35 Amazing Things To Do In Minecraft

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Minecraft has a world of its own in which we have many things to do, from breaking to building anything. Designed by Markus PerssonJens Bergensten, and Stephen McManus, Minecraft has received critical acclaim for the amount of creativity it grants to us across different countries on the map. The game’s open-ended gameplay and complex crafting system have made it possible for hundreds of players to let their hair down and relax for a bit.

But Minecraft isn’t just a game that helps you build millions of things from scratch; it has a world of its own in the game itself.

There is a vast range of things to do in Minecraft, which means you set up your town, country, or world of creation. So, the essential things to do in Minecraft come first, from building a shelter to developing it into a city.

35 Things To Do In Minecraft Today

35 Amazing Things To Do In Minecraft

Digging, building, fishing, and making are just some activities that barely touch the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more things to do in the game. A lot of them are fun, some of them require work for when you’re bored and have nothing else to do while playing, and some of them are incredibly recreational. Below is a list of things to do in Minecraft!

1. Build A Pyramid

pyramid in minecraft

Our ancestors and ancient civilizations believed in Pyramids, their history, their legacy and mummies too, but that’s a story for another day. Pyramids might have been used for something entirely different but we can actually build an identical Great Pyramid of Giza!

You don’t have to wrap yourself in yards of white tissue or make yourself a sarcophagus. All you would need to make a replica of one of 7 Wonders of the world are some blocks and the ability to build slabs! Unlocking creator mode by this is one of the architectural things to do.

2. It’s Campfire O’ Clock

campfire in minecraft

Imagine the cold wintry months of December and January, a campfire crackling, and you warm your hands around it. Campfires are very versatile when it comes to Minecraft. You can use them to light up the area surrounding you or your home. But Campfires can also be used to cook raw food and melt snow blocks around you. To build a Campfire in Minecraft, you will need to acquire materials like wooden sticks, coal or charcoal, and wooden blocks or logs of any wood.

You will find coal ore between 4 and 15 blocks below the surface, while chopping off trees will help them get wood. You can equip your axe to cut the tree off. You can choose many types of lumber; a campfire, proper or not, will undoubtedly soothe you whenever needed. After working hard, setting a beautiful campfire is one of the pleasant things to do in Minecraft.

3. Build A Bridge

bridge in minecraft

Another architectural things To Do In Minecraft are to construct bridges. You can make different types of bridges in Minecraft, especially when there are so many types of materials and ways to build one. The Ninja Bridge can be made by crouching and adding blocks below yourself. There’s also a God Bridge technique you can follow to create one.

A simple wooden bridge can be made by us with a stable pattern, while a curved bridge is trickier to build even with a design on hand. You can also try their hands at a large stone Minecraft bridge that, like its name itself, requires some stones to be placed in a distinct pattern to be made. You can also give rope bridgeslarge suspension bridges, and cliff bridges a try in Minecraft!

4. Build A Snowglobe

snowglobe in minecraft

A snow globe is one of the beautiful Things To Do In Minecraft. Maybe you had one growing up, and perhaps you still admire them; it’s a fact that these tiny miniature winter wonderlands can wrap you up in their worlds. A snow globe is something you can build in Minecraft with your customizations.

To construct a Snow globe, you need to require some Spruce planksDark Oak Planks, a block of Gold, Dark Oak Wood stairsOak wood stairsregular glass, white wool, and some Spruce Wood. Make sure you have plenty of space in your surroundings to create the snow globe, and with a strong base and distinct pattern using regular glass, you will have a snow globe of your own in no time!

5. Time To Build A Resort

resort in minecraft

If you are done with other Things To Do In Minecraft, then try to build a resort in Minecraft as it can be constructed anywhere, but if you’re looking for some sun, some sand, and plenty of fun, you can create an Ocean-side resort. This resort will contain large motels, bars, docks, and entertainment facilities, amusement parks, fishing docks, bars, movie theatres, large motels, pools, palm trees, and shops.

You can look for a beach biome to first locate their resort. Add plenty of greenery to the surroundings, and make sure you observe and add small details to have a perfect resort. We will need materials like Light Blue Concrete and White Stained Glass.

You will have to first create a strong base after removing sand blocks. You will have to make the resort very spacious and add some lounge chairs on the front. Now, you can showcase your achievement, as building a resort is one of the luxurious things to do.

6. Build A House For Your Neighbour

neighbour house in minecraft

One of the best things to do in Minecraft is to build a house for your neighbor-to-be. The house can be made as to any other local house. You will have to place blocks to make walls, blocks again on top in a side-to-side pattern to make the roof, and so on.

You can choose Dirt, Wood, or Cobblestone blocks for starters. You can use stones instead of wood to safeguard yourself in case of fires. You can also add torches to your house to make them appear better! Finally, you are done with one of the basic things to do in the Minecraft world.

