The Valheim Elder Guide: The Ultimate Tutor For The 2nd Boss

Valheim Elder Guide

After defeating Eikthyr, Valheim Elder is the next boss that the players have to slay. He might be a little difficult to defeat compared to Eikthyr but now worry this Valheim Elder guide will provide you all the required information you need to know about the Elder. Firstly you need to be equipped with all the required resources in order to defeat the boss found in the deep black forest of the Valheim. This Valheim Elder guide will walk you through the following content.

Who Is Valheim Elder?

Elder is the second boss in Valheim and a bit difficult to slay as compared to Eikthyr. He has a giant tree-like appearance and is found in the black forest. One can find his location through runestone found in the burial chamber. Although one has to be careful because his attacks are dangerous. Before one summons Elder at his alter it is very essential to have knowledge about his power and the way he attacks. His three unique attacks mainly include:

  1. Stomping the foot: Elder stomps over a large area. Damages: 60 Blunt and 2000 Terrain
  2. Shooting Branches: Ranged Vine attacks are directed at the players. Damages: 35 pierce and 45 Terrain
  3. Root Summons: The Elder lifts his arms in the air to summon Roots in a Large Area. Damages: 55 Blunt and 40 Terrain

How To Summon To Valheim Elder?

Valheim Elder Summon

The player has to summon Elder by burning three Ancient seeds at his alter. One can naturally explore his summoning site by exploring various Burial chambers. Once the player finds the runestone in one of the Burial Chambers, the stone will show the location of the alter. The player has to collect Ancient seeds from Greydwarf’s nests by fighting Greydwarf Shamans and Greydwarf Brutes. The nests are scattered throughout the black forest. The summoning spot at Elder’s alter looks like a flat, square stone monument with pillars at the corners and a burning brazier in the center. The three ancient seeds can activate Elder’s brazier.

What Are Valheim Elder’s Powers?

After defeating Elder, one earns his power which increases the speed of cutting the wood. It grants the player higher resistance power against the damage caused due to trees, logs, and stumps while using axes. The power lasts for 5 minutes and may not be activated till the next 20 minutes. However, one has to be careful, because even if he doesn’t stomp directly on the player, it can do a lot of damage. Even though the shooting branches are dangerous and can reduce health drastically, they can be easily dodged.

How To Defeat Valheim Elder?

Elder Fight in Valheim

Before summoning Elder, one has to be fully equipped with the right armor. A bronze axe can be used as a primary weapon for this fight. Fine wood bone with fine fire arrows, bronze shield, bronze atgeir could be helpful. Cauldron and Fermenter to make health potions.

The best way to attack The Elder is to hit it with a barrage of arrows. Fire arrows will continue to do burn damage to The Elder. Maintaining a proper distance from Elder is crucial because his attacks hurt a lot, however, they are also easy to dodge. If one gets close to Elder, hitting him with a sword or axe could work. Hiding behind the four pillars located at each corner is the best way to defend oneself as they are indestructible and act as a good cover from the destructive spiked root attack.

The bravest attack would be slashing the Elders legs while he is summoning the roots to attack. Though don’t stay there too long or you would receive damage from him. There is a possibility that the Greydwarfs might join the fight too. In this case, spot them first and destroy them instantly.

Attacking Elder in groups is the safest way to defeat this huge Boss. However, the players need a good plan and a strategy. Multiple players attacking the Elder at the same time with fire arrows will cause him a great amount of damage. However, the players need to be careful because the Elder targets the person closest to him.

What Are Rewards After Defeating The Elder?

After several minutes of attacking and dodging the attacks, Elder is finally defeated. Rewards obtained after defeating the Elder are:

  1. The Elder Trophy
  2. The Swamp Key

Make sure to collect them before leaving. Hang the Elder trophy at the sacrificial stone area to claim his Forsaken powers. The power helps to cut trees faster and to gather resources like Wood, Core wood, Stone, and copper ore without using the tools. However, this power has a 20-minute cooldown. The Swamp key is necessary to unlock the swamp biome. The Crypt found in the Swamp biome contains many resources required to slay the third boss.

After defeating Valheim Elder, return back to the base and start building strong weapons, because the swamp Biome ain’t easy. There you will encounter some of the nasty creatures of the game. Make sure you are fully equipped with the required resources and amour for exploring the Swamp biome. Best of luck with your next exploration in the valheim. Hope you found the Valheim Elder guide useful.

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