Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes List

Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes

Wider utilization of video games is the result of larger innovations. Every new game becomes inadequate as there are lots and lots of competition when comparing one with the other. Even a simple one has a specific character that acquires the enthusiastic minds of people. Video games are considered an unimaginable creation where people are never bored of.

Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes are undoubtedly a trusted one through which the players move on with the game. The major role-playing irreplaceable part in the game is Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes. Setting up the best regards for the game is mainly contributed by the amazing feature rendered by Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes.

Borderlands Pre Sequel is a game that comes up as a third one in the series of Borderlands. It is an action role-playing game that is a first-person shooter that has been developed by 2K Australia and published by 2K games. It has both single-player and multi-player models. The game is all about attacking the enemies by the heroic players with various instruments updated in each of the versions.

The overall theme remains the same whereas the materials used to defeat the enemies differs with the various upgrade. This makes the play quite different from the levels. Each type of classes are unique in their own feature and reveals the special power. It is the game of creativity with extreme entertainment.

What is Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes?

As a result of players’ excitement, the game has been stepped into the third main category called Borderlands Pre Sequel. It appears as such a realistic vision for the viewers. Classes are those main highlighted characters in the game. Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes is the most tempting blog that every game user should get aware of.

Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes have been mainly categorized into four characters who are the main reason for the good work in the game. They carry out a smooth, promising characteristic and make use of their every single power in order to be rescued from the enemy. These four classes of supporters make help handsome Jack for reaching the highest power. This can be worked out with the help of special skilled trees that each hunter possesses in Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes.

1. Athena

Borderlands Pre Sequel Athena Class

A Non-Player Character called Athena is the first one to be mentioned in Borderlands. Later on, regarded as playable on Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes. This character is regarded as NPC in a theme called Secret Armory of General Knoxx. In the class ‘Gladiator.’ Athena’s character appears as an unexpected enemy in Crimson Lance, which is named Lance Assassin.

The voice actor for this character is Lydia Mackay. Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes one main character being featured is all about the vest of special skill in the tree’s name. The action skill is Kinetic Aspis.


Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes make sure they leave out with extreme productivity.


The main object of this tree is to maintain a defense force for Athena and her team. The concept of storing the more elemental damage type that can be marked as death is called a prismatic aegis. Followed by clear as the friends are gathered, and the damage bonus is probably earned. Arising to attack four enemies and returning back at the defeat of the last one named Wrath of the goddess.


The object of these Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes in this tree is Melee damage. It attacks the opponent and causes severe faults, resulting in greater health targets as Rend and Epicentre as attracting enemies closer, which is easy to fight, followed by a sudden attack called a blood rush. It absorbs a major caste in Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes.

Ceraunic Storm

Aims at shock elemental damage and Incendiary in Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes. Increased level of Maelstrom and smite called damage in little part and Zeus’ Rage rendering storm. Finally completed by Hades’ Shackles.

2. Nisha

Borderlands Pre Sequel Nisha Class

In Borderlands Pre Sequel Class, this one is the law bringer who moves to Lynchwood as a girlfriend of handsome jack. Nisha has the ability to lock up the enemies with her upgraded version of styles and delivers her best in defending. Her action skill is a showdown.

Law and order tree

Increases the level of survival with the object of gaining order, rough rider, discipline, and so on, resulting in great use and rendering melee-oriented buffs. These steps are so easy and simple that they restore damaged health. Blood of guilty defines the player’s health as been restored to five percent when the ally kills an enemy in the fields of Borderlands Pre Sequel Class.

Fan the hammer tree

It gives buffs to showdown and encourages low-sized magazine non – elemental pistols. This comes under the stages of Short Fused as the shots are dealt with bonus to stay away from other enemies followed by a pickpocket and one of Ya.

The Riflewoman tree

It sets out western trope skills that affect enemies to burst out at showdown and takes up the levels as Fistful of bullets, impatience, and unforgiven.

3. Claptrap

Borderlands Pre Sequel Claptrap Class

It has been remodeled by Jack called Fyrestone in Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes. Claptrap has been compiled of Valulthunter, a malware package. This maintenance the complete health security and its race is a Robot. The voice actor for this character is David Eddings and Jim Foronda.


This acts as edible damaged by burst as second wind and turns to an erotic action in saving the life by brilliant efforts and features.

I love you guys

It looks up to all his team players to build up their own ability with appropriate healing tools that are very important in Borderlands Pre Sequel Class.

Fragmanted Fragtrap tree

It reflects on sudden accidental happening and protects with wise ideas and covers up based on guns, rope deep, triple-locked, and so on. This strategic planning is of great reward.

4. Wilhelm

Borderlands Pre Sequel Wilhelm Class

The highlighted as an enforcer takes up the image of the leader in the Borderlands 2 series. He is a playable character who helps handsome jack. His action skill is Wolf and Saint. The voice leader of this character in Borderlands Pre Sequel Class is Bryan Massey.

Hunter killer tree

This aims at Wolf damage output that marks and targets which is marked by the saint to be easily pointed out with highly corrective steps as laser-guided, kill switch as running shortage of any of those needs will explode. Omega strike will be giving a bad missile to the targets.

Cyber Commando

It is moved through cybernetics with the alarming power fist that has the talent to cool it down. Then shock absorbers and vengeance cannon bring out the strategies and tricks to be used in the shooting.


It undergoes the activities to preserve the saint’s skills by looking out to efficient protocol as steep slow of walks and aiming at a target with weapons followed by zero-hours and overcharge. The main advantage of overcharge users is that they will have a higher level of fire rate, movement speed, reload speed, and regeneration of ammo.

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