Top 20 Animal Crossing Rare Villagers [2022]

Animal Crossing Rare Villagers

Hello readers, we hope you all are doing fantastic, so I shall head forward towards another article journey. So, today’s trip is on one of the renowned world famous game known as “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” It is a fifth main simulation game developed and published by Nintendo.

Animal Crossing Rare Villagers are the in-game characters that are hard to find. Due to better rewards for making friendships with them, they are tough to find. Especially in the New Horizons version, the developers have made sure that some of these villagers remain hard to find and increase their rarity.

Who Are Villagers In Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing Rare Villagers Audie

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can meet various villagers and several things for the player to consider when living on this island. There are almost 390 villagers in the game, and they have a unique feature quality. Each villager in the game has their appearances, clothes, decoration preferences, personality voices, and many more.

Animal Crossing Rare Villagers List

The list has been produced by observing multiple game sessions and every character’s rarity. The list goes as –

  1. Raymond
  2. Marshal
  3. Audie
  4. Ankha
  5. Coco
  6. Fauna
  7. Merengue
  8. Bob
  9. Stitches
  10. Diana
  11. Marina
  12. Tia
  13. Lolly
  14. Goldie
  15. Skye
  16. Gayle
  17. Midge
  18. Pekoe
  19. Maple
  20. Aurora

Raymond: If the Animal Crossing Rare Villagers in the game had royalty, no doubt Raymond would be the king. He is the most popular villager in the game. If a player has Raymond on the island, they have a golden opportunity to build a bank.

Marshal: Marshal is another similar character to Raymond with Smug Personality’s features with a neutral color scheme and has a unique face. As with Raymond, players can make tons of money by trading with “Raymond” with other players, but Marshal is nevertheless then a penny.

Audie: Audie is an interesting character in this game; she has racked up 3500 hours on an Animal Crossing: New Leaf save, and she is very popular for various reasons. She has incredible house decorations and inside her home is like a tiki bar.

Ankha: Ankha is the coolest “themed villagers” in the game, and she influences Egypt. Ankha’s house also follows Egypt’s trends with design and furniture, and she is in high demand in the Animal Crossing market.

Coco: Coco is the unique villager in the Animal Crossing Roaster, and it is effortless to see you should look for her. Coco seems to be a normal personality in appearance, which means that she is very friendly approachable all-time in the gameplay.

Fauna: It is a fan- favorite in every Animal Crossing and never changed in New Horizon. If any player wants their flowers to stay healthy but cannot by themselves, they can have Fauna on their island to care for flowers.

Merengue: Merengue is the sweetest character in the game, and she looks like a strawberry with short legs with a strawberry horn, and her hair is frosting. She is also very popular as Fauna with a remarkable appearance, and she is like a sweetheart.

Bob: Bob is known as the first villager created in the game. Bob’s birthday is straightforward to remember, and the date is 1st January. Bob is a lazy personality with purple fur on the body, and he is mellow and very relaxed compared to other Animal Crossing Rare Villagers.

Stitches: Stitches is a hot mess villager who is showcased as a teddy-bear by the makers of gameplay with a random color scheme and X-shaped eyes, which are weird looking. A player can expect her as a lazy Animal Crossing Rare Villagers with relaxed and friendly nature.

Diana: Diana is famous in this game for many reasons as it is on a Roman Deity and that she is the goddess of wild and hunting. She has white fur on her body with purple hair, rosy cheeks, and multicolored ears. She has a Snooty personality.

Marina: Fans wouldn’t be surprised seeing Marina as she is very popular with her overwhelming nature and can be found most of the time singing and will brighten the player’s island.

Tia: Next villager is Tia, a cute adorable elephant designed as a teacup. Tia is sweet in her personality and as well as in appearance. She is the only villager who has a maid outfit.

Lolly: The only word which can describe Lolly is Normal cat Lolly, which refers to sweet traits. The dark grey strips on her face, tail, and legs are light-grey in color.

Goldie: Goldie is another adorable villager similar to Golden Retrievers; her name reflects caramel’s meaning, which means having a sweet personality and a classic resident, very loyal and friendly who never fails to put a smile on the player face.

Skye: Skye is the only wolf in the game which possesses a Normal Personality in the game, and she is like an angel with her appearance and nature. Her nature is friendly, and she will always invite you to join her.

Gayle: Gayle is adorable as other village members, with a pink color body and dark pink flashes throughout the body. She also has a cute smile on her face, a sweet appearance, and a good neighbor.

Midge: Midge is another adorable bird village character who appeared in every game for “Wild World” with her entries as she is charming. The color palette of her combines with sweet swirls cheeks.

Pekoe: Many players guess Pekoe as a cub villager as she is one of Imperial K.K’s covers. Her entire attire is very traditional Chinese, and her birthday s on 18th May, making her zodiac sign known as “Taurus.”

Maple: Maple is the most favorite character for the game players with brown with cute pink eyes and pink cheeks. The proof is her trading prize on Nookzan’s exchange prize and clocking at almost 2 million bells. Surprisingly she lives in a simple cabin-like structured home with yellow and green detailing which makes her one of the Animal Crossing Rare Villagers.

Aurora: The Penguin Animal Crossing Rare Villagers are the most adorable members of the village, and no doubt Aurora is the most favorite of everyone. She is a villager in every game franchise, which makes her look iconic. She is also hilarious, especially when she says “b-b-baby” and lives in a general theme home.

How to get Rare Villagers in Animal Crossing?

Every Villager can be obtained in a similar way to obtaining any other villager. The only difference is being that the Rare Villagers are hard to find. Once you find rare villagers in the game, make sure you talk with them and increase your friendship level. As your friendship level increases, you can talk with them and ask them to move to your island.

Tip: To increase friendship level, make sure you look after their birthdays and gift them good items!

Who is the Rarest Villager In Animal Crossing?

There is no such thing called as villager rarity in Animal Crossing. But since, there are so many villagers in Animal Crossing, finding a particular villager comes down to a very small number around 0.24%.

Since, there are only 5 octopus villagers, finding them is extremely hard. So, it’s correct to say, any villager from the Octopus species is the rarest and most difficult to find.

Who is the most loved villager in Animal Crossing?

Raymond with his Smug personality is the most loved villager in Animal Crossing. Almost every AC player wants to have Raymond on the island. The friendship rewards and his personality is the reason for him being the most loved villager.

Final Words

So, readers, we have come to an end to this journey where we covered with all the top 20 villagers in the game and got the knowledge about their attire, living styles, and their adorable nature behaving with everyone.

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