How to Move Rocks In Animal Crossing

How to Move Rocks In Animal Crossing

There are many games that are created to increase your imaginative power and pave way for more creativity. So, it is like a double benefit, you entertain yourself and at the same time, you feed your imagination level which benefits in your personal and career life.

To move rocks in Animal Crossing is a difficult and most struggled activity nearly by all the players. Half of the players aren’t aware of the fact that they have the chance to move the rocks that are placed on their island. Here, you will get to know about moving the rocks and how to stop growing the rocks in unplanned areas.

Rocks In Animal Crossing

Rocks in animal crossing are the most used element in this game. It is used to decorate your Island in a most creative way and it helps in filling up the space that is left on the island. Most players find it very hard to fill their island and wonder what should be added.

And as a result, they end up adding more rocks so that their decoration level is also enriched and their problems are also solved. But there is a small problem that everyone faces when they use rocks in animal crossing.

They place it in one place and find it difficult in moving to another place. And so we are here to know about the most difficult problem that every player faces.

Move The Rocks In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, the positive fact on your Island is you can move anything and decorate it accordingly but when it comes to rocks you can’t move them and only mine or destroy them to bring them to the perfect place. But there is one way that you can do it with great effort so that you will be able to move the rocks.

But remember that too only to certain parts of the island you will be able to move them. You can also create a rock garden with this easy technique.

But in case if you are planning to move all your Six rocks around your Island then it might take nearly one week to get this process done. The other option is that you can use time-traveling to speed up this process and all your plan would be done.

Needed Items

To complete this process to move rocks in animal crossing you will have to need certain materials. They are,

  • A shovel
  • 6 fruits
  • Island Designer paths ( dry/sand and hard path surfaces )
  • A spare custom art design
  • See google
  • And most importantly your patience and several hours of your snapchat and instagram time.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden

The first step that you will have to do is to allocate a place to create your own rock garden where you can place your Six rocks. You can place them anywhere you want, it can be in a nice box or in front of a plateau anywhere that you wish for.

Just keep in mind that this is going to take much time and don’t be in a hurry and create a mess over there as it demands more of your time. If you are a player who is planning for a small pen to place all your rocks in Animal Crossing then you can use fencing in a 9×7 box where you will have two rows of three rocks in a row with one space between them.

Destroy Existing Rocks

Destroy Existing Rocks In Animal Crossing

As soon as you get fixed with your place then you can remove the rocks that are already existed in that place. This can be carried out easily by certain processes.

One is by eating some fruits or striking the rocks in animal crossing with an axe or shovel to break the rock with a bang.

Remove All Other Rock Spawn Location

Now, this is the most important step that you will have to follow. If you wish for the rocks to have appeared in the place where you have designed then you should be removing them in the other places where you have spawned them.

If it is anywhere near to the beach, or touching the edge of the river or in the edge of the cliff, or adjacent to the tree or a building or on a hard island designer path. There are a few methods to stop growing the rocks in the new areas and it is easy to do them.

The Path Method

The reason why we said you to have the Island Designer tool is for this moment. Here, in this method, you have the opportunity to place hard paths down (like stone, brick, or wood) to stop rocks from growing in new places. You can turn all other parts of your island harder paths so that it will prevent the rocks to be grown in that place.

When it comes to the downside you are left with no other choice but to clean up all the paths and make your island to be glass free and this method can be used in conjunction with others and if your island has a lot of hard paths, and the paths have a high chance of getting erased.

The Ground Pattern Method

It is quite similar to the path method and you can use custom art through your Customer Designer App and not through the Island Designer. Through this you can place any type of art in that tile and finally got will not notice the growth of stones on top of them.

If you feel that the above technique is hard you also have another option that is randomly selecting the floor and using A button you can reselect them. This will help you to get a maximum 3X3 radius and you can simply place free designs on them.

A wonderful option that you find here is that you have the choice to erase the designs that are laid on by pressing X. Though you have lots of designs to be removed still if you wanna be freed from them, then you will have to do this.

The Mannequin Method

Rocks Maneqquin Method

The rocks in animal crossing cannot be appeared near solid objects and so to avoid growth in the unplanned areas you can place a physical object near to every fourth time and this will avoid the growth in that particular area.

We can understand your worry about searching for different items to fill your Island with but, in Custom Design App you can find different types of items that are free. All these physical items are placed as a design in the form of a mannequin with the aim to spawn a moveable object which will stay in the place.

In case if you are not sure of this, you can try to dig two holes and then place a mannequin and dig two more of it and continue the process.

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