Valheim Yagluth Guide | Fifth Boss in Valheim

Valheim Yagluth

In the Valheim, Yagluth is the final and the fifth boss for the players in the game. He is wearing the crown of an enormous skeleton and doesn’t have the lower body or the legs. Thus, he crawls with the help of his vast skeletal hands.

The location of the yagluth is marked on the player’s map by using a table found near the stone-like structure found in the game’s plains. There a player will get the run stones at the plains, which will show his location, and these are pretty rare as we compared to other markers in the game.

Moving towards the attacks of Yagluth, he is comparatively slow compared to other bosses in the Valheim. He is known as the king of the Fulings that move around the biome plains. The players must take down or kill the Yagluth to move further in the gameplay. So, killing the fifth boss is about bragging rights, and the players should note an important point that they should accomplish all the previous challenges in the Valheim game.

How to Summon Valheim Yagluth?

Valheim Summon Yagluth

The first step the players should get the summoning altar of Yagluth, which is somewhere located in the plains or at the rune that points the way in the game. The next step for the players is to collect all five suling totems found in the Fuling villages and at the Fuling Berserkers for sacrificing at the altar and finishing the process of summoning. The Fuling Items in the game can be teleported quickly, so the players should collect them easily and transport them.

The players should make sure that there are no other bosses of the game found and should make sure that there are no enemies around themselves in summoning the Yagluth. Still, he should be spawned in the plains, and if the player is unlucky other enemies may also join in the fight.

What should be the Preparation for defeating Valheim Yagluth?

Valheim Yagluth Fighting

The preparation step is the essential step for the player before fighting with Yagluth. The following enemy will not provide any actual item, so there is no particular reason for the players to rush. Below we will see the best weapon, armor, food, and the mead that a player should have for defeating Yagluth.

Best Weapons

The player must have a black metal sword. It is an important weapon to defeat the enemy, and it is also essential to block some amount of damage. The players can also get a fully upgraded Draugr fang bow with themselves with few needle arrows. But they should also note that they will not do a tremendous amount of damage to the enemy, so it is suggested for the players only to use it when they want to heal up.

Best Food

After reaching this point of the game, the player should have an impressively good amount of barley production going on with themselves because they will have full access to the best food available in the game. The players should eat and carry with themselves the blood pudding, fish wraps, and lox meat pies for the fight. These food items will provide players with a significant amount of health and the stamina required for the player in the gameplay.

Best Armor

The players must carry a Padded armor in the game for the fight with themselves, and for crafting, it requires iron rather than the Black metal, which the player at the plains receives. There is one good news in the game, and that is a fully upgraded set of padded armor is a bit less expensive than the previous armor tiers. In the game, one piece of armor is not required to upgrade, and it is the Wolf Fur Cape, and it is suggested good for the players to keep it with themselves.

Best Mead

The players must have the Fire resistance barley wine with themselves for the fight with Yagluth. Because he constantly summons the flame around himself during the battle. The player could take slightly more significant damage with extra resistance without getting run out from the fight. It is suggested for the players to get as much as medium healing meads and the stamina meads with themselves as if they need one of them in the middle of the game.

The following excellent and valuable tool a player can get is the tasty mead, reducing the HP regeneration. In exchange, it will increase the speed of stamina regeneration. It is dangerous, but having extra stamina in the game can help the player get more damage to Yagluth or run and escape from the attacks. However, it depends on the personal preference of the player in the gameplay.

Rewards which you get after defeating Valheim Yagluth

Valheim Yagluth Rewards

After defeating the Yagluth, the player receives significant rewards such as the Yagluth that will provide extra resistance to the elemental damage. The players will also receive the “Yagluth Things” or the items which include a Yagluth trophy and a Yagluth power in the gameplay. They are the placeholders of the current patch in the gameplay.

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