Fallout 76 Halloween Update: Halloween Just Got Better!

Fallout 76 Halloween Update

Fallout 76 Halloween update brings the best of Halloween to your door! Halloween is the time for creaking floorboards, cobwebs, and ghosting (not the one your crush did). Video games of all kinds have added the Halloween spice in their cauldron.

The Fallout for instance has created a spooktacular Halloween update! Launched by Bethesda Softworks, the Fallout 76 Halloween update will spook the residents of Appalachia. The update is now live and players will have to face the Spooky Scorched enemies! Defeat your fiercest foes and get rewarded with legendary items!

Fallout 76 Halloween Update: What’s Spooking?

The residents of Appalachia will find no peace these few days. Prowling Scorched in the Wasteland will be hounding for Halloween treats and once you hunt them down you will be rewarded with Mystery Candy, and Spooky Treat Bags (containing special rewards)!

The players will also be receiving Daily Challenges to trick-or-treat at others’ C.A.M.P.s. They will also have the ability to give out treats to others from their own Spooky Candy Bowls.

The Fallout 76 Halloween update will also make sure you have scary weekend plans! Bomb Drop Day,  Script Surplus, discounts on Atom Packs along with a Free Play Week will keep you hooked throughout your weekend.

Fallout 76 Halloween Update: Patch Notes

Spooky Scorched

Players will receive a legendary item every time they take a Spooky Scorched down. The Spooky Scorched can spawn as 1, 2, or 3-star legendaries.

Fallout 76 Halloween Update Spooky Scorched

Players will also get their very own Spooky Treat Bag. This Spooky Treat Bag, when opened will provide you with consumables, ammo, and a chance at some Halloween-themed Plans.

Lastly, you will receive a piece of Mystery Candy. Yes, the update has combined two of the most thrilling things you could imagine into one. You will be able to eat the Mystery Candy to get one of five random buffs, which may include stat boosts or even Nukashine-like effects. But do not devour everything up, save some for trick-or-treating!

Note: Spooky Scorched will not be able to spawn inside.

Trick Or Treat

Fallout 76 Halloween Update Trick or Treat

What’s the fun in events if you don’t get free stuff? Claim a free Spooky Candy Bowl in the Atomic Shop before 2nd November and let it brim with Mystery Candy for you and other trick-or-treaters to relish!

Loot Spooky Scorched to grab Mystery Candy or try buying a few with Caps from train station vendors around Appalachia. Players can place their Spooky Candy Bowl in an easy-to-spot obvious place where the trick-or-treaters can find it!

Note: Spooky Candy Bowls cannot be placed inside shelters.

Once you’ve grabbed a Mystery Candy and added it to your Spooky Candy Bowl, your C.A.M.P. will show a pumpkin icon on the map to inform other dwellers about the treat!

In case your Spooky Candy is empty, the pumpkin icon will disappear till you’ve filled it again.

A trick-or-treater will only be able to take one piece of candy from your bowl per hour, hence you wouldn’t have to worry about someone hoarding candies.


Fallout 76 New Challenges

Earn plenty of rewards by playing the daily and weekly challenges that will go on till 2nd November.

In the Daily Challenges, players will be able to receive several rewards such as any consumable item, Perk Card Pack, Lunchbox, Repair Kit, or some S.C.O.R.E.

In the Weekly Challenges, players will have to give candy to trick-or-treaters to be awarded S.C.O.R.E., rare crafting materials, or even Halloween costumes. You will receive a new Popcorn Machine for your C.A.M.P. if you nail both the weekly challenges!

Explore the Wasteland! Open the map to locate C.A.M.P.s with a pumpkin icon. The icon indicates that the owner has a full Spooky Candy Bowl.

The update provides you with a vast array of costume options so make sure you use them! Wear a costume while taking a Mystery Candy to receive Challenge credit.

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