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Didn't See That Coming Trophy

Getting every single trophy is a hobby of many players playing the games. With perfection to every playable game, these trophies are a good metric to understand how well the player played the game.

Didn’t See That Coming Trophy is a special award that is received by players when players disable the Security Control Centers on FND Bases. These Centers are located in many different locations where you can achieve this trophy.

This walkthrough will guide you through the easiest way to get this trophy.

Didn’t See That Coming Trophy Location

Didn't See That Coming Trophy Location

The Didn’t See that coming Trophy of Far Cry 6 is obtained at the Isabel Steppes of Conuco. In there, you will find the location in Valle Prohistorico Military Target in El Este.

The Didn’t See that coming Trophy location is shown on the map with a red crate sign. You need to follow that to reach the security control center to get the Trophy.

How to Get the Trophy

The Didn’t see that coming Trophy of Far Cry 6 uses security control centers. These security control centers are found in some FND bases. In our case, we’ll go to the FND Base located in Valle Prehistorico at Isabel Steppes of Conuco. Though the Security Control Centers are not located at every FND base, you can look for them at some bases.


The security control center looks like wall panels similar to alarms which will disable all the security measures like cameras and alarms present in the FND base.


In the base, they are usually found behind a locked door which generally requires a key. This key can be found from the sergeant at the base. You might also have to kill the sergeant there on your way to getting the key to the security control center.


Upon getting the key to the security control center, you need to head down through the hole there. Then take a left, which will lead you to that room.


Then use the key to enter the security control center. There you need to find the security control box in the room. This box is present towards the left of the door on entering.

Then interact with the security control system and cut off the wires of the device to disable the security system. By doing this, you will be able to get through the security without any problem.

But the “Didn’t See that coming” Trophy of Far Cry 6 can not be unlocked that easily. To do so, you need to interact with the security controls properly. For that, press the square button on the center of the screen to complete the disablement of the security control system.


The disabling of the security control system will earn you one arrow and 10 LMG Ammo as a reward, along with the Didn’t See that coming Trophy.

Alternative Location

If you need any other way to earn the Didn’t See that coming Trophy, you can also look for that in the different FND base, Maria Marquessa Productions military target.

There you need to head into the military base after killing few guards there. Then you need to disable the alarm by interacting with it. From there, head to the building from the doorway present on the left side.

Upon entering there, you will find a key on the desk in the front pick that up and head to the first floor of the building, where you will find a room.

Open that using the key, collect the scrap, and use the FND control to disable the security control, thereby interacting with it.

Upon completing this mission, you will get two sniper rifle Ammo, four recycled glass, and the Didn’t See that coming Trophy.


If you ever get caught in the game or something goes wrong, then there is no need to worry. You need to go to the system in the menu.

You need to choose the reload Autosave to go back to start, or you can also blow up yourself to respawn and retry clearing the mission to get the Didn’t See that coming Trophy.

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