22 Best Animal Crossing Island Tunes To Play

Animal Crossing Island Tunes

While playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will unlock the Resident Services for building New Horizons. These services unlock fun items in the game which you can play with.

Once you own a building, you can talk with Isabelle about changing your Animal Crossing Island Tunes. It is similar to town tunes in the old games, and you can develop minor melodies. But you don’t stress up if you are struggling to build four favorite island tunes. In the game, there is a bunch of fantastic Towns or Island Tunes which are available online.

Also, surprisingly there is a website on the internet where you can develop and share island tunes known as NookNet. Where you can preview your tunes and play them without opening the game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tunes

We have mentioned the list of excellent Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tunes. They are as follows:

Song NameAnimal Crossing Island Tunes
The Super Mario Brothers theme songe-e-s-e-s-c-e-s-G-z-z-z-g-z-z-z
The Lost Woods theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timef-A-B-f-A-B-f-A-B-E-D-B-C-B-G-e
The Rains of Castamere (Lannister Song from Game of Thrones)a-f-s-s-a-e-s-s-a-f-s-G-s-e-s-s
“Toss a Coin to your Witcher” from Netflix series The WitcherG-C-E-s-D-C-D-E-s-E-D-C-B-C-s-A
Harry Potter theme Main songa-s-c-b-s-a-s-e-s-s-d-s-s-b-s-s
Lost Woodsf-A-B-s-f-A-B-s-f-A-B-E-D-B-G-e
Imperial March (Star Wars)d-s-d-s-d-s-a-f-d-s-a-f-d-s-z-z
Mii Channel ThemeA-s-C-E-s-C-s-A-f-f-f-s-z-z-z-z
Yoshi’s Island LullabyC-s-B-C-B-s-G-s-A-s-G-A-G-s-c-s
Yoshi’s Song Themed-d-d-d-G-z-d-d-z-G-z-c-d-s-s-s
Super Mario Odyssey Themed-s-e-s-f-s-d-f-C-B-s-A-s-B-G-s
Jurassic Park Island Themec-G-s-d-A-s-A-C-s-B-G-A-s-s-s-z
Undertale – Megalovaniab-b-A-z-d-z-z-c-z-b-z-a-z-g-a-b
Concerning Hobbits LotRg-a-b-s-d-s-b-s-a-s-g-s-s-z-z-z
Attack on Titan IntroD-s-f-e-s-c-s-d-s-d-f-e-s-c-s-s
We Are Number Oned-s-s-A-G-A-G-A-f-s-d-s-z-z-z-z
Undertale – Mainc-G-f-c-e-s-e-f-c-f-A-G-s-f-G-z
Funky town – Lips IncG-G-f-G-z-d-z-d-G-C-B-G-z-z-z-s
In the End – Linkin Parkg-s-A-s-A-s-c-s-b-s-b-s-b-s-b-c
Super Mario SunshineC-D-E-C-z-G-z-e-f-e-f-D-s-s-z-z
Somewhere over the Rainbowc-s-s-C-s-s-B-s-G-A-B-s-C-s-z-z
Game of Thrones – Title ThemeA-s-s-d-s-s-f-G-A-s-d-s-f-G-e-s

The Super Mario Brothers Theme Song

Animal Crossing The Super Mario Brothers Theme Song

This song is alternatively known as Ground Theme or Overworld Theme. The song was tested, and its initial stage was heard in 1985 at the Super Mario Bros video game on Nintendo Entertainment System.  

Tune: e-e-s-e-s-c-e-s-G-z-z-z-g-z-z-z

The Lost Woods Theme From The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Animal Crossing The Lost Woods

There is a specific reason behind the title Lost Woods. Because there are multiple paths and by going wrong transport methods directly back towards the entrance zone. You have to simply hear and follow the music. If the beginning is dim, then you’re in the wrong direction.

Animal Crossing Island Tune: f-A-B-f-A-B-f-A-B-E-D-B-C-B-G-e

The Rains Of Castamere (Lannister Song From Game Of Thrones)

Animal Crossing Rains Of Castamere

The Rains of Castamere is a popular track from the Television Series Game of Thrones.  The song was recorded in the year 2011 and was released to the public on 19 June 2019.  This song memorializes the destruction of House Reyne by Tywin Lannister

Tune: a-f-s-s-a-e-s-s-a-f-s-G-s-e-s-s

Toss A Coin To Your Witcher From Netflix Series The Witcher

Animal Crossing Toss A Coin To Your Witcher

Toss a Coin to your Witcher is an original song from the popular series on Netflix titled The Witcher. It was released on 22 January 2020. Basically, this song was specially launched for the TV Series, and you will not see it in any novels on which the series is based.

Tune: G-C-E-s-D-C-D-E-s-E-D-C-B-C-s-A

Harry Potter Theme Main Song

Animal Crossing Harry Potter Theme Main Song

Harry Potter theme Main song is popularly known as Hedwig’s Theme.  This song was released in 2005, and renowned artist John Willams was a vital member.  This song is from  Film Music: The Essential Album.

Animal Crossing Island Tune: a-s-c-b-s-a-s-e-s-s-d-s-s-b-s-s

Lost Woods

Animal Crossing Lost Woods

Lost Woods is also one of the popular songs available in the game.  Lost Woods has only provided the music of the song.  This song is available on Nintendo 64 and Nintendo 3DS platforms.

