Best Ways To Process 3 Ingredients Genshin Impact Easily

Process 3 ingredients Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a popular online action-based video game for which you need a good internet connection on your device, which means this game is absolutely free. Most Probably,  Genshin Impact is one of the finest creations of miYOHO. This game is based on gacha mechanics and features several quests and hurdles that players can overcome and get rewards after that. Moreover, the fantasy environment and different characters with different abilities and weapons make it unique.

Process 3 Ingredients Genshin Impact is a way to combine 3 ingredients and make 1 superior item. Many games have adapted the idealogy of crafting and its techniques. Inspired by Minecraft, this game has also adopted a crafting technique to process multiple items. Although not as easy it may seem, Genshin Impact has made external factors contribute to successfully crafting a rare item.

Apart from all these astounding features, there are scarce and attractive features, Genshin Impact Ingredients. If you want to survive in this game, you need to know about the ingredients and recipes as cooking is a crucial part of your game. So, it is needless to say how interesting it is. That is why Genshin Impact has already gained a lot of attention, even within a few days.

This post will get to know about the best ways to process 3 ingredients Genshin Impact. So, Let me walk you through the steps to know the process of 3 ingredients.

What is Process 3 Ingredients Genshin Impact?

Process 3 Ingredients Genshin Impact Cooking

Process Ingredients can be defined as the method of making food. In the beginning, the game will ask you to Process 3 Ingredients Genshin Impact, which ensures whether you know how to cook food from specific ingredients provided in the game or not. First, to process 3 ingredients, you need to interact with cooking pots, which is the initial and vital step for a player.

Just like in Minecraft, there are ways to combine multiple cooking items to make one item. In Genshin Impact, this process is a little different, you can combine a maximum of 5 cooking ingredients, and it has to be mentioned how many ingredients you are processing. For example, you need to make an item that needs to process 3 ingredients Genshin Impact; then you select Amount to Process to be 3 in your cooking menu.

Although it is a simple process, you need to follow several steps, which will be discussed in the post later.

How to Process 3 Ingredients Genshin Impact?

To process 3 ingredients Genshin Impact at once, you need to first acquire stuff from defeating enemies, crashing chests, etc. However, this isn’t even the first step to start processing. So, here are the steps to process 3 things at once.

Process 3 Ingredients Amount
  • Step One: Find a cooking fireplace where you can cook, i.e., no wet or fire available. There are several cooking places available at every place. If you cannot find any, open the map and navigate to the cooking fireplace.
  • Step Two: Upon interacting, you are taken to the cooking menu to find the Process menu. There are several options on this menu. To process 3 ingredients Genshin Impact, you need to select them first.
  • Step Three: Now, among the following items, select the one you want to process, provided you have all the ingredients mentioned in the table below for individual items.
  • Step Four: Now tap on the Amount you want to process in the menu. This will open up a slider asking you the amount. Now, change the slider upon clicking to 3. (Make sure you don’t select any other option than 3)
Process 3 Ingredients Cooking Menu

Here is the list of things you would need to start the process 3 ingredients Genshin Impact.

Cooking ItemsIngredients
BaconUse Processed Raw Meat along with Salt as Primary requirements. Now add the obtained Raw Meat twice and Salt twice per Bacon.
ButterUse only Processed Milk and twice the Milk per Butter.
CheeseUse Processed Milk and thrice Milk per Cheese to make it.
Crab RoeYou need a processed Crab, then add Crab four times per Crab Roe.
CreamUse processed Milk and 1x Milk per Cream.
FlourYou need processed Wheat alongside Wheat per Flour.
HamUse processed Raw Meat and Salt, then add twice the Raw Meat & Salt per Ham.
JamUse processed Sunsettia, Berry, and Sugar, then add Sunsettia thrice, Berry twice & Sugar per Jam.
SausageYou need processed Raw Meat and thrice the Raw Meat per Sausage.
Smoked FowlUse processed Fowl and Salt, then thrice the Fowl & Salt per Smoked Fowl.
SugarUse Processed sweet flower along with twice the Sweet Flower per Sugar. To cook this, you must process 3 ingredients Genshin Impact.
Process 3 Ingredients Cooking Menu 2


How to get more food in Genshin Impact?

Getting basic food in Genshin Impact is quite easy. But if you really want to stack or get more food for the route, you can try to buy them rather than cooking. Moreover, you need to explore the map and visit locations to achieve more and more food items, or even defeat enemies to break into the chest for food.

Do food buff stack in Genshin Impact?

They do not stack if the buff is of similar nature. But in a time, only three different types of food buffs can be stacked. For example, Fried Radish Balls increase the party member’s attack by 66-95 for 5 mins. If you consume the same fired balls, you won’t get any extra stacks. But if you consume different items like Jueyun Chili Chicken, it will stack.

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Final Words

Being the most interactive game and a huge world game, you need great exploring and crafting to get used to playing the game correctly. Process 3 Ingredients Genshin Impact is easy but tricky at the same time. You need to have a good knowledge before crafting. Otherwise, your efforts will go in vain.

So, you need to take care of when and what you are cooking to take care of the food and use them when you run off the stamina or when you need to take to fight. It is sometimes challenging to cook, so get used to buying things and keep in-game cash handy. You can flick through the post before playing the game so that you do not have to face problems at the time of playing.

Last but not the least, you are suggested to pay attention while playing to get attractive rewards. All the Best. Happy Playing.

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