Borderlands 3 Widowmaker – Legendary Grenade Guide

Borderlands 3 Widowmaker

Taking up new ideas, undergoing consumer satisfaction research, and letting out the best innovation ever is all expected from the team of role-playing action video games. Positively everything is going beyond the expectation and people start to feel the extreme level of adventure that is no low of the real world. The technology, tasks at levels, the rewards, and all those that stand as a feature definitely inspire and attract the users.

Borderlands 3 Widowmaker is a notable role-playing subject for the users to undergo. It effectively produces what is expected and gives the fullest of it. Widowmaker seems to be the good referred instrument among the pro fighters because of its unlimited efficient delivery with satisfying actions.

Borderlands 3 is the action shooting game that has been aroused from the series Borderlands. It’s an adventure fulfilling game that allows the player to do missions and quests. It also encourages by rewarding with weapons and other sources. The game totally vests on four vault hunters on different fields.

The game has been released on September 13, 2019, on the platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. But it lacked a cross-play feature. Later on, it came up with only the best use on all availability by June 2021. It is the satisfying one for all virtual shooters.

What is Borderlands 3 Widowmaker?

What is the most welcoming one in the action game? It’s the weapon. Not a simple one but a fast and efficient one that targets the enemy. The fighters always expect the weapon they use in the game should be the most powerful one to attack.

It holds guns, pistols, swords, or even grenades. Yes, Widowmaker is the type of grenade with ultimate uses to the players. Therefore it is called Borderlands 3 Widowmaker.

The Widowmaker

There are plenty of exploding weapons available in the game of Borderlands 3. These grenades are of various types and ranked according to their feature.

One among those best is Borderlands 3 Widowmaker. It is a grenade mod that gives huge damage to the target and helps in victory.

It is a Legendary weapon that is manufactured by Hyperion, Tediore, Vladof, and Torgue. Looting the corpse of Aurelia Hammerlock in the Black barrel Cellars these four manufacturers held in the process of handling this grenade mode.

The elements of Widowmaker are listed as Corrosive, Cryo, Incendiary, Radiation, Shock, or None.

Widowmaker Grenade Stats

It is the successful one listed that is suitable for the enemy. The name Borderlands 3 Widowmaker has been inspired by the character on overwatch that randomly matches its abilities and features.

Widowmaker physically looks like a broad arrow with needlepoint complied with colorful elements that fill all the major front views of the weapon.

The disaster result of this weapon will be huge and getting along this good one is lesser than stepping some uncomfortable times.

Functions of Widowmaker

It gives out indispensable functions on attacking processes even at huge targets. It really acts as players’ beneficiaries based on its use.

When the player initially just renders it out by letting in air, it has a different use and when operated it renders a different one. Based on the enemy’s attack the fighter can make use of it accordingly.

As said earlier when Borderlands 3 Widowmaker is thrown it creates a landmine that is not a suitable one to the opponent.

It created this disaster after 10 seconds of the impact which helps in defusing the vital power of the enemy. It really scatters the focus and makes the war even easier.

At the same time when it is triggered, it will just pop into the air, and during the time of the explosion that will entirely damage the 4 rockets which cause a major underlying attack on the nearby enemies.

This results in a sufficient successful end to regain a reward or good living in the game. Borderlands 3 Widowmaker is a more powerful attacking weapon on an enemy that has different advantages based on its uses.

The Versions

The weapon is entirely a good one to be adapted. Moreover, the manufacture of this Borderlands 3 Widowmaker is of four types. Therefore there are also four different versions of slight good changes on the operation. Each one is best to its role and would have the salient features of objects.

The manufacturer Hyperion, Tediore, Vladof, and Torgue designed with very minute change without involving huge differences. Based on their actions the results are determined and the situations are handled in the way they have to be.

Getting knowledge about its functional changes really helps the users to classify according to their needs. The versions and their point of change are listed below one by one.

Hyperion Widowmaker

The Hyperion Widowmaker is the first one to be spoken of regarding its function. The main object of this delivery is it has a longbow/teleport mechanic system on its usage.

Tediore Widowmaker

In this version, the action takes place only after a short period of the happening of impact. After few seconds of the attack, this Widowmaker explodes and results in heavy disaster towards the field.

Vladof Widowmaker

This brand of version is quite different from the before version of Borderlands 3 Widowmaker. The exploding function here does not take much time nor does not wait any longer after the impact. Immediately at the happening of impact it relentlessly delivers the explosion.

Torgue Widowmaker

This one is a little similar to Vladof as this explodes on impacting an enemy. No good signs left to the opponent is the finest victory of the player which can be considered on this Borderlands 3 Widowmaker.

All these four versions are adaptable based on the enemy, environment, or situation and they also give the best function inscribed. But when coming to picking up one suitable for all times is Vladof Version of Widowmaker. It gives an immediate response to the situation without any wait.

Vladof Widowmaker gives more flexibility and control for the player over the situation and helps him/her for the next move without any further distractions or delay. By doing so the chances of wrong happenings will be randomly reduced and the action goes perfect on the player’s hands. It moves towards grabbing the best time on crucial things. Therefore it is referred in case of all comparisons regarding the usages.

How to get Borderlands 3 Widowmaker?

Borderlands 3 Widowmaker Drop

Most of the weapon in-game Borderlands 3 is grabbed or taken from the person called enemy who drops it on his fall. Those are subjected to effective use that is expected and renders infinite advantage. Therefore Borderlands 3 Widowmaker has the chance of getting into the player’s hands by dropping the chance from Max.

Max is located in the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea field. By going through it and having a deep study about the weapon and character all types of players could get hold of it and handle it in the much easier way possible. The other way is getting it from any suitable loot source anonymously and expected from world drops. But the wider chance is getting it through Max on the game Borderlands 3.

Finally, Widowmaker is the stands as an instrument with vital use on the base of its functions and has grown applicable for all types of players.

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