Top 10 Pink Animal Crossing Villagers

Pink Animal Crossing Villagers

The pink color is always considered a girly color, and we do buy pinky stuff for girls and blue color stuff for boys. But when it comes to games they all have one aim in mind to decorate their island in the most beautiful way.

Pink Animal Crossing Villager are the villagers who are fully colored in pink and looks perfect for any island. Many players prefer to have their island in pink color and so these villagers are for those people.

Who are Pink Animal Crossing Villagers?

Villagers are used in the game Animal Crossing to decorate your island. There are different types of villagers in different colors and breeds. You can choose your favorite one.

Some players who love to fill their island with the pink color kinds of stuff do search for these Pink Animal Crossing Villagers who are colored in pale pink color and they will be matching with the island theme.

Pink Animal Crossing Villager


Animal Crossing Apple

This Pink Animal Crossing Villager was born on September 24th and she keeps the island alive and active through her playfulness.

She comes under the Hamster species and her star sign is said to be a Libra. You could find this villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons- New Leaf.

Apple will have a peppy character and you will always see her wearing a Marble dot T-Shirt and she loves to sing her favorite song I Love You. And all her activities make her look more cute and perfect.


Animal Crossing Pink Candi

This Pink Animal Crossing Villager is as sweet and soft as real Candi who celebrates her birthday on April 13th. She is a cute little mouse peppy villager whose star sign goes with Aries. She loves to keep her items in aqua and yellow color and enjoys her favorite song Neapolitan.

You will always see her wearing the Bohemian Tunic Dress that suits her perfectly. Though it is a tiny creature using this villager on your island will give such a great look.


Animal Crossing Bitty

Bitty is a Pink Animal Crossing Villager who prefers to educate herself rather than play like all other villagers. Her birthday falls in October-6th and her star sign is Libra.

She is quite well-known for her dressing style which is that she wears a pink-colored frill frock with a red-colored overcoat that suits her best.

She is of Hippo breed and has snooty character and her heart always goes for the pink and orange color. And when it comes to her favorite song it is K.K. Disco and the song are always associated with Bitty.


Animal Crossing Claudia

This is a Pink Animal Crossing Villager that belongs to the Tiger breed and is known as the fiercest cute little villager.

She celebrates her birthday on November 22 and has a snooty character. Her star sign is Sagittarius and she wears a dull light green dress that makes her look a little lazy.

She loves to listen to music and prefers that as her hobby and her favorite song is K.K.Synth. Her entire body is coated in pink color and the spots that this tiger has are highlighted in blue color.

Though she has these two colors she prefers purple and white as her favorite colors and her designs show the unique taste of style.


Animal Crossing Flora

You will never believe if I would say that this Pink Animal Crossing Villager belongs to an Ostrich breed because her tiny look is contradictory to its breed. She is a peppy ostrich villager who was born on February 9th and has the star sign as Aquarius.

She is quite well-known for her playful character and enjoys herself when being in that role. Her favorite song is K.K.

Condor and she looks perfectly perfect when she wears the Gumdrop Dress. Since she is all about pink her favorite color is pink and is filled with full of energy. Her styles are cute and are a tiny creature.


Animal Crossing Freckles

This Pink Animal Crossing Villager has a peppy character and belongs to the Duck breed. She celebrates her birthday on February 19th. Her interest is more towards fashion and this will be seen in the outfits that she wore. She has the star sign is Pisces.

She is considered the cutest duck villager because of wearing a Flower-print dress. Her favorite color is considered as Green and it gives an elegant look and style.

She loves to hear her favorite song Marine Song 2001. Freckles hair is colored with light brown color and has orange blushes.


Animal Crossing Paolo

Paolo is an elephant breed Pink Animal Crossing Villager and has a big tummy. He celebrates his birthday on May 5th and his star sign falls on Taurus.

His preferred styles are simple and elegant and look exactly like that. His cuteness is overloaded when he is wearing his outfit-the Simple Parka.

His outfit is grey in color which shows that his favorite color is also grey along with aqua. The preferred song that he loves to hear is To The Edge. When others have education and play as their hobby he involves himself in nature and that becomes his hobby.


Animal Crossing Marina

This Pink Animal Crossing Villager comes under the category of octopus breed and looks like a cute little tiny baby octopus. Her birthday falls on June 26th and her star sign is Cancer. Her favorite color is pink and red in color and her dress is coated with shades of pink.

Marina wears the Dreamy Sweater that has star designs in the center of it. She loves to sing and has music as her hobby and her favorite song is Soulful K.K.

Her favorite style falls on being cute and is a noteworthy villager. She is always preferred by all the players and can be seen very often.


Animal Crossing Peanut

She is a peppy squirrel Pink Animal Crossing Villager who has sparkling eyes and gives a gloomy look. Her birthday falls on June 8th and her star sign is Gemini. She turns her heart towards fashion and is considered as her hobby. Her favorite song is Forest Life.

She has a separate love for red color and her style falls in the cute category. Her dress is of unique style and wears the Striped Maxi Dress.

Her hair is given a kind of blue shading and it really goes well with her body color. Her fluffy tail looks like cotton candy mixed with white and pink colors.


Animal Crossing Snooty

Snooty is an anteater Pink Animal Crossing Villager who looks so cute even though she has a long nose and mouth. She has a snooty character and was born on October 24th and her star sign is Scorpio.

She loves to spend her time in education and prefers to have yellow and green as her favorite color.

Her style is simple and she wears the Misty Tee which is a combination of greenish-yellow colors. Her favorite song is K.K. Folk and keeps hearing this song.

Her ears are coated with blue color and she looks like a lazy villager which she is actually not.

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