Borderlands 3 Gunner Build (Moze) To One Shot Enemies

Borderlands 3 Gunner Build (Moze)

Borderlands 3 Gunner Build will help you take down a bunch of your enemies with splash damage in Moze build. Melt your enemies’ health in the blink of an eye and make the most of your build with our guide.

Read on to know more about Borderlands 3 Gunner Build, recommended skills, and build breakdowns!

Moze The Gunner

Borderlands 3 Moze Gameplay

Moze The Gunner a.k.a Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna‘s Action Skills summon Iron Bear, her mech. With a total of seven action skills divided into four skills, Moze has two slots for action skills. Moze with her world-shattering explosions has a knack for grenades and blowing things up in general.

Her strengths include high burst and damage output while being safe. Her independence from gear is a plus! On the downside, her power is tied to mech, which will make things trickier during the cooldown. Moze’s skill to obliterate everything in her sight makes her one of the most unstoppable characters of all time.

Borderlands 3 Gunner Build

Borderlands 3 Moze Gunner Build

Moze The Gunner will be able to choose between three different guns to equip her Iron Bear with. You can still customize Moze and Iron Bear with the help of her three distinct skill trees:

Demolition Woman – Like the term suggests you need to upgrade this skill for a highly explosive Borderlands 3 Gunner Build for Moze. It focuses on both splash damage and grenade spam. The associated weapons are a Grenade Launcher and Rockets.

Shield of Retribution – This focuses on giving Moze build very high survivability by sacrificing health for gigantic amounts of shields that keep you from harm. The associated weapons are a Railgun and close-range Bear Fist.

Bottomless Mags – Gives Moze a tonne of magazine size and regenerating ammo that lets her fire constantly. Associated weapons include a Minigun and a Flamethrower.

Demolition Woman, Hammerdown Protocol Focus

Increase your damage potential as early as you can with the first few points. Put 8 points into the Bottomless Mags tree first. Put 5 into Cloud Of Lead to get some incendiary damage going and add 3 into Stoke The Embers to increase incendiary damage.

Head out to Demolition Woman tree, invest in Fire In The Skag Den for further incendiary damage. Make the most of Iron Bear with 3 points into Deadlines.

Get even more explosive by putting 5 points into Means Of Destruction. Put 3 points into Pull The Holy Pin and pick up Auto Bear to unlock the next tier.

Put 3 points into Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades? and unlock the tiers of the Demolition Woman tree. It will include Short Fuse Capstone and the very important Hammerdown Protocol Skill Augment.

Make sure you do not blow up yourself while doing it all. Head back to Bottomless Mags tree to invest in Cloud Of LeadRedistribution and especially Scorching RPMs for additional utility and damage. Assign a point to Specialist Bear to increase the damage of both the Hammerdown Rockets by 25%.

Bottomless Mags Double Minigun Saga

Investing in the Bottomless Mags will work pretty well with the other two methods. You can fire both inside and outside with your deadly dual Miniguns. Invest 5 points in Cloud Of Lead and 3 points in Stoke The Embers. Get good damage potential early on.

We have already put 10 points in Demolition Woman and another 12 in Shield of Retribution. Now you have to keep assigning these points amongst the gradual leveling of the Bottomless Mags tree. Unlock weapons early on and use the Let Off Some Steam Skill Augment to amp the damage as heat increases. Invest down in the center of the green tree and let your DPS increase with pickups.

Shield of Retribution, Railgun + Rockets Build

This Borderlands 3 Gunner Build for Moze relies heavily on Shield Of Retribution. It focuses on boosting your shields and keeping your damage to a minimum with the help of Railgun and Vanquisher Rocket Pods. There will be no more investing now.

Put Armored Infantry and 5 into Selfless Vengeance to increase survivability without shields up. Pick up 1 cost skills like Experimental MunitionsSecurity Bear, and Full Can Of Whoop-Ass. Put 3 points into Thin Red Line to get increased shield levels at the cost of health that synergizes perfectly with Desperate Measures.

Overcharging on gun damage and health is also advisable. Head to Demolition Woman tree and pick up DeadlinesGrizzled, and Stainless Steel Bear to extend the time spent in the Iron Bear.

Head back to the orange tree and max out on every skill. The combination of Thin Red LineBehind The Iron CurtainPhalanx DoctrineForce Feedback, and Tenacious Defense will make sure you never run out of shields.

Double Flamethrower Build

Create a build that’s all about dual-wielding Flamethrowers. Get investing in Bottomless Mags, all the way down to the Forge Capstone. The combination of Cloud Of Lead/Stoke The Embers will help you with early damage while unlocking Flamethrowers.

Make the most of your dual-wielding flame-throwing Iron Bear with Specialist Bear. Build up the tree with Deadlines, Grizzled, and Stainless Steel Bear to extend your time spent in Mech. Pull The Holy PinVampyr, and To The Last will give you extra utility will turn you into a killing machine!

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