How To Build A Japanese House In Minecraft

How To Build A Japanese House In Minecraft

Japanese House in Minecraft might not solve all of your problems but it’s great to look at and adroit architecture enthusiasts will surely agree. Many famous Twitch streamers and players (including Pewdiepie) have tried out their own versions but we will find out how to build one in the first place.

We know that you probably have a dozen questions popping in your head – in which dimensions should we make a Japanese house in Minecraft? How do get the dimensions right? Which material should one use to build a perfect Japanese house in Minecraft?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about it!

Materials Required To Build A Japanese House In Minecraft

  • Andesite Stairs
  • Polished Andesite
  • Stripped Jungle Wood
  • Dark Oak Logs
  • Dark Oak Gates
  • Dark Oak Planks
  • Jungle Fence
  • Dark Prismarine Slabs
  • Stripped Dark Wood
  • Spruce Trapdoor
  • Acacia Fences
  • Sandstone
  • Sea Lanterns

Building A Japanese House In Minecraft

The first step is obviously to get yourself a place to build a Japanese house. Once you have your land with you, you can start the whole building process. Players will first have to mark the dimensions of the house. The dimensions of the house will be 23 × 29 × 22 tall.

Minecraft Japanese House Base

Now we will start building on your dimensions. Begin by laying down the Andesite stairs on the front followed by the Polished Andesite in the middle. Now continue again with Andesite Stairs on the dimensions till you have reached the exact same place on the opposite wall.

Minecraft Japanese House Base Filled

Leave the middle of it with Polished Andesite as you did with the wall right in front of it. You will have to now continue the same once again. Lay down Andesite Stairs and keep the Polished Andesite saved for the middle. Done?

Minecraft Japanese House Pillars

Now start covering the third layer of your base with Polished Andesite only. Continue with the same process for two more layers. You will now be left with three layers of Polished Andesite in your base.

Cover the rest of the space with Stripped Jungle Wood. The Stripped Jungle Wood base in the core of the base should be 17 blocks wide and 11 blocks long. Start placing barrels with gaps of five blocks.

Minecraft Japanese House Dark Oak Blocks

After you have placed your barrels on the base perfectly you can add 4 Dark Oak Logs on the top of each barrel. Now add Smooth Sandstone Stairs on the top of each Dark Oak Log followed by Dark Oak Gates. On your entrance take the Dark Oak Planks and extend them till the main door of your Japanese House.

Use Jungle Fence to create a pillar in the front supporting the planks. Follow the same pattern with the wall opposite it. Use Dark Oak Fence all over the boundaries of the house.

Now you can place Dark Oak Trap Doors on the Fences. Place barrels on your Stripped Jungle Wood core. From the left corner place them with gaps of 2, 3, 2, 5, 4, 4, 5, 3, 5, followed by a 4 and a 4.

Minecraft Japanese House Prismarine Layer

Make these pillars 5 blocks tall and connect them all. Outline this with Jungle Slabs. We are going to make another floor so add Striped Dark Wood on top of your core structure.

After you have built two layers you can start adding another Stripped Dark Wood layer on top. Now you can layer the top and the bottom one with Dark Prismarine Stairs. Continue with a layer of Dark Prismarine Slabs all over the construction. Make sure you build the corners in a different way than the others.

On top of the many layers of Dark Prismarine Slabs, you can add Stripped Dark Wood all over. The Stripped Dark Wood must encompass the Dark Prismarine Slabs. Begin building the interiors with Smooth Sandstone. Fill in the space between the parallel pillars with Smooth Sandstone. Place Acacia Stairs in front of it.

Minecraft Japanese House Entrance

Leave the space in the middle for entrance and departure. Add some lush leaves and build a Spruce Trapdoor with support from Acacia Fences. Add Sandstone Walls and switch the lights on to make the place look brighter!

Use Acacia Slabs to complete that part of the core structure and use Sand to complete the other section. Decorate it with lush leafy structures. Add Dark Oak Sign on one part of Sandstone and leave the other wall unoccupied. Cover the length on the top with Stripped Dark Wood.

Minecraft Japanese House Top

Add another layer and move on to building stairs. Build stairs from the entrance to the top floor. Leave the entryway of the staircase and start layering the rest of the top structure with Stripped Jungle Wood.

Make pillars of 5 blocks tall and connect all of them from the top. Wrap all of them in layers to build the first floor. Add Fences on the outside, Sandstone on the inside followed by Acacia slabs.

Minecraft Japanese House Top 2

Create doors for entry and don’t forget the Dark Oak Sign. Cover the top of this with Stripped Jungle Wood followed by Dark Prismarine Slabs. Now make a parapet with them and outline it all with Stripped Dark Wood. Let Sea Lanterns hang from the corners and add Dark Prismarine Slabs on top to create another floor.

Minecraft Japanese House Roof

Create a triangular shape and connect the two sides with slabs. Cover it all with Dark Prismarine Slabs, leave the little triangles on the sides empty. Fill them with wooden slabs and go light up your own Japanese House in Minecraft!

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Japanese House Build: This build is inspired by the build which is made by BlueBits on his YT channel. Go check out if you’re looking for a video.
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1 year ago

The instructions are very confused but with enough guess work, you can make it work

Pratik Kinage
1 year ago
Reply to  Madd_

It’s the same for every Minecraft build tutorial. There will always be a spot where you’ll feel where should I place the next block in the game.