Animal Crossing Stall Designs [2024]

Animal Crossing Stall Designs

Many of us would dream to start a business of our own but in reality, we would not step forward to it. And in that case, you can make your dream come true through this game. You can start your own stall with the items that you want, decorate it according to your wish and make it a trendy one among other designs in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Stall Designs are the different types of designs that you can place on your island. It is entirely of your own choice. You can either buy them or create them. Some of the basic and trendy stall designs are mentioned below.

Top Animal Crossing Stall Designs

Pizza Shop

Animal Crossing Pizza Shop

Food is a common factor that everyone would love to have on their table. And when it comes to Pizza you will definitely get mad at the picture and your mouth will start to long for it. The design code for these Animal Crossing Stall Designs can be found on Pinterest and having it in my place just fulfills my tummy.

Along with the stall, you will be able to get two brick ovens and as a surprise, you will get stone-baked pizza and to place them you can also use some tables or stools.

The entire place is greenery in nature to give an Italian feel and if you wish you can buy some pizza hats and the kinds of stuff related to that.

You can also add some of the other dishes like soups as a starter and behind the stall, you can decorate it with a panel full of spices that gives a feeling that all the pizzas are freshly prepared.

Book Shop

Animal Crossing Book Shop

I knew that not everyone has a craze over foods some get diverted to books and these animal crossing stall designs are for those people. You will definitely have a cupboard full of books kept there and some tables and chairs to sit and read them.

You could also design a separate magazine rack and allow some books to be scattered everywhere so that it gives a realistic look.

The colors that you choose must be light and elegant which will give a feel to read the books. The furniture that you are gonna use can be choosy and make it look very classy.

Toy Shop

Animal Crossing Toy Shop

These animal crossing stall designs are uniquely thought and perfectly created to give your island a cool mindset. Is there any toy lover here? As a basic fact, since it is a toy stall you will have to definitely place some toys all over the place near to your shop.

Here, they have used some Easter furniture and placed some balloons and flowers all over the place that exactly attracts many people. You could also use some illusion umbrella that looks much more creative to your Island.

Fish Market

Animal Crossing Fish Market

These animal crossing stall designs are entirely contrasted from the above one. The toy shop is something cute and the fish market shoes some dark and rude appearance. The stall is placed near the sea or any water body to denote that your fishes are fresh.

You can place a table and have a cutting board on it to indicate the cutting of fish and as an added decoration you can also place some fishing rods. You can choose different kinds of fish and display them on the table and do dry some of them. You should definitely have these stall designs on your island to make it perfect.

Record Shop

Animal Crossing Record Shop

These animal crossing stall designs might be a dream for some persons in reality and you can just make them come true here on your Island.

In this stall, you will have to place some of your favorite musical instruments on the table and try to place this stall under the tree so that you will get the flow to sing and play and also to record them.

Place some musical player and a mic that will be perfect for singing and recording. The entire setup is not so clumsy or messy rather simple and cute.

Coffee Stall

Animal Crossing Coffee Stall

These Coffee animal crossing stall designs are mostly used by all the players because everyone would definitely love to have coffee on their island. It is quite easy to set up this stall. All you have to do is to place a coffee machine on the table and some cups and saucers nearby.

As an added thought you can also place some snacks as a partner to your coffee mug. There can also be some books placed nearby so that you could enjoy reading with coffee.

Many more items can also be added to this stall but it all depends upon your idea and usage.

Newspaper Stand

Animal Crossing Newspaper Stand

These newspaper animal crossing stall designs are simple yet classy. It is absolutely your choice whether to keep it or not.

But, all you have to do is to place many bundles of newspaper in a rack and some of them on the table. Added to this, you can also place the typewriter and small coffee flask with few cups which is highly related to the newspapers.

It is a must to add some chairs and tables which suit the entire set up. You can also decorate the place with some beautiful flowers.

Flea Market

Animal Crossing Flea Market

These animal crossing stall designs can be of your choice and place the items that you wish for. It need not make any sense you can place whatever you want and it need not have any connection between them.

People can buy whatever they wish for without any specific item. Here, we have placed some musical instruments, a coffee kettle, a telephone, and a candle holder with some candles. Actually in reality this stall is very cool, right?

Plant Shop

Animal Crossing Plant Shop

You could find these Plant stall designs on everyone’s island and some might not prefer this, because we will use flowers probably in all the stalls as a decoration element. But in this stall, you will stuff the place with different kinds of flowers in varied colors. You can also place some pots near it to indicate that you are selling plant pots too. You can be very choosy over the flowers that you want to place in your stall.

Fruit Market

Animal Crossing Fruit Market

You really can’t take your eyes off these animal crossing stall designs because the entire place is decorated with fruits jewels and some of them are placed in baskets and some are really fresh hanging in trees.

You can choose your favorite fruits and have them on the table, and one juice mixer to get juices with cups. This is highly preferable and place some chairs and make it a perfect place for relaxation. The color of the carpet that you use must suit the fruits that you select.

The entire setup is so elegant and good-looking.

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