Valheim Bonemass Guide

Valheim Bonemass

Valheim has proved to be one of the top releases of 2021. With the freedom of creating anything in the free world, you can have a real good time playing it.

Valheim Bonemass is a creature found in Swamps of Valheim. This creature is one of the bosses in the game and is difficult to defeat. To summon Bonemass, you need 10 Withered Bones in your inventory. After defeating the Bonemass, you’ll get Bonemass trophy, Wishbone, and Bonemass Power. In this post, we’ll have a look at more details about this creature.

Who is Bonemass in Valheim?

In the following gameplay, while playing the game, the player has to face the creature named Bonemass by a player in the gameplay. The following Valheim boss loos like a vast bouncy green slime coming from the Flubber. But sometimes, a player gets cheated. The Bonemass is friendly and also the fiercest of the Forsaken foes. It is an excellent advantage for a player to build a more robust Valheim guide in this guide.

A player can search for Valheim Bonemass in the Swamp. A player can get his location while visiting Sunken Crypts in the gameplay. There, a Runestone will reveal the exact summoning location of the Bonemass, and it is fulfilled with three different types of attacks.

When the player is near the Bonemass, he will raise his hand and swipe the player.
At the time of intervals, he will reach into his armpit and throw out a glob of poop.
The Bonemass will charge itself and flash out with a thick green cloud before releasing it with an ooze of poison.

How to summon a Valheim Bonemass

Valheim Summon Bonemass

Bone mass is one of the weirdest enemies available in the Valheim. A player can interact with it as described in the above section. However, a player will require a Swamp key for defeating an elderly boss before opening the creepy crypts.

For Summoning the Valheim Bonemass, the player must place ten Withered Bones at the skull alter, located at the Swamp. The player can find the Withered Bones at the Sunken Crypts and, secondly, at the Large Muddy Scrap Piles.

Requirements for fighting Valheim Bonemass

Valheim Bonemass Location

For any fight, the player has to prepare for it firstly, and for this fight, the player has to construct a fermenter for the player’s means. The Poison Resistance Mead is very defensive against the player in the battle with Valheim Bonemass, and his supporting enemies spawn in the middle of the fight. Healing potions are the best for the players as the Bonemass and can deal with huge damages in a single swipe. A player is suggested to carry sausages or turnip stew dishes in their base.

The player should also carry a blunt weapon to damage Bone mass as it is the only weakness for Bonemass, so a player must have an iron mace or an iron sledge. If one cannot afford to purchase, the player should target to carry a minimum a wooden club which is the blunt weapon a player can have with a bronze sword. If the player wishes, they can build up a portal nearby if they cannot get down the boss in the initial try.

The player as a solo or enjoying the game with their team must prepare themselves for an amazing and one of the most challenging fights in the game. They are said to be ready to fight Bonemass after players spending some time collecting iron and after collecting crafting the iron gear for themselves.

As we know, the irons are available at the swamps, and it is somewhere located at the summoning location of the Valheim Bonemass, and the player should gain knowledge of it before getting into the fight. After getting in this location, the players must be entirely sure that they are prepared with the right gears for the battle with Bone mass.

How to defeat Valheim Bonemass

The player has two methodologies to defeat the Bonemass; the first method is by the Bonemass” Melee Attack” attacking several times before the enemy fire outs the AoE deadly attack. The second option is firing out with 200 frost arrows slowly to get down the Boss health to zero. This method is challenging, but it is the guaranteed method for the player without getting any damage.

Valheim Bonemass Fight

The player should remember that the Valheim Bonemass will attack in the same pattern in the entire fight. The enemy will always follow up a player with an AoE poison attack. A player can come to know about the poison attack as he leans back before vomiting on the ground, and the player should make sure to get back from the Bonemass after the attack and avoid getting poisoned.

A player can also prevent the Bonemass “Melee Attack” manually with their dodging tactics out of the way, or they can use Wooden Block to block his attack or with the upgraded weapons such as Bronze Buckler or Iron Tower Shield. The player must eat enough food before proceeding towards the fight with the Boss fight and have enough stamina to tank on the Melee Attack and have the energy with them after the attack.

The Valheim Bonemass is filled with lots of health. The player has to take the game slowly and never get too close to it if they have poor health. When they fall back, the player should use their bow to damage the Bone mass. Otherwise, he will slowly try and get healed by himself when he stops taking damage for a reasonable amount of time. The bow is an excellent tool for the player to get out from the Aoe poisonous cloud by Bone mass.

The following methods can also be used by the players playing the game in a team. The critical point is that the group players are equipped with the best armor to fight against the Bonemass in the Valheim.

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