All You Need To Know About Charcoal Kiln In Valheim

Valheim Charcoal Kiln

Coal is an essential material that can be used to craft many other items. But in order to craft coal, one needs Charcoal Kiln. Creating coal would be an easy process once the players get the placement right. What is this Charcoal Kiln, and how to build it? This guide will answer all such questions about Charcoal kiln and Smelter.

What Is Charcoal Kiln?

Valheim Charcoal Kiln Uses

A charcoal kiln is a buildable structure in Valheim. Its primary use is to create coal from several kinds of woods. It is designed to make use of coal more efficiently to avoid overcooking of meat or resist it from enemy drops. The Kiln converts this wood/Fine wood/ Core wood into coal at the rate of 1 for every 16 seconds. It can hold up to 25 pieces of wood at a time. While taking the wood to the Kiln, the game will prioritize the wood in the following manner:

  1. Wood
  2. Fine wood
  3. Core wood

Properties Of Charcoal Kiln

The charcoal kiln has the following properties

  • Durability: 1500
  • Size: 4×4

How To Build A Charcoal Kiln?

The charcoal kiln will not be unlocked unless the player acquires Surtling Core. It must be constructed near a workbench.
Following types of equipment are needed to build a kiln:

  • ×20 wood
  • ×5 surtling core

Surtling core is an item found in Valheim, mostly available in the Burial Chambers. It can also found in Random chests or occasionally are dropped by Surtlings. Fine Wood is obtained from Birch and Oak trees which can be found in meadows and plains biomes. However, to cut Oak and Birch trees the player needs an upgraded Bronze Axe.

Fine Wood can also be obtained by looting Shipwrecks that are found along the coast of Black Forest. The Players need a stone Axe to dismantle the Shipwrecks. Once the player has the above equipment, he/she is all ready to build the charcoal kiln. Just take out the hammer and start building it near a workbench.

Smelter Or Kiln | What are the Differences

The Smelter has similar functions to charcoal Kiln. It is used for melting down common ores obtained from mining raw materials. However, it must be loaded with coal and other applicable ores for it to function. To build a smelter, the player needs the same equipment as the Charcoal Kiln that is:

  • ×20 Wood
  • ×5 Surtling Core

One can add up to 20 pieces of coal and up to 10 ores into the Smelter at a time. The Smelter will continue to work till it runs out of one of the required materials. With the Smelter, one can create the following:

  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Silver

The players can place both smelter and Charcoal kiln inside as well as outside. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, which brings us to the next point.

What Should Be The Placement Of Charcoal Kiln And Smelter?

Valheim Charcoal Kiln Placement

Even though the charcoal kiln and Smelter can be placed inside and outside, there are a few things to take care of. First of all, always remember the smelter and Charcoal kiln on dirt or stone. They must not be placed on wood floors or grass. If the player wants to place it outside, the players have to get rid of the grass on the ground—a how can be used for the same.

If the player wants to build the charcoal kiln or the Smelter inside the base, then he/she has to make sure that the floor is not made of wood. As mentioned earlier, both the times must be on stone or dirt. So the clue for this is:

  • Make two big holes in the floor and fill them with Dirt
  • Build those section of floor out of stone


Here are few answers to few FAQs regarding Charcoal Kiln in Valheim.

Smelter Or Charcoal Kiln – Which One To Build First?

It is recommended to build a charcoal kiln first, as it turns wood/fine wood/ core wood into coal very quickly. Thus, the Smelter has sufficient coal to work.

How to use Charcoal Kiln in Valheim?

Use a hammer to build a charcoal Kiln. After Building the Charcoal Kiln, place any type of wood inside it and press E. Thus in this way, you will get Coal at the rate of 1 piece per 15 seconds. Now, use this Coal to power the smelters.

What does a Charcoal Kiln do in Valheim?

Charcoal Kiln will help to create Coal from different types of Woods. The Kiln converts this wood/Fine wood/ Core wood into coal at the rate of 1 for every 16 seconds. It can hold up to 25 pieces of wood at a time.

Can I put smelter on wood in Valheim?

No! Stop right there! The only thing to keep in mind while crafting a smelter and Charcoal Kiln is to build it on dirt or stones.

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