Borderlands 3 Farming for Legendary Items

Borderlands 3 Farming

Borderlands 3 contains many legendary weapons, shields, grenade mods, artifacts, and multiple class mods. You can see these things in the entire game. In some scenarios, the legendary items can be challenging to find, or you might face a difficult time spawning at some moments.

Fortunately, many players have discovered multiple Borderlands 3 Farming Locations which are easy to farm, and if you face any difficulties gaining a particular legendary, you have been hunting for. Some farming sites will offer hundreds of legendaries and can store at the Sanctuary. Alternatively, it can be sold if you face any urgent financial requirement. So without spending some extra time, we will look at some of the best farming locations available for legendaries in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Farming Bosses

1. Graveward


Graveward can be found on Eden 6, and it will appear when you are running the campaign in Borderlands 3. You will notice that Graveward is one of the best bosses for farming legendary items in the game. You can consider directly spawn to the boss arena. Also, the Graveward fight can be very effortless for you, and by having the correct built, you can kill the enemies within seconds.

You will see a Lob Shotgun at Gravewards in his dedicated loot pool. And it is one of the best shotguns ever received from you in the game. Apart from that, he will drop upwards of eight or nine legendaries at one moment. You will also get a vault hidden directly behind him, and it contains various chests that can get you legendaries.

2. Arms Race

Arms Race

You can access the Arms Race initially by activating the quest on the Sanctuary. Further, you can teleport from the fast travel menu. Arms Race is one of the newest additions, and it will behave like a royal battle. You can get raised into a vast area that consists of multiple segments, and each will contain its own specific chest. You will also experience murdercane moving, but it will appear more later.

You need to move around and get the weapons and have something to compete with them. Taking down the enemies will provide you with legendary items. But most of them will come from different chests located in multiple areas. As the clock ticks and on, the murdercane will start shrinking, preventing you from reaching particular locations of the game map. You must remember to avoid getting hit by the murdercane and bringing it to the final legendary boss, which will hold your exclusive hard-earned loot in the game.

3. Rampager


In the game, you can search and get Rampager at Promethea while campaigning the Borderlands 3. The Rampager has become the best, and favorite farming location and the credit goes to a variety of updates. Apart from needing to move through annoying immunity levels, the Rampager is an excellent farming spot where you can gain a ton of legendary gear.

Apart from that in the game, the Rampager drop will offer multiple world drop items. Still, sometimes it will also drop the Mayhem level 4 only weapons, popularly known as Good Juju. You also have the option to skip the needing to exit the game for farming the Rampager. You just have to simply wait till the boss is in the dying animation and later enter the vault door. Then you can quickly turn around, leave the vault and once again defeat the boss.

4. Psychoreaver & Valhalla

Psychoreaver & Valhalla

In Borderlands 3 game, the Psychoreaver will appear as the final boss of DLC4: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck. Psychoreaver is not an easy boss to compete and defeat, but when it is defeated, you can enter Vaulthalla. You will notice Vaulthalla will be filled with chests. Also, you will be able to gain more legendary items. There are two bonus rooms available in the game, and you can enter if you successfully solve them.

If you want the bonus room to open, you have to shoot multiple buttons available outside the boss room. They are available in the boss room, followed by the vault available inside. After shooting them all, you can enter the first bonus room. Secondly, you will be authorized to enter the second room after shooting more buttons open in the bonus room.

5. Slaughter Shaft

Slaughter Shaft

You will find the Slaughter Shaft at the Promethea located in the central city. The Slaughter Shaft is the best way available for the farm legendaries for any problematic situation. Even you are playing the game without mayhem mode, which can result in tons of legendaries getting dropped from the enemies in the arena. There are no specific and dedicated drops available in the arenas of Slaughter Shaft, and every world can be plunged as a result of this and thus makes it very useful.

But there is only one issue with this farming method, and it is that it is effortless to do with friends if you don’t have the correct built.

6. Freddie


You can meet with Freddie on the Handsome Jack available from DLC 1: Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. You will meet him at the end before competing with the final boss. Freddie is the Traitor boss in the game, which will rise in the initial Borderlands 3 DLC. While rising up in the area, you will meet with several enemies to kill the boss. He will melt like butter on a heated sidewalk. But there is only one issue with Freddie, the Traitor: The half legendaries he will drop are dedicated to the DLC. But he will still continue to drop other legendaries from the primary game.

The following boss is also straightforward to farm compared to others because you have to simply teleport and make him respawn in the game.

7. Killavolt


You can get Killavolt during the primary campaign of Borderlands 3 available in Lecta City. While playing the game, you may remember the Killavolt from the primary campaign during the brief visit to Lecta City. Surprisingly, it is effortless to kill the boss and has a casting pool, and the credit goes to the updates launched by the Gearbox. He will also drop some of the best weapons of the game, for example, Monarch.

You can also easily farm the Killavolt, who are unwilling to exit the game every time they kill. You have to just kill themselves after defeating him. They will respawn outside the arena, where you can get back down and kill Killavot once again.

8. Eista The Invincible

Eista The Invincible

Eista was added during the second DLC and is known as Guns, Love, and Tentacles. This DLC cannot be accessible by you, but it contains some of the best farming areas. Eista the Invincible is a boss which you can kill quickly by having a correct build.

9. Scraptrap Nest

Scraptrap Nest

When you are in the Scraptrap Nest, you must fight with multiple bosses at the moment. The primary reason is that the following boss is worth farming. It can drop various legendaries with weapons as the recursion, which contains ricocheting rounds.

The latest process to farm the Scraptrap Nest has been researched. If you are willing to farm the boss and just run out of the boss arena as they would continue the story. They will be stopped at the edge of the cliff before being dropdown in the game. Wait for some time in and move back towards the boss arena for respawning the boss in the game.

10. Tom & Xam

Tom & Xam

In Borderlands 3, Tom and Xam are the bosses that spawn in the second DLC of the game. There is a trick for farming them, and you do not have to reload the entire game.  And if you run out of the boss arena, simply kill any one of them and travel quickly out. You will notice they both will get respawn.

It will create farming for legendaries very smooth as you will no longer have to quit the game. The bosses will also offer all the world drop legendaries. And it is excellent as they can come from the second DLC and the critical match.

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