How To Make Purple Windflowers In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

How To Make Purple Windflowers In ACNH

How To Make Purple Windflowers in ACNH one might ask. Bid adieu to any worries regarding how to make purple windflowers, because we have you covered.

Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH has taken designing, creating, and imagination to a whole level. Animal Crossings New Horizons will make sure your first experience leaves you starving for more! Amongst the truckloads of features that Animal Crossing New Horizons grants you, virtual flowers might not be the best but they sure are the prettiest.

How To Make Purple Windflowers

Purple Windflowers are amongst the most difficult flowers hybrids to create in the game. Making Purple Windflowers is a time taking process and will involve a lot of time traveling.

1. Cross Pollinate Two Red Hybrid Windflowers

Animal Crossing Purple Windflower Pollinate

To breed Purple Windflowers players would have to first gather some White and Red Windflowers. Using White and Red Windflowers will help you make Blue Hybrid Windflowers.

Once you have Blue Hybrid Windflowers with yourself you can cross-pollinate them with Red Windflowers from seeds of Red Windflowers. Hold on, the process is not over yet.

Animal Crossing Purple Windflower Pollinate

Now you would have to cross-pollinate two Red Hybrid Windflowers to make Purple Windflowers. Make sure the Windflowers that you use have been bought from Nook’s Cranny as seeds because you would face a lot of difficulty with the ones readily available on your island.

This will be because the Windflowers growing in your island will already be having random cross-pollination patterns.

The whole process is quite lengthy but you can’t expect it to grow quickly overnight. Even after fulfilling all the preconditions required for the cross-pollination to make the Purple Windflowers you would have to wait.

Be patient because the Purple Windflowers might not grow the very next day. If you find no Purple Windflowers you will have to continue watering them till they grow!

You can cross-pollinate them with Red Windflowers from seeds of Red Windflowers. Hold on, the process is not over yet.

2. Mystery Tour Magic

Animal Crossing Purple Windflower Magic Tour

There is a good chance of players finding Purple Windflowers on Mystery Island. The Mystery Islands will only ever provide you with one other type of flower so players only have a chance of finding them there. They might or might not find other Windflowers there.

3. Trade ‘Em Online

Animal Crossing Purple Windflower Trade

In case you are facing difficulties in acquiring Windflowers of a specific color or a specific Hybrid species, you could easily trade some of yours off to get them. The good old barter system strikes again! Trade ’em online to get what you want as soon as possible.

3. Clone the Purple Windflowers you have

You can also get Purple Windflowers by cloning the ones we already have. To successfully clone Purple Windflowers, you have to plant them in a way that they are not touching each other. You also have to make sure to water them every day and after a while, you will notice that they are making a copy of themselves in the empty spaces.

Multiplying Purple Windflowers

You can multiply Purple Windflowers by cloning them. The easiest way to get yourself dozens of Purple Windflowers will be to clone them. To clone the Purple Windflowers you will have to plan them somewhere else; in a place where they won’t touch any other flowers of their type. Water these every day. Sooner or later they will create a copy of themselves in one of the empty spaces nearby.

To multiply Purple Windflowers you can start the breeding process again. Keep repeating and you will find yourself surrounded by loads of Purple Windflowers. These flowers can be used to make other Hybrid flowers and they will help you create them later!

How Good Are Your Chances Of Getting Purple Windflowers

Only with the help of Parent Windflowers – Red (special) and Red (special) creating a hybrid Purple Windflower is possible. But how good are your chances of getting a hybrid Purple Windflower by using two Red ones as parents?

Your chances of getting a hybrid Purple Windflower is 6.25% although there are possibilities of getting different colors. You can also use two Pink (special) Windflowers as Parents to create a hybrid Purple Windflower.

Your chances with the Pink (special) Windflowers is again 6.25% and there will remain possibilities of getting different colored hybrid Windflowers.

Increase Mass Production By Following These Tips

You can mass-produce Purple Windflowers by following two different processes –

Purple Windflowers’ Mass Production

The fastest and easiest way to get yourself a hybrid Purple Windflower is by using special Red Windflowers as parents. Firstly, you will have to make hybrid Blue Windflowers by using White seeds in a dense pattern.

You will then have to breed Blue Windflowers with Red Windflowers in patterns that avoid self-cloning of the Red Windflower to create Red (special) Windflowers. If you successfully complete the process with no clones, the hybrids from the breeding will be Red (special) Windflowers.

Now plant these Red (special) Windflowers in another plot following a dense pattern. Each pair of flowers in contact will have a 6.25% chance of their hybrid being of the color purple. Take the purples and go to the next section.

The rest of the non-purple hybrids may have any kind of genetics so you can just throw them out.

Transitioning To Mass Production

After you have acquired a Purple Windflower take it and make a diagonal pattern with four of your Red (special) Windflowers. Place the Purple Windflower in the middle. 25% of the total hybrids growing from the particular plot will be Purple.

25% of the hybrids from the plot will be Blue (special) Windflowers which will you produce more Blue ones. The rest of the 50% will be of Red color.

Some of them will be Reds (special) and some of them will be Red with better genes. Throw these into the special plot to increase your odds.

Now move the Blue (special) Windflowers and Purple Windflowers from earlier into a separate plot. Choose one that avoids self-cloning to get the best results although any of the patterns will work with two different parents.

Hybrids will be 50/50, thus half of them will be purple and half of them will be blue. The blue ones are all bluer (special) windflowers. Now keep building this with Blue/Purple until it’s of the size you want and after it’s full you will have to replace all the Blue (special) Windflowers with Purples ones.

This will help you make more Purple Windflowers. Make sure none of the Blue (special) Windflowers get any other contact because it will ruin your chances and the whole process.

Genetics Of Purple Windflowers & Why Players Are Frustrated With It

I just got one randomly from a bunch of windflowers I wasn’t paying attention to, but knowing my luck I won’t be able to produce a second. The purple flowers are so hard to breed in this game until you have a few and then they spawn like weeds, at least in my experience!

brockbrock, The Bell Tree Forums

Apart from being very frustrating and difficult to grow the Purple Windflowers also take a long time to grow.

It is very tiresome and although the genetics is as simple as RR-**-ww (*indicates that the gene can be anything) it is truly one of the most difficult things to breed in the game.

They won’t for me either. TT ^ TT I’ve been trying to breed purple windflowers and purple hyacinths and at this point I’m questioning whether I have a special copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons that just….obliterates any purple flowers.

dragonair, The Bell Tree Forums


How do you get purple Windflowers?

You can get purple windflowers through cross-pollination. You can cross-pollinate White and Red Windflowers to make Purple Windflowers. 

What are the rarest and most complex flower types in Animal Crossing? 

The most complex and the rarest flower in Animal Crossing are Rose. Among all the roses, blue roses are the rarest.

 What are some of the prettiest flowers in Animal Crossing: NWH? 

There are many pretty flowers that you can find in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Some of the prettiest among these flowers include Gold roses, Lily of the Valley, Black Roses, Pink Tulips, Purple Windflower, Blue roses, etc. 

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