Genshin Impact Elements and Elemental Combinations Demystified

Genshin Impact Elements Guide

The free 2020 game by miHoYo (Genshin Impact) is growing fast and spreading as Twitch and YouTube community is giving more and more love to it. It is almost unbelievable that a game of such high caliber is free to play and explore. Even though the developers included in-game purchases but that doesn’t stop you from playing the complete game.

Genshin Impact Elements are the various types of sources of powers. These elements are instrumental while fighting certain enemies. These elements are Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Electro, Geo, Anemo, and Dendro. With the knowledge of good counter elements, you can grasp the upper hand in fighting enemies.

genshin impact elements
Genshin Impact Elements

This game, a fantasy action that involves elemental powers and alchemy, is quite tricky on the surface level. A real gamer needs to dive in deeper to understand the complete gameplay fully. But we made this more comfortable for you with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the mystical powers, charms, and alchemy you can explore in-game.

A 101 to the Genshin Impact Elements

This game introduces the player to seven Genshin Impact elements of the Earth from which various characters (hyperlink) draw their powers. As the game advances and the player gains more and more feelings and their usage of each elemental power unlock. But that’s not it; every essential mysticism enhances upon up-gradation, which can be done by fighting battles and opening more and more future missions.

Each element has different sets of weapons. Each of these elements has an advantage over other elements and their reactions. To perform a powerful reaction, you must know combinations for elements.

The Genshin Impact elements are classified as:

  1. Hydro
  2. Pyro
  3. Cryo
  4. Electro
  5. Geo
  6. Anemo
  7. Dendro

All these names are quite self-explanatory.

Genshin Impact Elements Combo
Genshin Impact Elements Combo

Hydro means water. Pyro means Fire; Cryo means Ice. Electro means Electricity. Geo stands for Earth. Anemo defines Wind. Last but not the least, Dendro stands for Earth. Here, in this game each and every Genshin Impact elements are specific.

Here are some of the characters with each power.

  1. Traveler (Anemo)
  2. Lisa (Electro)
  3. Amber (Pyro)
  4. Kaeya (Cryo)
  5. Ninguang (Geo)
  6. Mona (Hydro)
  7. Dendro (Sumeru)

Elemental Combinations: More Power to Player

The fact that this game is both beautiful and more playable is inevitable. And the creators have made sure that nothing in this is game goes useless. So, the player has been given the privilege to combine the Genshin Impact elements to give out more damage and keep more stamina. This is entirely free to connect wildly and come up with various combos.

Genshin Impact Element Effects
Genshin Impact Element Effects

Let me explain this. The characters can be combined into a party. Each party is like a group that you can make before diving into a leveled mission. And you can keep any characters into one party. This fact helps the player to combine as many names in any way possible. Here are some elemental combinations that can be made.

  1. Burning: Dendro + Pyro
  2. Crystalize: Geo + Cryo + Electro + Hydro + Pyro
  3. Electro- Charged: Electro + Hydro
  4. Frozen: Cryo + Hydro
  5. Melt: Cryo + Pyro
  6. Overloaded: Electro + Pyro
  7. Superconduct: Cryo + Electro
  8. Swirl: Anemo + Cryo + Hydro + Electro + Pyro
  9. Vaporize: Hydro + Pyro

It is a no brainer that these attacks not only attacks but can also be used as a defense. When opposite forces interact, it demolishes both the powers and can be an excellent strategy to counter the enemy’s attacks.

More strategic gameplay would be to put the character switch to use. Among all these elements, repeated use might extinguish a character of his/her features, thus keeping backups recommended. Secondary characters with lower up-gradation might take damage while in a fight, and Primary characters must be kept for attacks.

This brings us to self-combinations of the Genshin Impact elements which are in-game termed as Elemental Resonance.

Elemental Resonance

Genshin Impact Elemental Resonance
Genshin Impact Elemental Resonance

The player with a full party can simply self-combine elements, leading to less health loss and more damage to the enemy. Let’s see how to make these.

  1. Enduring Rock: Geo (Increases Attack Damage when the enemy protects itself by a shield)
  2. Fervent Flames: Pyro (Diminishes Cryo Attack)
  3. Soothing Waters: Hydro (Diminishes Pyro Attack)
  4. Impetuous Winds: Anemo (Decreases stamina consumption)
  5. High Voltage: Electro (Diminishes Hydro Attack)
  6. Shattering Ice: Cryo (Diminish Electro Attack)
  7. Protective Canopy: Any of the Four Unique Elements (Depends on combining elements)

Another magical thing is that each of these combinations can help character customization based on stamina retention, defense enhancement, attack enhancement, and recovery.

How to Collect Genshin Impact Elements?

As explained before, The characters play a vital role in collecting the elements.

The characters only bring these Genshin Impact elements. During the inception of the gameplay, the player faces a choice where the player can decide which of the twins to choose based on that the first element would be Anemo (Male) or Geo (Female). Rest is depending on the storyline. As more and more storyline unhinges, the characters unlock first as a trial then as a permanent character. Some characters are in-game buyable.

So, with this guide, any novice or expert can start with the beautiful world and delve into the magical world of Genshin Impact. It is needless to say that Genshin impact won’t disappoint a gamer. Moreover, it is not a game but also a method which may help you to make a plan in the future.

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