7. Build An Animal Farm

animal farm in minecraft

Building an animal farm will prove very useful to you. It will be the source of many valuable resources, food, etc. You will be able to access animal-derived products such as feathers, leather, eggs, wool, etc. Although a simple Animal Farm is easy to make, a high-end stable for horses and breeding facilities for domestic animals will take approximately a week to construct perfectly. To make an animal farm, you will have to first build an enclosure with the help of enclosures and gates.

The next step will require you to lure some animals into it using their preferred foods. You can then close the gate to make the animal or animals part of your farm. They will be now ready for breeding. You can also dig many rows to make a water canal. A bone meal will help you speed up at a significant pace.

You can build different enclosures for different types of animals, and you can also add crops like wheatmelon, pumpkincarrots, etc., to your farm to feed them! Building an animal farm is one of the productive things to do in Minecraft as it yields many other useful items.

8. A Mario And Luigi World In Minecraft

mario in minecraft

Who doesn’t know Mario and Luigi? Mario – the franchise’s main character- hoarded all the limelight, leaving only a little space for other characters. Mario was a part of Donkey Kong initially, but his legacy has surpassed him, and today, we can see references to him everywhere in pop culture. Designer Shigeru Miyamoto created Luigi as the young fraternal twin brother and ever-present sidekick of Mario.

If you have time to kill or make something new or different, you can try making the Super Mario World itself. To make Mario, you need black wool, brown wool, yellow wool, blue wool, red wool, and Sandstone.

To make Luigi in Minecraft, you will require blue concrete, black concrete, brown concrete, green concrete, and yellow concrete. Minecraft provides us with many things to do, along with creating the cartoon world also.

9. A Dragon For Adventures

dragon in minecraft

Fictional characters and mythical creatures are an instant favorite. Mythical creatures like phoenixes, dragons, dementors, boggarts, imps, elves, faeries, goblins, gremlins, and sphinxes are strange animals full of knowledge, magic, and power. A dragon in Minecraft will help you soar in the skies, go on adventures, and slay it if you are part of your plot.

You will have first to defeat the Ender Dragon in the game to gain access to its egg. You will have to equip yourself to stay alive and slay it properly. You will find the egg on a stack of bedrock in the middle of the end portal. Getting it in your reach will be tricky, but the hatching is trickier if possible.

You can also use end crystals to respawn the egg and bring the dragon back. Watching them in the game makes this one of the most interesting Things To Do In Minecraft.

10. Create Your Own Mount Rushmore

mount rushmore in minecraft

You will have to make a Minecraft natural mountain first. To make the heads, you will require black stone, Andesite, and some black wool to create them. Find some space in the hill, place down some blocks, shed, and carve ahead to make your head!

You can then create yet another area a few blocks away with the help of shading and carving. Keep adding blocks and carving it all. You will now have greyish black mob heads in your Mount Rushmore in Minecraft! Creating mob heads in the game is one funniest things to do in Minecraft.

11. Build A Monster!

monster in minecraft

You may not be Victor Frankenstein, but creating a monster can add some much-needed adventurous spirit to your life. The Minecraft monsters are probably more significant, more robust, and better. These monsters can destroy many things and do heavy damage with their special powers. If you want the creepiest Things To Do In Minecraft, creating scary monsters will help you to fulfill the wish.

We can build different types of demons according to their preferences. For instance, we can create a snow monster using snow, a pumpkin for its head, while iron blocks can be used as an iron golem. You will also use Soul Stone and Wither Skeleton Skull to make a wither monster.

12. Events Like Birthday or Pool Party

pool party in minecraft

Events like Birthday Parties and Pool Parties are significant socializing situations that could help you relax, have some fun, and enjoy. You can use tinted glasses of colors like green, red, yellow, pink, blue, or purple. You can use a crimson fence or warped fence under these to stun your guests.

Remove the blocks on the floor of these tinted glasses to add a rabbit spawn egg. Tie them to the balloon and cover up the bottom with concrete. What’s a party without good food? Serve up your guests with some food in party cups and plates. Use item frames to create plates and flower pots to make paper cups.

We can also make a piñata by using wools of different colors in the basic structure. Use an item frame where its face should be, use a chain to tie it to the ceiling. You can also make banners with different colors to add to the piñata. Make a cake stand with the help of end rod, armor stands, and Spruce Planks.

You can decorate the rest of the table and make a DJ Booth using black concrete, stone, iron trapdoor, item frame, music discs, and grey banner. You obviously cannot forget a dance floor if you make a DJ booth! It’s preferable to choose the space in front of the booth to create the dance floor. So, it is one of the most enjoyable Things To Do In Minecraft with your friends.

