Valheim Fermenter: The Easy Guide

valheim fermenter

Want to survive in Valheim? Then it is important to boost your resistance through different potions. But where do you find these potions? Well, you have to create them in a Fermenter!

How to build the Valheim Fermenter? What recipes can be made in it? This guide will walk you through all such queries related to Fermenter and recipes.

What Is A Valheim Fermenter?

The Valheim Fermenter is a big wooden barrel that is used to create mead and potions in Valheim. This big brewing station is created by Cauldron. (Cauldron is a buildable structure found in Valheim which is used to create med-based recipes.) Different types of meds and wine can be created in it which will boost the player’s resistance to poison, fire, frost, etc. (The recipes are explained in detail in the third point.) However, the Fermenter must be sheltered for it to function.

How To Build A Valheim Fermenter?

To build a Fermenter, the player needs the following equipment:

  • Workbench: An essential item needed for building a structure
  • Smelter: To melt ores obtained from raw materials.

Charcoal Kiln and Forge also needed to be built along with Fine wood, Bronze, and Resin. The Charcoal Kiln is designed to avoid overcooking the meat or acquiring it from enemy drops. One can add up to 25 pieces of wood into it at a time. Whereas the Forge is an essential crafting station for building upgraded weapons and gear with more advanced materials. However, one needs a Workbench in order to craft the Forge. One needs x10 wood to craft Workbench.

The quantity of required raw material for crafting the Valheim Fermenter is given below –

BRONZEx5Combine Copper x2 and Tin x1 in a forge.
FINE WOODx30Chop down Birch and Oak trees
RESINx10Dropped by Greydwarf/Shaman/Brutes and occasionally dropped when chopping down Beech and Birch trees.

Fine Wood is obtained from Birch and Oak trees which can be found in meadows and plains biomes. However, to cut Oak and Birch trees the player needs an upgraded bronze Axe. Fine Wood can also be obtained by looting Shipwrecks that are found along the coast of Black Forest. The Players need a stone Axe to dismantle the Shipwrecks. To make Bronze, combine x2 copper with x1 Tin at a forge. After successfully crafting Bronze Bars, the players can make many Bronze items to upgrade their inventory.

The player needs to craft Cauldron first in order to mix all the meads. It is a crucial element to start the process. Hammer and ×10 Tin are required to craft the cauldron. After crafting the mead with Cauldron, please remove it from the container and place it inside the Valheim Fermenter.

Reciepes To Cook In Valheim Fermenter

Once the Fermenter is built, the player can start brewing the essential mead base recipes. Following is the list of recipes along with the required ingredients.

Minor healing meadMead base: Minor healingBlueberries x5 
dandelion x1
honey x10
raspberries x10
Restores 50HP over 10 seconds
Medium healing meadMead base: Medium healingBloodbag x4
dandelion x1 
honey x10 
raspberries x10
Restores 75HP over 10 seconds
Minor stamina meadMead base: Minor staminaHoneyx10
yellow mushroom x10
Restores 80 stamina over 120 seconds
Medium stamina meadMead base: Medium staminaCloudberries x10 
honey x10 
yellow mushroom x10
Restores 160 stamina immediately, increases stamina recovery for 120 seconds
Tasty meadMead base: TastyBlueberries x5
honey x10
raspberries x10
Increases stamina regen by 300 percent, lowers health regen by 50 percent
Frost resistance meadMead base: Frost resistanceBloodbag x2
greydwarf eye x1
honey x10
thistle x5
Frost resistance for 600 seconds
Poison resistance meadMead base: Poison resistanceCoal x10
honey x10
neck tail x1 thistle x5
Poison resistance for 600 seconds
Fire resistance barley wineBarley wine base: Fire resistanceBarley x10
cloudberries x10
Fire resistance for 600 seconds

Honey is an essential ingredient to craft most of the meads. It can be obtained by first destroying the beehives which are found in abandoned buildings and houses in Black Forest, Meadows, and Swamp Biomes. Later on, the players can craft their own Honey with help of the beehive and the Queen Bee.

Time Taken By The Valheim Fermenter

Use Valheim Fermenter

The fermenter will take 2 game days, that is 1 hour in real-time. Each batch of meads will produce 6 meads. You cannot skip the process and have to remain patient. If you are preparing to challenge the boss to fight or are thinking of sailing your boat far away, make sure to start the Fermenter. It is always better to stock up various kinds of meads in advance to save time in the future.

Fermenter Too Exposed?

Just like the workbench, the Valheim Fermenter needs to be sheltered for it to work. It is not mandatory to build a big home just for the Fermenter, however, it is recommended to have a permanent spot for it in the house. A lot of space will be required if you are planning to stock up meads in advance. To build a simple structure to shelter the Fermenter, the following equipment is needed.

8 WOOD WALLSX2 woodAround the Fermenter
2 THATCHED ROOFS (45 degree tiles)X2 woodDirectly above the Fermenter

That’s all you need to know about Fermenter. Now start preparing your own Potions, you have to slay the bosses!

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