Borderland 3 One Punch Guide

Borderland 3 One Punch

Borderland 3 is an action sequel game format that gives the series an advanced clarification of battlefield arena setup. Every character has its identification that helps players to fight against an opponent in the game. The game was published by 2k games and developed by Gearbox Software, and released for multiple platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox series, PlayStation 4 on September 13, 2019, and for macOS on October 30, 2019.

Borderland 3 One Punch character has its charm and ability to define, and that character will gain increment in experience and rewards. One punch describes as a character of male gender enemy(boss) in the game from the children of the vault group.

It has unique capabilities in borderland three and was spot in the subway area of Lectra city; vault hunters are eligible to solve numerous puzzles to swap this character.

Tactics Against Borderland 3 One Punch

It has initially been described that the vault hunter would only solve the puzzle if he wanted to fight with One Punch or swap with the enemy. To accomplish puzzles, players want to perform and switch on all the five-screen of the stories hung on the wall.

For quick action and result, the player must attempt to hit the handle of the floor twice and then twirl the valve of the next stakes for a powerful comeback. It was challenging to fight with One Punch as its efficient ability to attack with one hit kill in the fight.

The effective way for vault hunter to defeat One Punch is to burst him as fast as possible. The reliable transfer guide makes it harder to knock out on the head of One Punch, as it is considered a critical spot to make him fall. Players must choose characters with incendiary weapons, as One Punch never wears a shield with him.

You can opt to perform with flame throwers because of their indirect attack its do One Punch more puzzle to fight that makes him quickly lay down to defeat. So Long Musket will be the best character to fight with this enemy in the battle.

Severe damages related to weapons and their bullets are wagon wheel, Juliet’s dazzle, hyperfocus XZ41 are very efficient to mark him out of the zone.

Devastators and Roisen’s thorns are the variants of grenades and weapons that focus on the small area explosion with powerful splash hits.

Borderland 3 One Punch Strategy For Every Character


Borderland 3 One Punch Build

FL4K character will use the distraction technique with the help of his pet to tackle Borderland 3 One Punch and give them high damage attacks at once at a critical spot. Their specialty may create some issues in the fight, but its focused abilities on damage areas will help defeat the enemy.


Moze is one of the most straightforward characters to fight with and will pursue most damage headshot as soon as One Punch appears, which will make him kill at the spot with the help of Railgun action skill power.

In case if the players will not be able to mark the shot, it will grant you enough time to refill the railgun before Borderland 3 One Punch reaches the end.

Apart from Moze, the player can use an auto bear that stickily came forward from Moze that took the position of his iron bear facing towards the door of the cage and the levers; he will aim the railgun immediately on the head of one Punch for attack after it gets refill to defeat the enemy.


The powerful female character with extraordinary efficient abilities is here to defeat One Punch by her shots. The headshot attack or Tediore SMG, with the help of a shotgun, makes the enemy make him beat in a short period.

He has the only chance to fight inside from the switch room. After having the gun, if the Amara pursue to have points either on Mystical assault’s gun or fist of the elements damage skill.

He will be unable to reach the end of the hall and knock her, so it was an ultimate defeat for One Punch.


The clone advantages will make Zane overcome from Borderland 3 One Punch attacks, as he cannot defeat the clone in one hit, but if he attacks it initially, it will create mighty destruction on the stage of Mayhem mode two.

The mod class of Zane’s infiltration will provide an increase of 20% in the speed during the fight and the weapon damage. With the help of double-barrel skill, players can give a copy of the clone of Zane or provide an output of damage from matched bullets to make decrements in his health points right before the attack to the clone in the second round.

The tactics and strategy of Borderland 3 One Punch characters will help you to know them better and then you can control the character as per your requirement.

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