How to Play Roblox Twilight Daycare?

How to play Roblox Twilight Daycare

The team of Nighty Studio developed and launched the Twilight Daycare game on the Roblox platform. This is an RPG Genre-based game, and it was released in March 2021.

The game allows you to play with a maximum of 20 players to join and enjoy. So, in this article, we will look at How to Play Roblox Twilight Daycare if you are playing it for the first time.

How to Play Roblox Twilight Daycare

Selecting The Role

Once you get yourself into Twilight Daycare, select your gaming character role. There are two known roles in the game so far i.e Baby or Caretaker. The task of Baby is to create a nuisance for caretakers and caretakers have to manage them.

Playing as a Baby

Twilight Daycare Playing as a Baby

In this section, we will discuss how you can enjoy this game by being a baby. There are several different characters available in this game, and the baby character is one of the cutest gaming characters in the game. The hair color, dress color of this character are designed very beautifully.

In the game when you will see the green-colored button on the screen written with Start. It will be located below the center of the screen. Simply click on this button to start the game. When you click on the following button, you will be placed inside a beautifully decorated room, and other characters are also moving around you. Here you will look adorable and can crawl everywhere in the room. When you crawl around for some moments, you will notice a caretaker running and getting close to you.

Interacting With Caretaker

Twilight Daycare Interacting With Caretaker

She will lift you up and then take you to another section of the building. But if you click on the “Ask” Button, she will drop you off. You will notice the “Ask” button located on the right bottom corner of the gaming screen. You can crawl around and get into a closed fenced section where it is filled with a variety of toys. In the background, you will see the caretakers will pick, run and drop other babies. When you are inside the fence, you see a cute miniature dollhouse. Go towards the dollhouse and other toys.


In the game, you will notice an Emotes Button when you click on it. After click on it, you will see a list of Emotions with small emoticons. It indicates various human emotions. Click on any Emoticon. For example, first, try and click on the laughing emoticon. You will see your baby character in the game start laughing out loud; if you click on the crying emoticon, your baby character will begin to cry loudly in the game.

Playing Toys

Twilight Daycare Playing Toys

Move around and explore a variety of toys in that section. Try moving close towards a Rattle. When you get closed to it, click on it, and you will notice a Rattle on your baby’s hand. When the rattle is in your hand, you will see two more buttons available on the right corner of the screen. On one, “Ask” will be mentioned, and “Drop” will be noted on the second button. If you click on the “Drop” button, your baby will drop the toy available on its hand. So move around your character and get close to a caretaker. Click on the Ask Button, and the following Caretaker will lift you and take you a little upstairs.

After reaching there, you will notice the room is divided into several sections like Toys Zone, Ball Pit, Library, and Classroom. You will see yourself sitting in a stroller. The Caretaker will take you inside the classroom and make you sit on a bench. Drop the toy and click on the Bag. A red-colored bag icon will be displayed on the top of the game screen. There will be no clothes inside your Bag. So she will lift you again and take you down. Here you will be made to swim inside a tiny swimming pool

You can click on the drop button and get down. You can see a slide climb on it and enjoy the slide, but unfortunately, you get stuck inside the swimming pool and cannot come out of it. Here in this situation, click on the Cry Button, and your baby character will start crying. But it will not help you unless you notice someone close to you.

Reset the game and again click on the Ask Button by moving closer to the Caretaker. She will take you to a corner where you can do the drawing. Next, she will carry you towards the Reading Room, where you can pick a book and start reading it. After completing this section again, she will pick you up and make you move around. You will be taken to Twilight Day Care and drop in the Ball Pit.

You can enjoy yourself in this Ball Pit by crawling on the slide, going up, crossing the tunnel, and sliding down again. Hopefully, there will be an exit to move out, and your Caretaker will be available there. Again click on the Ask Button to get picked up, and she will take you to the Houses. When you are near the feeding zone, click on the cry emotion, and the Caretaker will feed you with baby food.

After being feed, the Caretaker will take you towards the park, but unfortunately, you cannot enjoy the park at this moment. The Caretaker will take you back to the house, and she will change your diaper. Now your baby character will be happy, and the Caretaker will again take you to the park. Click on the Wiggle, and you will be crawling in the park and enjoy the rides. The Caretaker will take care if you face any difficulties in enjoying the ride.

Other Tasks

Twilight Daycare Other Tasks

Now you will be hungry, and the Caretaker will pick you up and take you back to the house. There she will give you a bottle because your baby character is thirsty and will make you sit on the chair, keep a bowl of baby food, and feed your baby character. As it is night now and your baby character is all set, the Caretaker will take you to the camping area and make you sit near the bonfire, and will feed you marshmallows.

But unfortunately, you fall sick, and it will take you in the air, and you will click on the crying emotion. Your Caretaker will take you to the medical room now and take care of you and make you completely alright.

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Final Words

Thus, in this way, you can be enjoying playing the Twilight Daycare on Roblox. You are more capable of doing more things than what we have mentioned above in this article, and you can enjoy this game. This article is basically focused and recommended for the players who are planning to play this game or playing this game for the first time. We hope you enjoyed the article felt great, and we have made you more excited to play the Twilight Daycare game on the Roblox platform.

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2 years ago

I Will Be A Caretaker

Pratik Kinage
2 years ago
Reply to  MateyoV

I always respect caretakers 😛 They have to go through all the nuisance that babies create.

yap yu ru
yap yu ru
2 years ago

How to go play?

Pratik Kinage
2 years ago
Reply to  yap yu ru

Head over to Roblox and log in to your account. Then either search for Twilight Daycare in the Experiences. Then Press the Green Play button to start playing the game right away.