Borderlands 3 Zane Leveling Build

borderlands 3 zane leveling build

Borderlands 3 Zane Leveling Build would mainly focus on acting skills and defense. Zane is not regarded as powerful as Moze or Fl4k but he is the only vault hunter capable of equipping two action skills at once. Our Guide will take you through the full Borderlands 3 Zane Leveling Build and extra bits you must keep in your mind while playing. 

Borderlands 3 Zane Leveling Build

With the proper utilization of this build, you will be indestructible. Life steal, damage resistance and regeneration will make sure your cooldowns won’t stop you from freezing your enemies. Your damage will be dependent on your acting skills. 

Hitman Tree (Levels 2-7)

Equip SNTNL as a single action skill to get going with the grenades at Level 2. You won’t be needing two action skills yet as the enemies are not very powerful. Spend 5 points into Violent Momentum for increased gun damage the faster you move (after Level 3). 

Hitman Tree (Levels 8-13)

Apply the augment Winter’s Drone to convert SNTNL‘s damage into cryo on the second tier. On the surface, it will only reduce your damage a bit but it also gives your drone a chance to freeze your enemies. Spend 2 points into Salvation for a life steal. Get back to first-tier and spend 3 points on Violent Speed to increase movement speed for synergy with the Violent Momentum.

Spend a point in the third tier into Death Follows Close to increasing the impact and duration of your kill skills. Apply the augment Bad Dose on your drone for bonus fire rate and movement speed while also radiating the living daylights out of your enemies. 

Hitman Tree (Levels 14-17)

borderlands 3 zane leveling build guide

Start with spending 2 more points on Violent Speed and Salvation. Now apply the augment Boomsday to get rockets from SNTNL for further damage and AoE. Remember to add the augment Almighty Ordinance for the ability to send a barrage of missiles. Killing an enemy will reset the duration for SNTNL

Doubled Agent Tree  (Levels 8-22)

With your SNTNL upgraded for maximum damage, head over to the Doubled Agent (orange) tree. Switch your grenades at Level 18 for the Digi-clone. Spend 5 points into Synchronicity to gain up to 40% gun damage while using 2 action skills!

Doubled Agent Tree (Levels 23-28)

On the second tier, apply the augment Binary System to gain the ability to trigger a cryo nova when swapping places with your clone. Spend a point into Fractal Frags, to compensate for the missed out grenades. Spend 4 points into Duct Tape Mod for a chance to shoot a grenade from your weapon. Spend a point into Quick Breather for immediate shield recharge when swapping with your clone and when finished applying the augment Which One’s Real? to focus all aggro on your clone with time to recover. 

Under Cover Tree (Levels 29-33)

Spend 5 points into Adrenaline for up to 35% cooldown rate on your acting skills on the UnderCover tree. This will decrease Digi-clone’s cooldown from 28 to 18 seconds and SNTNL‘s cooldown from 60 to 39 seconds, which in turn will enable both actions to be ready for even more fights.

Under Cover Tree (Levels 34-43)

Spend 5 points into Brain Freeze on the second tier to slow and freeze your enemies with any type of weapon. Spend a point into Confident Competence for up damage along with accuracy when your shields are active to increase your survival skills. Spend 2 points into Stiffer Upper Lip for damage resistance and 2 more into Rise to the Occasion, which will allow you to regenerate health whenever your shields deplete.

Under Cover Tree (Levels 44-48)

Spend a point into Best Served Cold to be able to send out a cryo nova after killing an enemy on the fourth tier. Adding more points in this skill will just result in increased damage but we want it only to freeze enemies in the AoE. Spend a point into Futility Belt to convert all damage you take into non-elemental with a 15% increase to non-elemental damage resistance.

borderlands 3 zane rise to the ocassion

Spend another point into Really Expensive Jacket to reduce all elemental effect duration on you by half. On the second tier, spend a point into Stiffer Upper Lip and another point into Rise to the Occasion.

Under Cover Tree (Levels 49-50)

Now spend a point into Calm, Cool, Collected. After you are done killing an enemy, your shields get recharged, if skills are full then automatically your health regenerates. If your health is full already then your action skill cooldowns and durations are reset.

This skill will allow you to dish out action skills, regardless of your cooldown. Players will have Best Served Cold and Brain Freeze to freeze enemies and augment Binary system even without a cryo weapon. Spend the last point on Refreshment to get an additional life steal when damaging a frozen enemy.

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