Wolf Villagers Animal Crossing List

Wolf Villagers Animal Crossing

Wolf VIllagers also known as Ōkami are famous in the whole Animal Crossing world. In total, there are 13 Wolf Villagers. Each of these is unique in its own perspective having different personalities and behaviors. Eight of these are males and five are females.

The Animal Crossing series has vast sources of different villagers with unique abilities and features in the game. Here we gather Wolf villagers and their properties as they are one of the engaging species. It is also named Okami in Japanese, Wolf in German, Loup in French, etc.

Wolf Villagers in Animal Crossing

Following is the list of all 13 Wolf Villagers in Animal Crossing –

Wolf VillagerGenderPersonalityBirthday
AudieFemalePeppyAugust 31
ChiefMaleCrankyDecember 19
Dobie MaleLazy + CrankyFebruary 17
FangMaleCrankyDecember 18
FreyaFemaleSnootyDecember 14
KyleMaleSmugDecember 6
LoboMaleCrankyNovember 5
SkyeFemaleNormalMarch 24
VivianFemaleSnootyJanuary 26
W. LinkMaleSmugDecember 2
WhitneyFemaleSnootySeptember 17
WolfgangMaleCrankyNovember 25

Here’s more detail on all of these wolf villagers –

Wolf link – Urufu rinkua

Animal Crossing Wolf link
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Sagittarius/2nd December
  • Character: Smug
  • Dexterity: Farm changes for free
  • Appearance: New leaf
  • Goal: Formation of real boy

This Wolf Villager prompts us of a disguise of Link’s wolf from Twilight princess: The legends of Zelda.

His skin is moss green in color beside underpants of white paint, and paws and inner parts are a highlight in a tan color. The white symbol is a mark on his forehead, and his eyes are blue. He wears a chain-like bracelet in his left paw.

Wolfgang – Robo

Animal Crossing Wolfgang
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Sagittarius/ 25 November
  • Character: Cranky
  • Dexterity: Great memory power
  • Appearance: NH, HHD, AF+, AF, AF+, PC, NL, CF, WW, AC
  • Goal: Journalist

The skin of the Wolfgang is sharp in view that has light yellow face tips with navy blue color body has tail, hand, feet, and muzzle.

His ear is purple from the inside, dark brown long eyelashes with orange-burnt eyelids. The outfit of the wolf is a fight jacket to complete his personality in Animal Crossing.

Whitney – Bianka

Animal Crossing Whitney
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Virgo/ 17 September
  • Character: Snooty
  • Dexterity: Typing
  • Appearance: NH, Dobutsu no More, CF, NL, WW, PC, HHD
  • Goal: Makeup artist

The wolf’s skin is light blue, magenta color makeup, and blue in color eyes like lavender. Her eyebrows are grey, and their hairs clustered. She diminishes mascara of dark grey tone, grey eye-shadow, and pink eyeliner.

She has a large tail with spiky and blue color on the tip with a light brown nose. Her ears are of pink shade from inside, and her eyebrows appear Sharpe in apparent. In Dobutsu no More, she has the dazzler galaxy flower on her right ear, but it isn’t evident in animal crossing games.

Vivian – Vanessa

Animal Crossing Vivian
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Aries/ 26 January
  • Character: Snooty
  • Dexterity: Dusting
  • Appearance: AFe+, NL, PC, NH
  • Goal: Makeup artist

The color of this wolf creature is cream with grey color muzzles that coordinate with her tail tip and rump of her feet. She carries dark blue eyeshadow on her huge slanted eyes. She looks familiar with the standard breed of dogs like German Shepard and Malinois.

Her attire varies from game to game as she carries with dogtooth tee during New Leaf, subdued overlay during animal forest e+, and shirt and pea coat combo in New Horizons.

Tarou – Taro

Animal Crossing Tarou
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Gemini/NA
  • Character: Jock
  • Dexterity: —
  • Appearance: AFe+
  • Goal: —

This Wolf Villager has gorgeous, happy eyes with dark purple skin. His inner ear is light tan or white in the shade, and paws and muzzles are tan in the shade. He has a black tone nose and eyebrows. He has the first clothing of the black tooth tee.

Skye – Riri

Animal Crossing Skye
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Aries/ 24 March
  • Character: Normal
  • Dexterity: Chopping vegetables
  • Appearance: NL, PC, NH, HHD
  • Goal: Pastry chef

Skye has a prominent sky blue skin color along with a sizeable white whiff of fur on the forehead, paws, and the tail tip is white in the shade along with white tone muzzles. Her facial parts have sky blue ears, a pink tone on the inner ear, extensive white eyes, a single eyelash on each, and a light brown nose.

