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Valheim is a survival game based on Viking culture. It is a periodically generated world that holds unique challenges and opponents for each player. This upcoming survival game was developed by Iron Gate AB (a group of Swedish gamers) and was released on 2nd February 2021. One plays as a fallen Norse warrior trapped in limbo and has to craft and explore their way through the dark world.

There are multiple Valheim Biomes that contain many different way environments. Currently, there are 6 known biomes in the game, namely, Meadows, Black Forests, Swamps, Mountains, Plains, and Oceans. Each of these biomes has different animals, hostiles enemies, and loots. This article will include the description of the Valheim biomes, the resources available, threats from enemies, the biome’s main boss, and ways to defeat him.

The motive is to defeat Odin’s ancient foes and bring order in valheim. These enemies exist in specific biomes, and to fight them, one needs to kill one kin. Triumphing over these bosses can provide more crafting equipment and tools to create strong armor and housing.

List of Valheim Biomes

Following is the list of all Valheim Biomes –

  1. Meadows
  2. Black Forest
  3. Swamps
  4. Mountains
  5. Plains
  6. Ocean


valheim biome Meadows

This the first Valheim biome one hits upon after entering into the world of Valheim. Filled with Birch, Beech, and Oak trees, Meadows is said to be the friendliest biome. The lush tropical pastures, flowing rivers, and highlands are home to many resources. The trees provide fine wood to build houses and weapons. Stones are scattered overall, whereas man can find flint on the beaches. Several types of food like Mushroom, Strawberry, Blueberry are available, which makes survival easier.

Nasty creatures like Greylings, Boars, and Greydwarfs can be a menace. One can tame boars by offering food. Gulls and deers are also found wandering in the grassland. One has to kill at least two deers because two deer trophies are needed to defeat the first boss Eikthyr.

Eikthyr is a giant monster with heavy metal chains wrapped around his antlers. One has to sacrifice two deer trophies at his alter to conjure him.

Black Forest

valheim biome Black forest

Replenished with significant hills, Fir, and Pine trees, the black forest Valheim biome has several powerful enemies. Along with Greydwarfs, skeletons and Trolls are also a threat. However, one can defeat them with strong armor made of copper and tin, which is extensively found in the black forest. Surtling cores needed for new gear are found in Burial chambers. Resources like Core wood, blueberries, carrot seeds, yellow mushrooms are found here. One has to find Ancient seeds at Greydwarf nests by defeating Greydwarf Shaman and Greydwarf Brute.

Elder, the second boss, could be summoned by burning these three seeds at his alter. However, one has to be careful because Edler is a giant Groot and his attacks hurt a lot. After defeating Edler, grab his trophy as it will give you his power, with which one can increase the speed of cutting trees.


valheim biome Swamps

This low light large region is filled with fallen trees, mud, shallow water full of leeches, crypts, draugrs, and poisonous Blods. The low visibility of this region makes it more challenging. Players consider this as one of the hardest Valheim biomes. Scrap Iron is available here, which can be used to make armor more powerful and feasible. Other resources like ancient bark, Guck, and Turnip seeds can also be found. Swamp is full of Oozers and Leeches which attacks with poison.

Withered bones are found in Crypts, which are necessary to summon Bonemass, the third boss. Bonemass is a huge green monster who has a poison attack that can do some severe damages. Once he is defeated, use his head to gain the power to increase the resistance to physical damage.


valheim biome Mountains

Massive ice-covered mountains with a beautiful landscape should not hinder the players because this Valheim biome possesses severe challenges. One must be fully prepared with the required tools and weapons to explore this region because this region is challenging. Dragon egg, Obsidian, and silver ore are some of the resources found in the high cliffs.

However, while exploring the hills, one must be aware of the flying dragons, wolves, and Stone Golems. Moder, the fourth boss Moder flies around in the air and sees an intruder shoot an ice stream that slows down the player’s speed. Once he is beaten, Moder’s head will give the player power to make the wind flow in the direction where he/she is facing. This power helps a lot while sailing in the ocean.


valheim biome Plains

The sunny area with golden grass and powerful bugs is the fifth and final Valheim biome. Despite its peaceful and calm impression, the plains are the most challenging biome. It is the home to the Fuling clan, which puts the player in a real formidable situation. It has plenty of resources like Barley, Birch, Cloudberries and Flax. One also encounters unique creatures like Deathsquitoes, Fulings, and Lox.

A strong gear and a good quantity of potion are required to slay them. One can find black metal ore and Fuling Totems after raiding the Fulings village. Five Fuling Totems are required to conjure Yugluth, the final boss. Yugluth is a crawling skeleton torso that throws a devastating Flamethrower attack, killing the player in seconds. After defeating Yugluth, his head can be used to attain his power. It gives the ability to reduce damage from elemental attacks like frost, fire, and poison.


valheim biome Ocean

This biome is just used to travel from one island to another. The player needs to build a boat to cross the ocean. The off-coast deep water is home to Leviathans and sea serpents which might attack the player.

Other Underdeveloped Biomes

The above Valheim biomes are fully developed and formulated. They are moving on to the three regions which are still under development. The MISTLANDS is a fog-covered region with dark trees and spiderwebs. The snow-capped hills with frozen rivers in the far north form the DEEP NORTH territory, whereas the small glowing islands in the south form ASHLAND.

Thus, due to the decent combination of survival and role-playing game with a fair social familiarity Valheim makes a triumphant and enjoyable experience.

Even though it is still under progress, it has received an overwhelmingly positive response and has become the 3rd most played game on steam in a very short period.

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