How To Get A Shovel In Animal Crossing

Get Shovel In Animal Crossing

How to get a shovel in Animal Crossing got you worried? Bid them worries an adieu because our How To Get A Shovel In Animal Crossing Guide will help you add this extremely useful tool to your arsenal. To build anything, no matter how small or large or how simple or sophisticated, one needs essential tools.

These tools help you create and improve. In a game like Animal Crossing, who would dare go into it without tools? Although the game will provide you with tools like fishing rod and a net right when you start, it seems like you will have to work a bit to earn a simple shovel.

The shovel comes to your help whenever you need to dig the ground for fossils or plant trees in your island. Get yourself a shovel and begin building it all!

How To Get A Shovel In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To get a Shovel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons you will have to follow a simple but tiresome process. After you have gotten your first beauty sleep on the island, the ever-helpful Tom Nook will offer you a DIY Workshop.

If you are as crafty as us, you will know there is nothing as good as getting a DIY Workshop!

This step will prove itself very important while unlocking your full crafting potential. Now players will need to go to the Residents’ Services. Complete the workshop and soon you will be able to craft your very own flimsy net and flimsy fishing rod.

Getting Shovel in Animal Crossing

You will now find Tom Nook remarking, “I love to see anything you catch. I’m quite curious about the local fauna.”

Don’t take this sentence too lightly. It hints at something deeper than what it is shown on the surface. Tom Nook’s curiosity runs deeper and you can use it to get what you want.

You will have to provide him with five different specimens of either the bugs or the fish (or a good old blend of both) to win him over!

Once you have provided him with five bugs or fish, Nooks will receive a call from Blathers – your friendly neighborhood director of museums. Each and every museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons boasts itself because of the brilliant Blathers. You will find the famous Blathers wants to open a brand new museum on your island.

Tom Nook will then proceed to provide you with a tent kit for Blathers (the way he did with you and your first islanders). Head out and assess your surroundings properly. Find a space for Blathers that he will eventually turn into a museum.

Now you just have to wait. In Animal Crossing as well as in life afresh harvest doesn’t just pop out of the ground waiting to be eaten or sold by just sowing seeds in a day.

The whole process requires a lot of time and patience. Players would have to wait for Blathers’ arrival till the next real day. Once Blathers has arrived make a beeline to his tent to find him calmly sitting, patiently waiting to have a talk with you.

He will ask for your help to gather enough exhibits to open a proper museum on your island. These exhibits will include fossils which you will obviously have to dig.

Fortunately for you, Blathers will realize that you do not have the proper tools to complete the task. He will now give you a recipe to whip yourself a Shovel, all while providing you with yet another recipe – the vaulting pole, which will later help you cross the river.

Now all you would have to do is go to the Residents’ Services again and craft both of these things. Players will require five pieces of hardwood to create the Shovel In Animal Crossing properly and five pieces of softwood to make the vaulting pole.

If you find yourself lacking any of these you will have to roam around your island, spot good trees and chop them up with your flimsy axe.

This game depends on the time and date settings in Nintendo Switch so if you find yourself completely losing it over a shovel you can skip to the next day by simply changing the clock on your Switch. You will be able to find these settings in System Settings, System, Date, and Time.

How To Get Your First Shovel On An Established Island

Using Shovel in Animal Crossing

Getting yourself a new Shovel can become very frustrating obscure and online videos can be a bit vague. Keep reading to find out how you can get yourself a Shovel In Animal Crossing as new residents living on an old island.

First, you will meet Tom Nook whenever you arrive on the island. He will provide you with a Tent Kit upon your arrival and you will have to use this Tent Kit to find a suitable location for your home. Now return to Tom Nook who will calmly be sitting at the Island Services building after you’re done with setting up your tent.

Nook will now offer you a DIY Workshop. Take the offer and use the DIY Workshop to craft yourself a flimsy fishing rod. This flimsy fishing rod will require five branches. You can collect five branches by shaking a few trees.

Now you can head back to the Island Services. Use the DIY crafting area present near Tom Nook to craft the rod. Once you are done crafting the flimsy fishing rod you will need to talk with Tom Nook. He will unlock the DIY app along with a few basic recipes just for you!

You will not find a shovel among these (alas, only if it were that easy). But don’t lose heart, Nook’s Cranny will provide you with the recipe for a Flimsy Shovel for only 280 Bells!

How To Craft Shovel

Crafting Shovel in Animal Crossing,

To craft a shovel you will need five pieces of hardwood. Although the Flimsy Shovel is one of the most basic tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons crafting it is a very lengthy process. If you do not have hardwood with you, you can go and shake or hit a few trees with your axe.

After you have collected hardwood you can start building the Flimsy Shovel at any crafting station.

How To Upgrade A Shovel In Animal Crossing

Upgrading the shovel is an important task because although it is handy it is fragile and breaks easily. Players will be able to unlock the standard Shovel by purchasing it from the Pretty Good Tools kit available at Nook Stop for 2,000 Nook Miles.

This kit will also help you unlock standard versions of other handy tools like the Axe, Stone Axe, Fishing Rod, Net, and Watering Can. To craft the shovel, players would have to mix a Flimsy Shovel with an Iron Nugget.

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