13. Time For A Zombie Apocalypse!

zombies in minecraft

If you are bored out of your wits and done with almost everything that Minecraft offers, you can go on and make the game ghastlier, scarier and creepier! A Zombie Apocalypse will drag you away from anything boring and help you enjoy Minecraft differently. You will need to install a mod called Wasteland Reborn first. It will generate a world in which zombies can spawn during the day. You can then install Tissou’s Zombie Pack, taking this apocalypse to the next level.

Make sure you have Optifine already installed to ensure a smooth play. The pack will provide you with dozens of zombie variations free to use. We can also install Vic’s Modern Warfare to get different weapons to improve this experience. Vic’s Modern Warfare will provide you with excellent, highly customizable weapons with stunning 3D shapes.

14. Make An Oasis In Desert

oasis in desert minecraft

We will be able to make an Oasis in the desert area with the help of a small lake, some tropical trees, bushes, and a simple hammock that will lull into a beautiful sleep.

15. Build A Tower For Observation

A tower will be pretty fun as it’s the highest point of any given area and gives you plenty of visions from the top. You will have to build a tower at the highest level of your base. You can then turn it into an observatory to soak the surrounding views.

16. Create A Volcanic Wasteland

volcano island in minecraft

You will be able to create a volcanic wasteland for a change of scenery. You will make this by using materials like obsidian, black stained clay, lava blocks, and formations.

17. Build A Tree House

treehouse in minecraft

Bored out of your mind? Do you want to go back to that sweltering summer and your childhood treehouse? You can make one itself! We will require a lot of wood but make sure you use only one type of them. Build ladders, use wood to create walls and the roof, make a strong base, add torches and decorate it the way you want.

18. Resurrect The Lost City Of Atlantis

city of atlantis in minecraft

You can create your own city of Atlantis! It will just be like building a city on land. But instead of making them simpler and more modern, you can go crazy with elaborate structures like towers, turrets and more!

19. A Library For The Curious

library in minecraft

A gigantic library will add that extra charm to your house. You can create a massive library with the help of many shelves, wooden tables, wooden chairs, a reading area, and a librarian too!

20. Looking For Axolotls

axolotls in minecraft

Making an entry in the Minecraft 1.17 Update, Axolotls need dark water to spawn. The recent 1.18 update ensured that these creatures only spawn in lush cave biomes underwater. These creatures come in a few colors and are for tropical fish. The Axolotls can help you against the Guardians and Elder Guardians.

21. Build A Rollercoaster

rollercoaster in minecraft

Nothing says fun like a rollercoaster ride! You can add Minecarts and rails to whip up a nice old Rollercoaster ride. Make sure you use Redstone tracks with incredible highs and deepest lows. You can customize this ride too!

22. Creation Of Redstar Contraptions

redstone in minecraft

This valuable Minecraft commodity is helpful if you know how to use it. Redstone Contraptions include Redstone piston doors that will open automatically with super smelters that will improve wait times and more! You can also try making a Bubble Elevator, Kelp Farm, X-ray MachineArmor Wardrobe, Micro-Crop FarmVending Machine, Trash BinBedtime Alarm, etc.

23. Build A City

city in minecraft

The term city brings to mind many hustle-bustle, honking cars, people walking to their destinations with a strong will, and reasons that are miles away from their bodies. A city nonetheless has its perks, as we can make our own by using the fantastic texture packs. Creating a city in a vast space can be a daunting task. It could take a week or more, and it won’t just end with the exterior of the building. The focus is on the details which make the perfect city. Fulfilling the childhood dream by creating our own city is one of the victorious Things To Do In Minecraft.

24. Try Minecraft Creative Mode

minecraft creative mode

One of Minecraft’s significant game modes, the Creative Mode, removes the survival and obstacle part of the game, leaving you to get creative and imaginative. It helps us to create, destroy and then create again.

There’s no health or hunger bar for which you need to care. You can try this out to build elaborate structures and look at their designs. If you want to try creative things to do in Minecraft then creative mode will let you go mad with destruction and creation of whatever you want.

25. Experience Hardcore Mode

hardcore mode in minecraft

If you are getting a bit too comfortable with the standard survival mode of Minecraft, you can try the Hardcore mode to spice things up. But beware, the hardcore mode will make things extremely difficult for you. You will find that mobs can do a great deal of damage to you, and you can also starve to death.

Other features in the game will also level up and leave you amazed. If you die here, you will only return in spectator mode. It is one of the challenging things to do in Minecraft, as this will let you know your experience in the game.

26. Build An Army

army in minecraft

If you have all the time in the world, why shouldn’t you use it to build a gigantic or small army? And you can also use a server to gather around all of your friends and wage war. You can then create an army, feed them, arm them, and strategically move to destroy your enemy, and performing all these tasks makes it one of the disastrous things to do in Minecraft.

27. Let’s Make A Statue

statue in minecraft

Statues created in a drunken daze in ancient times are now considered monuments. This reason is probably enough to try something new and creative with the help of a few Minecraft blocks. You will have to carve, add, shed and work on any structure you like to keep boredom away.