She used to wear a peasant blouse in New horizon, but Spring is her primary shirt in New leaf. She resembles the sky in her appearance as she usually looks like a sky, and her white bits describe a cloud plot.

Lobo – Bunjiro

Animal Crossing Lobo
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Scorpio/ 5 November
  • Character: Cranky
  • Dexterity: Fishing
  • Appearance: PC, CF, AF, AC, NH, HHD, WW, AF+, NL, AFe+
  • Goal: Forest ranger

He is the white and deep bluish-purple shade skin wolf and greyish white muzzles and has a white hoop round his moon-lit yellow eyes. All his colors of the rear of head, paws, tail, and feet are white.

The inner portion of his ear is white but transitioning toward yellow, next grayish, and later black. His pupils of black, along with tiny white sparkle, express the seriousness of his eyes. His initial clothing is a checkered tee.

Kyle – Rikarudo

Animal Crossing Kyle
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Sagittarius/ 6 December
  • Character: Smug
  • Dexterity: Typing
  • Appearance: HHD, NL, NH, PC
  • Goal: Singer

This Wolf Villager has the skin of black, brown, and gold-tone skin with purple eyelids. He has a white-tipped tail and has the primary clothing of a leather vest. The shade of his head is gold, including a band going down to his nose and legs and arms mottled within black and gold.

His diverse production implies that his design is familiar to an African wild dog, and his surroundings are comparable to Lycaon. He owns the accessory as he carries the busted umbrella during it rains.

Freya – Tsundora

Animal Crossing Freya
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Sagittarius/ 14 December
  • Character: Snooty
  • Dexterity: Peeling apple
  • Appearance: AF+,AFe+, NL, PC, AF, AC, CF, HHD, NH
  • Goal: Judge

This Wolf Villager represents light pink skin with chalky along with sky blue eyeshadow. She wears mascara, and while her eyes are wide, the dark chocolate pupil with a sparse vermilion red spark looks very elegant to view.

Her feet, paws, and her tail tip are white, and her muzzles are creamy white. Her primary clothing in animal crossing is Deer tee.

Fang – Shiberia

Animal Crossing Fang
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Sagittarius/ 18 December
  • Character: Cranky
  • Dexterity: Mental math
  • Appearance: AF+, AFe+, CF, HHD, NH, AF, AC, NL, PC
  • Goal: Hair stylist

His skin is light grey, including white muzzles, paws, tail tip, and belly. The inner lining of the ear is dark magenta, and the nose is shiny and black with yellow and purple eyelid with grazing pupils. He has subtle indigo tone irises in New Horizon.

Dobie – Ken

Animal Crossing Dobie
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Aquarius/ 17 February
  • Character: Lazy and Cranky
  • Dexterity: Speed reading
  • Appearance: AF+, AFe+, PC, AC, ACNL:WA, NH
  • Goal: Writer

His skin is of murky tone gray that matches the Mexican Wolf Villager. The color of his tail, paws tip, jaw, and underbelly are off-white along with ear tip is black with a round shape, including thick eyebrows and a black nose.

He seems old amongst all wolves as his skin contains wrinkles on his muzzle, mouth, and eyes. His initial clothing in animal crossing is Aloha blue shirt.

Chief – Chifu

Animal Crossing Chief
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Sagittarius/ 19 December
  • Character: Cranky
  • Dexterity: Speed reading
  • Appearance: AF, AC, WW, NL, PC. AF+, AFe+, CF, HHD, NH
  • Goal: Poet

This Wolf Villager skin is whole of orange color with a tapered snout and brisk eyes. His tip of the ear is dark brown in tone, and his muzzles and paws are white. His eyes are partially closed that mirror him like a fox. He takes the classic umbrella on a rainy day and initially wears a red bar tee.

Audie – Monika

Animal Crossing Audie
  • Zodiac/Birthday: Virgo/ 31st August
  • Character: Peppy
  • Dexterity: —
  • Appearance: NH, PC
  • Goal: —

The design of the Audie is familiar with fox as it has orange-red fur. She has deep sea-green eyes with yellow eyeshadow, including alar eyeliner and bloody cluster hair.

She commonly uses her pair of white sunglasses with every outfit that players run her. She looks very familiar with Japanese Gyaru and somewhere confused by snooty villagers from her attire.


Following are some of the FAQs regarding wolf villagers –

Are there any wolf villagers in Animal Crossing?

Yes, wolf species exist in Animal Crossing and so far there are 13 villagers belonging to wolf species.

Who is the most popular wolf villager?

Audie and Whitney are the most popular wolf villagers due to their cuteness and good behavior.

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