Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call Guide

Borderlands 3 Rowan's Call

Weapons are like kings and queens that rule the gaming world. Everyone will have a craze for weapons due to their power, sound, and effect. Many other players will be ready to lose their life trying to use their favorite weapons. The same is reflected in this game too.

Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call is one such legendary weapon that stole many players’ hearts and the power and effect that it holds are always irreplaceable and that is why many players really strive hard to attain this treasure.

Borderlands 3 is an interesting, adventurous action role-playing game that became famous on its first release. It is a first-person shooter game and the player is given different types of weapons each one having a special feature. A player can collect weapons and drops when an enemy is defeated. This game is full of surprising elements and will never disappoint you.

What is Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call?

It is a legendary assault rifle that is found in the game Borderlands 3 and Jakobs takes pride in creating this rifle. When the game is all about shooting and kicking out enemies and you have the chance to get this wonderful rifle and burn out all the enemies so that it gains you points and makes you travel smoothly to the next level.


Using Rowan's Call

To know the real worth of this Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call you must definitely know how to use them, only then you will be able to make productivity out of it. Rowan’s Call is best when used for mid-to-short range combat and as a result, the successive hits will be much easier and so the hits will increase more in number.

The sustained fire will cause high recoil which must be managed if you dream to give high damage. Multiple critical hits continuously will increase the power and effect of magazine capacity that allows you to fire for extended periods. And the surprise here is, doing this will not demand you in the reloading process.

Special Weapon

Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call is considered a special weapon because of the powerful shooting effects that it causes to the enemies. It is totally automatic. The critical hits that it emits return two bullets to the magazine and ricochet the other two bullets at the nearest enemy.

Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call Features

Borderlands 3 Rowan's Call Stats

This rifle comes under the type of Assault Rifle.

It consists of elements like Incendiary, Shock, and Radiation.

Borderlands 3 Rowman’s Call rocks when it is in damaging criteria because it holds nearly 584 points in it.

And when it comes to accuracy level it never puts you down, because it has over 53% of accuracy while targeting the enemies.

It gets superiority by getting over 63% in handling.

The reloading time it takes is very less and it needs just 3.1 seconds to reload entirely and then the burning rifle will be ready to rock its role.

Its firing rate is 6.93/S and this makes it the best one among all.

The magazine size of it is so high in number and it reveals that only after your enemies are dead you will have to refill your magazine. The magazine size of the Borderlands 3 Rowman’s Call is 24.

The weapon accuracy of this legendary rifle is 21%.

It has nearly +15% when it is viewed under the category reload speed.

Borderlands 3 Rowman’s Call has 1.7x weapon zoom.

Get them

We know your curiosity and eagerness to figure out where exactly you can find them after coming to know its tremendous positive side. And that is why we are here with this topic. You can definitely come to know where to find them and you need not wait for anyone, just go and grab them.

Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call can be obtained like any other loot source but you should remember one thing here. It has a high chance of dropping from Red Rain. Don’t worry you can find Red Rain in Slaughterstar 3000. This will help you get the rifle. And for refilling your magazine all you have to do is to score a critical hit using this weapon.

Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call vs Lucian’s Call

When it comes to appearance Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call seems to be ugly when compared to Lucian’s Call. But, the hitting effect is more with Rowan’s Call than in Lucian’s Call. Many players prefer Lucian’s Call for everything else. Some also prefer to have Rowan’s Call even if it’s ugly and expects a great damaging effect.

FAQs on Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call

How do you get Rowan’s call in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 Rowan’s Call can be got like any other loot source but you can highly expect them of dropping them from Red Rain.

Who drops Rowan’s call?

As it was mentioned earlier, you can expect them of being dropped from Red Rain and play accordingly.

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