retro dress, chain gang tee
TutuVirgo/ 15 SeptemberBearTypingTeacherHeart sweater, heart tee
TammiAries/ 1st and 2nd AprilMonkeyMaking punsArtistSilk print floral shirt, new spring tee
TrufflesLeo/ 28 JulyPigTriviaActorTee parka combo, turnip top, fern tee
TwiggyCancer/ 13 JulyBirdSpoon bendingDentistStriped tank, barber tee
ShinoScorpio/ 31st OctoberDeerMorning glory yukata
SprinklePisces/ 20 FebruaryPenguinJumping ropeFigure skaterSnowy sweater, icy shirt
RillaScorpio/ 1st NovemberGorillaBakingKitty whiteHello kitty outfit
RosiePisces/ 27 FebruraryCatKaraokeMoving starDazed tee and dress, short cake shirt
RioVirgo/ 10 SeptemberOstrichPrinted zigzag dress, red scale shirt
RubyCapricorn/ 25 DecemberRabbitDoing handstandPhotographryBunny tee
PuddlesCapricorn/ 13 JanuaryFrogLimboingTennis playerLovely tee
PluckyLibra/ 12 OctoberChickenHula dancingDancerCool tank, red aloha shirt, bold muumuu
PiperAries/ 18 AprilBirdBoard gameTranslatorLacy shirt, striking shirt, tropical tee
PompomAquarius/ 11 FebuararyDuckTriviaCEOSimple parka, Number 4 shirt
PippyGemini/ 14 JuneRabbitDebatingSuperheroMint gingham tee, ugly shirt
PinkyVirgo/ 9 septemberBearHula danceCartoonistDazed tee
PangoScorpio/ 9 NovemberAnteaterTongue twisterEstheticianPrinted oversized dress, printed subdued tee
PattyTaurus/ 10 MayCowCompetitive eatingPastry chefOrange dress
PeanutGemini/ 8 JuneSquirrelHula dancing ModelMaxi striped dress, beatnik tee
PenelopeAquarius/ 5 FebruaryMousePhotography ActorPink wave tank
PatePisces/ 23 FebruaryDuckPretending to sleepArchaeologistWinter sweater
PaulaAries/ 22nd MarchBearBaton twirlingVolleyball playerPep squad tee, Demin shirt
PeggyGemini/ 23rd MarchPigStomping aroundMovie starAran knit sweater, blue stripe tee
PennyCancer/ NAMouseSubdued print
NibblesCancer/ 19 JulySquirrel JugglingJournalistWatermelon tank and tee
MarcyCancer/ NAKangarooSlushie shirt
MeowVirgo/ NACatBlossom shirt
MaddieCapricorn/ 11 JanuaryDogTongue twistersTour guideLayered sleeveless dress, fetching shirt, picnic tee
MegumiAries/ NADogBerry gingham
MerryCancer/ 29 JuneCatVaultingFigure skaterDream sweater, daisy tee
LuluSagittarius/ NAHippoFlowery shirt
LeighSagittarius/ NAChickenPuzzling shirt
KetchupLeo/ 27 JulyDuckChopping vegetablesPop starRosy sky and flicker shirt
KoharuLibra/NAKangarooRed aloha shirt
HuggyPisces/ NAKoalaJade check print
GabiSagittarius/ 16 DecemberRabbitEating quicklyPianistGingham picnic shirt, waffle tee
FloraAquarius/ 9 FebrurayOstrichStaying awakeGymnastGumdrop tee
FrecklesPisces/ 19 FeburaryDuckStaying awakePharmacistBright tee
FelicityAries/ 30 MarchCatRock paper scissorsSwimmerTweed dress, Dapper tee
FlossieLibra/NAMouseRed aloha shirt
DottyPisces/ 14 MarchRabbitHome repairTennis playerSleeveless tunic, blue check tee
CandiAries/ 13 AprilMouseHome repairJudgeDeer shirt, ancient knit, bohemian tunic dress
CeceGemini/ 28 MaySquirrelCosplayCallie shirt
CharliseAries/ 17 AprilBearHitting snoozeArcheologistRed aloha shirt, athletic jacket, warmup suit
ChrissyVirgo/ 28 AugustRabbitStaying awakeModelMarble dots dress, lite polka tee
CarmenCapricorn/ 6 JanuaryRabbitVentriloquismMovie directorPrinted plaid dress, blue retro shirt, mint gingham tee
ChaiPisces/ 6 MarchElephantNappingCafé ownerCinnamoroll outfit
CheriPisces/ 17 MarchCubStaying positiveMarathon runnerPrinted zigzag dress, yellow bar shirt sunflower tee
CookieGemini/18 JuneDogDancingActorBlue retro dress, blue tartan tee
BunnieTaurus/ 9 MayRabbitStaying positiveGymnastJade check dress and tee, flicker shirt
BonbonPisces/ 3 MarchRabbitCompetitive eatingSwimmerSleeveless tunic, Choco mint tee
BiancaSagittarius/ 13 DecemberTigerVaultingFigure skaterButton down front tie shirt, red dwon jacket
BelleCancer/ NACowDenim shirt
BubblesVirgo/ 18 SeptemberHippoLimboingVolleyball playerGrape tee, crossing shirt
BluebearCancer/ 24 JuneCubSpoon bendingCartoonistAran knit sweater, lemon gingham tee
BellaCapricorn/ 28 DecemberMouseStaying up lateSingerTee dress, skull tee
BangleVirgo/ 27 AugustTigerTougue twisterPresidentTropical muumuu, pop bloom tee
Agent SCancer/ 2nd JulySquirrelLimboingDancerNumber 2 shirt
AnicottiPisces/ 24 FebruraryMouseOversleepingPhotographerColorful striped sweater, desert shirt, peachy tee
AudieVirgo/ 31st AugustWolfTropical muumuu, sunflower tee
AnabelleAquarius/ 16 FebruraryAnteaterJumping ropeJudgeTropical muumuu, tropical tee
AppleLibra/ 24 SeptemberHamsterKaraokeMovie starMarble dot tee, lite polka tee

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