How To Make Dirt Path In Minecraft

How To Make Dirt Path In Minecraft

Formerly known as grass paths, Dirt Paths cannot be made with a crafting table or furnace. Dirt Paths are a common view in villages. They are used as roads in the countryside in the game. These seemingly simple dirt paths help players prevent hostile mobs from spawning.

As Minecraft villages were modified and updated, features were added to make dirt path to create connections between all the places and buildings in the village. You can find your dirt path blocks in Java and Legacy Console Edition and Bedrock edition in your inventory in creative mode.

These dirt path blocks were only just added in Java Edition 1.9 and Pocket Edition alpha 0.11.0. This generates as roads in villages instead of gravel.

Although you will have the blocks in your inventory, creating a dirt path won’t be as simple (or as tough). So what should one do? Are dirt blocks enough? And which process should one follow? Keep reading to find the answers to all of these questions and more!

Materials Required To Make Dirt Path

  • Shovel (any preferable material – Diamond, Gold, Iron, Wood, Stone or Netherite)
  • Grass Block (found in most Overworld Biomes)

How To Make Dirt Path: Step By Step Process (Survival Mode)

The dirt path will be available to players playing Minecraft in Java Edition (both PC & Mac), Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Windows 10 Edition, Nintendo Switch and Education Edition.

If you want to make a dirt path, you better believe that shovels are your best friend. First things first, players will require a shovel. You can use a shovel of any materials available such as Diamond, Gold, Iron, Wood, Stone, or Netherite. Each of these shovels has a different breaking time on a dirt block. Diamond, Netherite, and Gold are the strongest shovels that break a dirt block in 0.1 seconds. For another type of shovels, it increases, with the largest being 0.75 for hand.

There are different types of wood you can use to make a shovel. Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Crimson or Warped planks can be used to create a wooden shovel.

It is important that players follow a distinct pattern of placing the required materials in their crafting grid to get a shovel. To make a shovel in Minecraft players will require a crafting table with a 3×3 crafting guide.

Place a plank of wood in the middlebox of the first row followed by a stick in the middlebox of the second row. Players will then have to place a stick in the middle box of the last row.

Voila! You have your shovel all prepared! We are going to go with an iron shovel but you can use any material that you like.

Collecting Dirt Block

The next step will require players to scout the land looking for a grass block to dig up with their shovel. You can look for grass blocks in Overworld Biomes. After you have found a grass block you can select your shovel from the hotbar and use it to dig the grass block. The game controls that will help you dig the grass block vary from one version to another.

In case you’re playing the game Java Edition (in PC or Mac) you will have to right-click on the grass block but in the Pocket Edition, you will have to tap on the grass block. If you are playing on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One you will have to press the LT Button on your Xbox controller.

For PS3 and PS4 players, pressing the L2 button on PS controller will do the trick! Players with Wii U can press the ZL button on the gamepad. Nintendo Switch users can press the ZL button to dig the grass.

Players using Windows 10 Edition will have to right click on the grass block while people using Education Edition will have to do the same. After the grass block is removed you will be facing a sort of brown surface in it’s stead. This is your dirt path block and if you pave the way you will have your dirt path too!

Placing The Dirt Path

Once you have the dirt block in your inventory, you can use it to make dirt path by simply placing it. If you’re trying to create a path on ground level, then you might’ve to dig up existing blocks and create your own dirt path. To place the dirt path you have to select the dirt path from your inventory and press right click on your mouse.

Minecraft Villages Dirt Path

Villages in Minecraft tend to have dirt paths as their primary navigation roads. You can follow this design for your house as well as your navigation routes.

Make Dirt Path By Removing The Grass

Using Shovel On Grass

As you have guessed, there is always more than one way to do anything in Minecraft. You can create a dirt path directly without even mining the Dirt Block. This can only be done on a grass block.

To make a dirt path on grass blocks, first, select a shovel from your Hotbar. Then use the shovel on the grass block to remove the grass from it. This should leave the block with a dirt pattern eventually making it a dirt block. Make sure, by using the shovel, I mean to press the right click if you’re on PC. This would be L2 on Playstations and LT on Xbox devices.

Similarly, remove the grass wherever you want and make your own dirt path!

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