28. Play Ultra Hardcore Mode

ultra hardcore mode in minecraft

If you are tired of the hardcore mode, you can try the ultra-hardcore mode. Ultra Hardcore Mode will give you only one life (do or die type of situation). This mode takes the difficulty to the next level by removing the ability to regenerate health naturally. You will have to use potionsgolden apples, and probably a lot of prayers to get out of it all alive. Only the best player will play it without breaking into a sweat.

29. Give Spleef A Try!

spleef in minecraft

You can give Spleef a try on their Minecraft servers. It is to be played on the top of a lava pool with a platform made up of snow above. In the game, you will have to use a shovel to destroy or damage the snow below other players to make them fall in the lava. There are many ways to play this game and turn the tables in your favor; making it one of the naughtiest Things To Do In Minecraft.

30. Decoration Of A House

home decoration in minecraft

So maybe you have already created your dream house and have also run out of Things To Do In Minecraft simultaneously. Look, life is too short to live in a house with the same decorations as before. Mainly when Minecraft provides you with such a vast range of texture packages, you can renovate your already built home and add even more statement pieces to go with your classy furniture.

Customizing your home in many ways is one of the satisfactory things to do; it will look just right out of a Vogue magazine. You can add a storage room, a basement, a patio, a new garden, or a fridge if you want.

31. Gather Your Friends And Play!

friends in minecraft

Friends can instantly make even the worst of the days better by just existing, so playing together is one of the enjoyable Things To Do In Minecraft. If you are bored to death after trying out almost everything on Minecraft, maybe it’s high time you hit up your friends with a text and ask them to join you.

You can build anything intricate or funny, or you can get back to your inside jokes by exploring the Minecraft space together. You can do all of it again, and the experience will invariably be newer and better with your friends.

32. Looking For Diamonds

diamond in minecraft

If you are new to Minecraft or want to do something out of the blue, you can start mining Diamonds. You will most likely be able to find diamonds in between layers 5-12. Diamonds are probably the most durable materials in the game, and you can use them to your advantage.

If you are going to hunt in the Nether World, it’s a good idea to be accompanied by diamond gear for protection. This material has a lot of practical uses and will be a handy addition to your Minecraft inventory. You can use an iron pickaxe to dig and mine diamonds.

33. Time To Slay Ender Dragon

ender dragon in minecraft

In the end, you are required to slay the Ender Dragon. Minecraft’s fiercest beast and the terrifying enemy is a mythological creature with a capability of a lot of power and damage in it. Only Diamond armorDiamond sword, potions, and golden apples will be able to save you through it all. It is one of the best things to do in Minecraft as it gives the satisfaction of completeness.

So make sure you stash them in your bag before heading out to meet your foe. You can fire arrows at the Ender Dragon and use an Infinity Enchantment that will provide you with as many arrows as you need. You can also try different weapons made of other materials to slay it.

34. Build A Cobblestone Generator

cobblestone generator

Finding cobblestones in the game is relatively easy, and you will be able to find them in the dark Minecraft caverns where the sun doth not shine. But there’s another way that will help you add cobblestones to your inventory without a lot of hassle. To make a Cobblestone Generator, we will first require materials like a bucket of lavawater, and a small pit or a trench. In this pit/trench, you will have to add all materials.

After the water makes contact with the lava, you will observe that we receive a block of cobblestone. You can then keep using this generator to keep adding cobblestone to your inventory without having to go looking for it in deep dark caves.

35. Build A Highway

highway in minecraft

Although making a city or a town helps you pass your time, you can try building a highway if you still run out of Things To Do In Minecraft. Although a long road spanning miles is no easy task, you can try it if you have nothing else to do. You can use cobblestone blocks to create a highway, but ensure you get the structure’s foundation right.

You can also build railroads on these highways. If you find some enemies gazing at your area with a little bit too much attention, you can create a tall bridge to cut off their connection to your region.

A list of other things to do in Minecraft

  1. Make a forest.
  2. Give a try to other exciting features in Minecraft
  3. Make McDonald’s store in the game.
  4. Build a witch hut.
  5. Make a floating island in the middle of nowhere.
  6. Build a zoo.
  7. Build a beautiful castle.


What is one of the coolest things to do in Minecraft?

Based on player experiences, becoming invisible is one of the most extraordinary things to do in Minecraft, as it allows one to perform every action efficiently, and exploring becomes fun.

What is one of the rarest things to do in Minecraft?

Defeating the Ender dragon and obtaining the dragon’s egg is one of the rarest things to do because the egg can only be obtained by you once in the game.

What is the 2nd rarest thing in Minecraft?

The “Enchanted Golden Apple” is one of the rarest things after the dragon’s egg. It works the same as other apples but has more attractive effects shattered from the apple.

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