Tune: f-A-B-s-f-A-B-s-f-A-B-E-D-B-G-e

Imperial March (Star Wars)

Animal Crossing Imperial March

The Imperial March song is also popularly known as Darth Vader’s Theme. It is one of the famous and best symphonic movie themes to today’s date.  This song has first appeared in The Empire Strikes movie.

Animal Crossing Island Tune: d-s-d-s-d-s-a-f-d-s-a-f-d-s-z-z

Mii Channel Theme

Animal Crossing Mii Channel

The renowned artist Insaneintherainmusic is available in this theme. Also, you will find famous featuring artists like Gabe Nekrutman and Chris Allison. This theme is from the Album titled as 5 and was released in 2017.

Tune: A-s-C-E-s-C-s-A-f-f-f-s-z-z-z-z

Yoshis Island Lullaby

Animal Crossing Yoshis Island

This video game music has a unique challenge on it. It is best summed up with an ambient music pioneer. The last prescription of this song is the most favorite section by many video game developers.

Tune: C-s-B-C-B-s-G-s-A-s-G-A-G-s-c-s

Yoshis Song Theme

Animal Crossing Yoshis Song Theme

The song is sung by Yoshis from Yoshi’s story, which is available on the Nintendo 64 platform.  The song got released in 2014, and this theme is from Super Mario Overworld.

Animal Crossing Island Tune: d-d-d-d-G-z-d-d-z-G-z-c-d-s-s-s

Super Mario Odyssey Theme

Animal Crossing Super Mario Odyssey Theme

In 2017 a platform theme-based game was developed titled Super Mario Odyssey. It was launched for the Nintendo and Nintendo Switch Platform. The developers and the publishers of this popular theme are Nintendo.

Tune: d-s-e-s-f-s-d-f-C-B-s-A-s-B-G-s

Jurassic Park Island Theme

Animal Crossing Jurassic Park Island Theme

The renowned artist John Williams was featured in the Jurassic Park Island Theme. This theme was launched in 1993, and the following composition is from the album of Jurassic Park: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Tune: c-G-s-d-A-s-A-C-s-B-G-A-s-s-s-z

Undertale Megalovania

Animal Crossing Undertale  Megalovania

Undertale – Megalovania song was released in the year 2015. The renowned artist Toby Fox was featured in this song. This song is from the UNDERTALE Soundtrack Album. It is one of the favorites and popular songs in the gameplay.

Tune: b-b-A-z-d-z-z-c-z-b-z-a-z-g-a-b

Concerning Hobbits Lotr

Animal Crossing Concerning Hobbits Lotr

Concerning Hobbits, LotR is from the favorite and the renowned album The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It was released in 2001, and the world-famous artist Howard Shore was featured in this song.

Animal Crossing Island Tune: g-a-b-s-d-s-b-s-a-s-g-s-s-z-z-z

Attack On Titan Intro

Animal Crossing Attack On Titan Intro

Attack on Titan Intro is one of the most popular Anime introduction themes to today’s date. Attack on Titan Intro is the first opening theme, and also it is considered one of the most iconic game intros.

Tune: D-s-f-e-s-c-s-d-s-d-f-e-s-c-s-s

We Are Number One

Animal Crossing We Are Number One

We Are Number One is an English song from the famous series Lazy Town. Lazy Town is an Iceland television series, especially for children. This song was released in 2014 and got released on 03 October 2014.

Tune: d-s-s-A-G-A-G-A-f-s-d-s-z-z-z-z

Undertale – Main

Animal Crossing Undertale - Main

In Undertale – Main song, the famous artist Geek Music was featured in this song. This song was released in 2019, and this song is the 71st track from the album Undertale – Main Theme.

Tune: c-G-f-c-e-s-e-f-c-f-A-G-s-f-G-z

Funky Town Lips Inc

Animal Crossing Funky Town  Lips Inc

The famous artist Lips Inc was featured in this song. The following song was released in 1979, and it is from the renowned album Mouth to Mouth. The song is listed in the Pop Genre.

Tune: G-G-f-G-z-d-z-d-G-C-B-G-z-z-z-s

In The End Linkin Park

Animal Crossing In The End  Linkin Park

The world-famous artist Linkin Park launched and featured in this song. This song was released in 2002 and In the End is from the Reanimation album.  This song lists under Rap rock, Alternative or Indie genre.

Tune: g-s-A-s-A-s-c-s-b-s-b-s-b-s-b-c

Super Mario Sunshine

Animal Crossing Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine song is from the famous Super Mario Sunshine game, which was launched in 2002. It is an action-based theme that was published by Nintendo for the Game Cube.

Tune: C-D-E-C-z-G-z-e-f-e-f-D-s-s-z-z

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Animal Crossing Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere over the Rainbow is one of the most loved songs by people around the world. In this song artist, Israel Kamakawiwoʻole was being featured. This song is from the Alone in IZ World album.

Tune: c-s-s-C-s-s-B-s-G-A-B-s-C-s-z-z

Game Of Thrones Title Theme

Animal Crossing Game Of Thrones Title Theme

Many people call Game of Thrones – Title Theme as Game of Thrones Main Theme. It is the crucial theme music from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. This song plays in the title sequence of the show.

Tune: A-s-s-d-s-s-f-G-A-s-d-s-f-G-e-s

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