Find All 9 Eggs in Livetopia Roblox Easily

All 9 Eggs in Livetopia Roblox

All eggs in Livetopia Roblox are strewn across the city. To find them you would have to roam around the city a bit. Located near Badimo City, Livetopia was first constructed in May 1892 as a metropolis by Century Makers.

It is newer than Polycity and yet the fresh city of Livetopia in Roblox can boast of a whopping 1,000,000,000 inhabitants. But as much it boasts of its residents it is also home to 9 eggs that will earn you a secret badge?

Excited to find them all and get the secret badge? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Livetopia and all eggs in Livetopia Roblox!

Livetopia Roblox Overview

With 504,000 people adoring the state and 1,952,812 people calling it their favorite, Livetopia also goes by Lovetopia or Topia by its governors. Although the city has a huge population the date rate of the city is steadily dropping.

Livetopia is said to be even more beautiful than Brookhaven, thus giving rise to many arguments and conspiracy theories. One such theory states that Livetopian architecture is based on Brookhaven architecture (false).

Located near a volcano, Livetopia has a cave system. An unnamed hill stands near the city with a forest covering its outskirts. Major tourist attractions in the city include Topia Metro, Topia Beach, Topia Zoo, Topia Airport, and Topia Factory.

You can also visit places like Topia Police, Topia Music Plaza, Topia Mall, Toppia Bank, Topia School, and Twilight Castle.

What Are Eggs In Livetopia?

Eggs are the secretly hidden items throughout the game that can give you a secret badge. As these eggs are quite difficult to find, you can make use of the detailed guide from this post to find all eggs.

All 9 Eggs in Livetopia Roblox

Following are the locations of all eggs in Livetopia Roblox –

Livetopia EggLocation
Egg 1Inside Box in Spawn Place
Egg 2Roof of the Mall
Egg 3Roof of the Police Station
Egg 4Behind the Supermarket
Egg 5In the Pool
Egg 6End of the Underground Path
Egg 7Under Solar Panel
Egg 8Yellow Door in School Cafeteria
Egg 9Next Island

Egg 1

Eggs 1 in Livetopia

The first egg in Livetopia will not be hidden. If anything it will be present right in front of your eyes. You will find a light green colored box with an oval on it in Spawn Place. Make sure you tear your eyes away from the lively lights nearby!

Egg 2

The second egg will be located on the roof of the mall. The mall will be of a bright blue color (with MALL clearly written on top) and although many gamers will ask you to get yourself a helicopter first you can also take the help of a ladder.

You can go inside the mall and take the escalator and the ladder to get to the roof. You will find one last ladder before getting to the roof, take it.

If you don’t want to take the ladder or the helicopter to the mall you can also reach the roof by using a hot air balloon. A red-colored box will be waiting for you when you reach the roof.

Egg 3

The third egg will be located on the roof of the police station (what is it about roofs, am I right?) Use the same helicopter to drop you off on the roof of the police station.

You will find a blue-colored box waiting for you! Hop into your helicopter again and ride it near the supermarket.

Egg 4

The fourth egg will be located behind the supermarket. Move towards the back of the supermarket by making your way through the bushes aside. A lime-colored box will be waiting for you when you reach the location.

Egg 5

The fifth egg will be located in the pool. You will have to jump into the clear blue water of the pool and keep swimming till you find a deep blue-colored box.

Egg 6

Now get out of the pool and go to your helicopter. Use it to get yourself to the sixth egg which will be waiting for you at the end of an underground path.

Egg 7

Find your way to the green fields with solar panels covering them. You will find a dark green colored box under one of the solar panels to get the seventh egg.

Egg 8

The next egg will be found inside the school. Use your car to reach the school and move towards the cafeteria. Open the yellow door in front of you. You will yourself in a hallway with the eighth egg waiting for you!

Egg 9

Last but not least the ninth egg will be located on the next island. Get into your helicopter and start moving towards the island. Land your helicopter when you reach it. You will then find the ninth egg waiting for you by the umbrella and the beach chair.

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